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Example sentences for "coddle"

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  1. If we oppress him, or interfere with him, he gets less than he merits; and if, on the contrary we coddle him and give him privileges, he may get more than his due.

  2. Was he one of those morbid creatures who develop hallucinations in their lonely hours, and who, having once become possessed of an idea, proceed to nurse and coddle it into a full-grown mania?

  3. Coddle six large codlings till they are very soft over a slow fire to prevent their bursting.

  4. You may take apricots not fully ripe, and coddle them, and that will do also.

  5. Put a third part of the clearest and largest quinces into cold water over the fire, and coddle till tender, but not so as to be broken.

  6. In the management of a child, we must take care neither to coddle nor to expose him unnecessarily, as both are dangerous.

  7. Caroline will coddle any one into regular sickness if you let her.

  8. She did not coddle him, nor bore him by attentions, but seemed to do the right thing instinctively.

  9. Caroline, don't coddle Rose any more; she's all right.

  10. If it was a woman you were worrying about, I'd coddle you a little; but I never knew a man who ran away from his friends who was worth a tear.

  11. I went home, but Coddle never came near the house; he has absconded, no doubt; I did not close my eyes all night.

  12. We heard both him and Mr. Coddle here not long since.

  13. This is delicious;--if Coddle would but listen to her.

  14. You don't have to coddle yourself into working enough to earn a living by talking about temperament.

  15. Oh, you naughty man," but when he heard that this molly-coddle had shared in the glory of making moving pictures he went proudly forth with him and Tom.

  16. He was given a chance to warm up and do a little pitching to the batters, but, following Eliot's example, no one tried to coddle him.

  17. Take your Pippins while they be green, and coddle them tender, then peel them, and put them into a fresh warm Water, and cover them close, till they are as green as you desire.

  18. There is another kind of couple who coddle themselves, and who do so at a cheaper rate and on more spare diet, because they are niggardly and parsimonious; for which reason they are kind enough to coddle their visitors too.

  19. Mr. and Mrs. Merrywinkle are a couple who coddle themselves; and the venerable Mrs. Chopper is an aider and abettor in the same.

  20. It's an arrant molly-coddle Fears a crack upon his noddle And he's only fit to swaddle In a downy feather-bed!

  21. They flatter the General; they coddle him.

  22. Let Donald have plenty of rope and don't coddle him too much.

  23. He was always complaining of aches and pains so that she would coddle him.

  24. But two men to coddle was often more than she could manage.

  25. There was no use trying to carry on a successful business and at the same time coddle a lot of drunks and unfits like Billy.

  26. I do believe she is bitterly disappointed that I didn't remain an invalid for a year, so that she might coddle me.

  27. Miss Coddle is excessively kind to receive me with such condescending politeness.

  28. I hope old Coddle won't never get that 'ere accomplishment.

  29. Will not Miss Coddle dine with us to-day?

  30. The German army, which is in itself a school of hygiene for the man, where the death-rate is the lowest of any army in Europe, and the many provisions for the state care of the population, all go to coddle the men and protect them.

  31. These must be pared and cored, and thrown into water; then put them in a preserving pan, and let them coddle with as little water as will only half cover them.

  32. Coddle six pippins in vine leaves covered with water, very gently, that the inside may be done without breaking the skins.

  33. In her most optimistic moments, Theodora had pictured Cicely as a dainty, clinging little maiden who would cajole and coddle Allyn out of his unfriendly moods.

  34. It wouldn't do any good to coddle him or give in to him.

  35. Vanity, you may call it, as I do, but it pleases me to coddle it.

  36. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "coddle" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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