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Example sentences for "brew"

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  1. There was no longer a sign of his old subservience to the poisonous brew of Katleean; instead there was every evidence that he was not another man, but in a greater, stronger way, the man he had once been.

  2. This Bitter Brew This is a bitter brew Mixed with my own hand, I recall how the herbs grew Flowering over the land.

  3. Big Day Prayer, In a Hospital So Fair a Season Spring Comes to a Small Town For a Brown Dog Right out of Pickwick Man is a Lonely One This Bitter Brew It Was Tall in the Forest Child .

  4. The London brewers have been induced to brew on the same principle, and in many instances they exceed the original.

  5. The temperature of the external air at the time you brew this quality of beer should not be higher than fifty degrees.

  6. After the fight, when athirst, For a cooling draught he will crave; Of fragrant juices Gathered from herbs The draught I will brew for him.

  7. When his brew was ready he poured it into an Orvieto porcelain cup painted with bright flowers.

  8. It seemed the brew of myrrh, juniper berries, and powdered rhubarb Tilia had concocted for her, and which she had drunk faithfully every morning for six months, might have finally done its work.

  9. I can't a-bear to have time to brew and mope over things.

  10. But give Jacob his supper—and brew me some grog, Betsy.

  11. I always brew the first glass sthrong Mim," he observed, "in honour to ould Ireland.

  12. Now we'll each brew another glass—and you shall explain your business, while we blow a cloud.

  13. Surely, when you go out among your grand county friends, you must meet nice young ladies who would be only too pleased to become Mrs. David Banfield, and to step into such a home as the Brew House?

  14. Why, in old days David would of course have come in to see his sister on his way from the station, and that even in the now forgotten time when Rosaleen was mistress of the Brew House.

  15. Even you admit that you cannot go on at the Brew House as you've been doing lately.

  16. II ‘But wha will bake my bridal bread, Or brew my bridal ale?

  17. III ‘It’s I will bake your bridal bread, And brew your bridal ale; And I will welcome your bright Bride, That you bring owre the dale.

  18. As he passed the Kybirds' he shivered, and it was not until he had consumed a pint or two of the strongest brew procurable at the Two Schooners that he began to regain some of his old self-esteem.

  19. Illustration: "It was not until he had consumed a pint or two of the strongest brew that he began to regain some of his old self-esteem.

  20. I'se brew ye a soup better an' stronger whan ye're in ower amang the blankets.

  21. Any one who pleased might brew beer without tax or license, and everybody who was at all before the world did brew his own beer according to his own taste.

  22. If I say Not Guilty, I shall brew no more for the King; and if I say Guilty, I shall brew no more for anybody else.

  23. I could brew a jug of Punch, and at a jig could dance down the lithest gambriler of those parts, Dan Meagher, the Blind Piper of Swords.

  24. I do not know whether the Jesuit Fathers taught their disciples the art or no, but from the apples of Las Manzanas these Indians brew a very tolerable cider, besides making an intoxicating liquor from the beans of the algarroba.

  25. This brewery and that of the Cerveceria Montevideana at Montevideo, Uruguay, brew the best beer in South America.

  26. He had resolved that he would brew good beer.

  27. Who had taught him to brew beer--bad or good?

  28. Why should a man with four hundred a year want to brew beer?

  29. The tantrums spoken of were Rowan's insane desire to brew good beer, but they were of so fatal a nature that Tappitt was determined not to submit himself to them.

  30. When my brewery is really going, I mean to brew all night; but just at present I'm the idlest man in Baslehurst.

  31. Especially why should he not, if he were resolved to brew good beer?

  32. Let us brew good beer," he had said; and then Tappitt had known that it would not do.

  33. He can't go and brew after eight o'clock.

  34. He pledged himself to brew beer in Baslehurst.

  35. Nevertheless he was determined to brew beer, and was anxious to do so if possible on the spot where his great-uncle Bungall had commenced operations in that line.

  36. I'll brew the largest teapot in the house directly we get home," Tom said.

  37. Mixing the new brew did not interrupt the General's ecstatic references to Minóok.

  38. The hot and watery brew gave them strength enough to strike camp and move on.

  39. Refreshment is given at each house, so we had a good brew of tea and biscuits ready for distribution at the first sound of the drum.

  40. Ellen and I have been round to all the houses leaving tea and sugar so that the women may have a brew to take down to them when they arrive.

  41. Mrs. Bob Green also most kindly sent us in a brew of tea.

  42. I ain't sure but it's time to brew you somethin' anyway," she announced.

  43. He had been three days at the hotel in Boston before learning that Cousin Andrew Brew was actually in town and would see him at the bank at eleven on a certain morning.

  44. Not ashamed to know how to bake and brew and mend and sew, they rule the house with a practically French economy.

  45. Cousin Andrew Brew had written from Bar Harbor that he was coming to town in a day or two and would give him the interview he demanded.

  46. The friendliness of Cousin Andrew Brew would probably detain him till he should go to work, which was likely to be in a day or two.

  47. It's I will bake your bridal bread, And brew your bridal ale, And I will welcome your brisk bride, That you bring oer the dale.

  48. But wha will bake my bridal bread, Or brew my bridal ale?

  49. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "brew" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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