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  1. Mr. Kane made many apologies for shortcomings, explaining that his cook had run away that morning, and that his wife was not able to do much to assist him, as her first baby was only a week old.

  2. While the horses were being saddled preparatory to our departure, Mabelle and I went to another cottage close by, to see the mother of the baby that had been born while we were here on Saturday.

  3. Baby was very poorly all day, but seemed better at night.

  4. The children were especially delighted with this performance, and baby has learned quite a new trick.

  5. Mabelle is convalescent; Muriel not so well; Baby certainly better.

  6. After the conclusion of this novel entertainment, we all proceeded on horseback to the Falls, Baby going in front of Tom, and Muriel riding with Mr. Freer.

  7. The young mother of the small family generally rows with the smallest baby strapped on to her back, and the next-sized one in her arms, whom she is also teaching to row.

  8. Baby is, I hope, now quite out of danger.

  9. Baby was brought, smiling with as little reason as possible, and winking very hard in the light.

  10. His glee, as he leads forth his victims into the valley where his shadow lies, is perceptible in every line of his angular anatomy; his very toes curl up like those of a baby in its merriment.

  11. I hardly knew at the time why I did this, but it was one of my old dodges (which I had taught Sergeant Clearview, by the way), when out on a scout to take refuge in one of these vacant Pixie baby houses.

  12. Numbers hung to the topmost leaves and stalks of the surrounding grass and weeds, holding in their jaws baby larvae and cocoon cradles rescued from the invaders, with which they had hurriedly fled to the nearest elevated objects.

  13. Yo'are a man In whome the glorious soule of goodnes moves With such a spacious posture that no woman, But such a squemish baby as my daughter, Would be most fortunate to enrich their choyse With one so much deserving.

  14. So it is not uncommon to find a woman who has been enthralled by her baby giving it over entirely to hired help: the baby is growing intellectualized; it needs her no more except as a kindly but calm critic.

  15. The modern mother is often too much inclined to weigh the baby four times a day, to feed it on ozoneid, or something equally funny, to expose as much of its person as possible, to make it gaze at Botticelli prints when in its bath.

  16. The young woman whom he had taken as helpmeet in dying had left him a girl baby who, at the time of our writing, was about thirteen years old.

  17. One came to my cell and said, 'Come, rejoice with us--a baby is born in the house.

  18. There were eight elephants killed that day, but three burst through everything, sending energetic spectators flying, and squashing two men and a baby as flat as botanical specimens.

  19. With the twin baby it was very different.

  20. Her own personal charms, notwithstanding all that men say and have written on the subject, become, at most, a secondary object as soon as the baby arrives.

  21. Her baby is always the very prettiest that ever was born!

  22. You see them in the lanes, and on the skirts of woods and commons, lugging a baby about, when it sometimes weighs half as much as the nurse.

  23. When a baby gets a thing in its hand, the first thing it does is to poke some part of it into its mouth.

  24. There was the wife with the baby in her arms, the husband teaching another child to walk, while four more were at play before them.

  25. She was enduring this for me; and would not this endearing thought have been wanting, if I had seen the baby at a breast that I had hired and paid for; if I had had two women, one to bear the child and another to give it milk?

  26. If she be good in her nature, the first little faint cry of her first baby drives all the tunes and all the landscapes and all the Clarissa Harlowes out of her head for ever.

  27. He had to stop giving the Kid jolty rides on his knees,--but that was because the Kid was getting too big for baby play, the Old Man declared.

  28. What made you lie about them baby bear cubs?

  29. Course you'd 'member I wanted a baby bear cub; for a pet," he assented gravely and with a certain satisfaction.

  30. He said it wasn't a far ways to where the baby bear cubs lived with the old mother bear, and it was.

  31. I want to be rocked," he told her--and was her own baby man again, except that he absolutely refused to reconsider the nightgown.

  32. The Kid hated to be suspected of baby ways, but he loved these tunes, when his legs were tired and his eyes wanted to go shut, and Doctor Dell laid her cheek on his hair and called him her baby man.

  33. He rode away into the wild places in search of a baby bear cub for a pet.

  34. It's a pretty far ways to them baby bear cubs," he remarked.

  35. This man was a nester--but he called him Buck, and he talked very nice and friendly, and he said he knew where there were some little baby bear cubs.

  36. He wondered also at the unusual caress; but it was very nice to have Andy's arms around him and Andy's cheek against his, and of a sudden the baby of him came to the surface.

  37. He only knew that this man had told him a lie about those baby bear cubs, and had brought him away down here where he had been lost, and that it was getting dark and he wanted to go home and the man was mean and would not let him go.

  38. After that she repeated poetry to keep her mind off the loneliness and the pity of that poor baby alone like herself.

  39. He listened and believed, and invented some very wonderful tricks that he meant to teach his baby bear cub.

  40. He had been thinking about those baby bear cubs digging ants and eating them.

  41. She began to forgive McWha, and once more to try her baby wiles upon him.

  42. Dave Patton cringed within at the thought of the awakening, the disillusionment, the desolation of sorrow that would come to the baby heart with the dawn of Christmas.

  43. Man after man would snatch her up to his knee, lay by his pipe, twist her silky, yellow curls about his great blunt fingers, and whisper wood-folk tales or baby nonsense into her pink little ear.

  44. Yaller Top ain't my name 'tall," she explained with baby politeness.

  45. Over thy baby brow Brown locks are waving now, When the sun toucheth them changing to gold, Sweeter art thou by far Than the pale lilies are, Or the blue violets that thou dost hold.

  46. Sweet little baby mine, Gift from a Hand Divine, What shall I sing thee this bright summer morn?

  47. The baby blows them from the smooth bowl of a clay pipe; distending its little cheeks to their utmost, and staring at the gaudy tints that sail over their surfaces, with a delight that is almost uncontrollable.

  48. Baby is debarred from the society of his compatriots.

  49. Baby is planted out for evermore in the dank and weedy little cemetery that lies on the outskirts of the station where he lived and died.

  50. Very soon Baby will think from right to left, and will lisp in the luxuriant bloom of Oriental hyperbole.

  51. In the evening Baby will go out for an airing with the Bearer and Ayah people, and while they dawdle along the dusty road, or sit on kerb-stones and on culvert parapets, he will listen to the extensile tale of their simple sorrows.

  52. They croon to Baby some old-world katabaukalesis, while beauty, born of murmuring sound, passes into Baby's eyes.

  53. The little drawn face, etiolated and weary-looking, recommends sleep; but Baby is a bad sleeper.

  54. His Bearer comes with some old watchword of fun; Baby smiles faintly, but makes no response.

  55. Presently, when Baby grows a little older, Baby will say to the Bearer, through his sweet little nose, "Arreh!

  56. Baby lies silent in the Ayah's lap staring at the ceiling.

  57. Baby has crossed that cloudy, storm-driven bourn of speculation and fear whither we are all tending.

  58. Through sunshine and rain, through the long days of summer, through the long nights of winter, for ever, for ever, Baby lies silent and dreamless under that waving grass.

  59. Day by day Baby grows paler, day by day thinner, day by day a stranger light burns in his bonny eyes.

  60. But Baby does not sleep, and even Indian patience is exhausted.

  61. Papa has a Raja and Star of India to play with; Mamma the Warrant of Precedence and the Hill Captains; but Baby has nothing--not even a missionary; Baby is without the amusement of the meanest cannibal.

  62. And making our baby six months younger than she ought to be!

  63. Yes," the other hurried on, "it is because the baby will have need of extra care.

  64. The baby apparently was doing well; and the Frenchman, with his strong sense of family ties, felt it a serious matter to separate a child permanently from its father.

  65. She was in ecstasy before the little boots which the baby wore at baptism--you know?

  66. Madame," he said, "your love for that baby has just caused you to utter something ferocious!

  67. They came back to the city, and there the baby was born.

  68. Everything that can be done to save our baby I shall do, let it cost what it will.

  69. But at the age of three months one cannot take from the breast a baby like ours, frail and ill.

  70. He was such a very healthy baby that George conceived the idea that this would be the woman to nurse his own child, in case Henriette herself should not be able to do it.

  71. I lived on my savings as long as I could; then I had to leave my baby in a foundling's home, and I went out to do my five hours on the boulevards.

  72. She spoke in a matter-of-fact voice, and when she came to tell how she had been obliged to leave her baby in the foundling asylum, she was surprised that Monsieur Loches showed horror.

  73. But the baby did not gain quite as rapidly as the doctor had hoped, and it was decided that the country air would be better for her.

  74. Sir," she said, addressing the doctor, "the baby is awake.

  75. You could not think of her as sick, as old, as anything but young and vigorous and vivid, as full of energy as a healthy baby that kicks its dresses into rags and wears out the strength of its strapping nurse.

  76. He therefore stood by, one day (while Ulysses, pretending to take no heed of him, went ploughing the sand) and he laid the baby Telemachus directly in the way of the ploughshare.

  77. He can make the tears come into your eyes by telling you of the grief of the warrior's wife when he leaves her and their baby son to go to battle; and he can almost make you shout, "Hurrah for the brave champion!

  78. So Queen Metanira ran to the door, with the poor wailing baby in her arms, and besought Ceres to take charge of it, or, at least, to tell her what would do it good.

  79. I have heard a Baby cry pretty loudly about a Pin.

  80. I see you can make Distinction between Teknia and Paidia; but a Baby is the more inoffensive and less responsible Agent of the two.

  81. If you are content to be a Baby in Grace, you must not contend for a Baby's Immunities.

  82. O sir, not the cows, or baby will die, and we can't make the butter.

  83. Patience could not go, as it was too far for Rusha to walk, or for the baby to be carried.

  84. There was a girl standing by with a baby in her arms, and she asked: "What will they do to our minister?

  85. Then Patience with Rusha and the baby were taken home by kind old Goody Grace, while the smith called the two lads into his house.

  86. Without more words Jephthah and Steadfast took the still form between them and bore it into the stable, the baby screaming with hunger all the time, so that Jephthah hotly said-- "Stop that!

  87. Patience was sure she could find her, and giving the baby to Steadfast ran out in the rain and smouldering smoke calling her; all in vain.

  88. Rusha ran wildly away at sight of the soldiers, but Patience, with the baby in her arms, came up.

  89. Farmer Mill's wife, of Elmwood Cross, two miles off, was reported by her sister to want a stout girl to help her, but there was no chance of her taking Rusha or the baby as well as Patience.

  90. John had just sat down in the porch in his clean Sunday smock with the baby on his knee, and Rusha clinging about him waiting till Stead had cleaned himself up, and was ready to read to them from the mother's books.

  91. Father rode big Severn, and mother was on a pillion behind him, with baby in her arms, and I sat on a cushion in front.

  92. The baby began to cry, and Patience to feed him with the milk and water that had been warmed at the fire; his father and the boys went out to finish the work for the night, little Rusha running after them.

  93. Once Patience, left at home watching the rushing of the stream, became so frightened that she actually took the children up there, and set Rusha to hold the baby while she dragged up some sheepskins and some food.

  94. Then came his little brother, two years old, He looked, and lisped, "The baby is asleep.

  95. This belief may have originated in the assumption that when a baby became ill and fretful, it was a changeling.

  96. He touched her white, worn face, and said, "How cold Is our wee baby now.

  97. Baby is dead," I answered, as I laid My hand on her frail forehead with a sigh; "Oh!

  98. He looked in at one of the windows and by the light of a smoking kerosene lamp beheld a woman in a rocking-chair, rocking a baby to sleep.

  99. The thoughts of the cruel way of putting her baby to death preyed on her mind to such an extent, she developed epilepsy.

  100. It is said that the slaves were in constant dread of the Rebel soldiers and when they would hear of their coming they would hide the baby "Angie" and cover her over with leaves.

  101. Mrs. Morgan lives with her baby boy and his wife.

  102. The old slave when he was a baby was thrown in this pool but was rescued by white people.

  103. They took Eliza and the baby back to Kentucky.

  104. They found her secreted in a cane brake in the low lands of Alabama nursing her baby boy at her breast.

  105. Mrs. Simms had taken the position of God Mother to the baby and his birth and christening had been recorded in the church records.

  106. The jail was so infested with bugs and fleas that the baby Angie cryed all night.

  107. Her owner took her away, took the baby from her, and beat it to death right before the mother's eyes, then brought the girl back to the sale without the baby, and she was bought immediately.

  108. One day, not long before the out-break of the Civil War, a nigger buyer came and I witnessed my dear Mammy and my one year old baby brother, sold.

  109. My baby brother was with her, but I did not know him until Mammy told me who he was, he had grown into a large man.

  110. He sent his wife and baby Angie to Indiana, but upon their arrival they were arrested and returned to Kentucky.

  111. One of the first things the baby did was to crawl under the sofa in the sitting-room and lay her small fingers against the radiator or register, or whatever it is called, through which the heat came.

  112. She killed a child years ago, when she ran a baby farm.

  113. You once ran a baby farm, and a baby died, and I know how.

  114. He has been feeding bread-and-butter to the dog, and now the baby is on his knee, playing with his fine gold watch.

  115. The party finally mounted the char-a-bancs, just as I was about to offer the baby for twenty-five pounds, and dirt cheap at that.

  116. He looked up at my ejaculation of surprise, and, dropping the baby as if it had been a parcel, strode under the window.

  117. We are all well here and the baby (this was a brand new baby Diantha had not seen) is just a Darling!

  118. I was so tired, and baby bothered so, and she said that perhaps she could manage all by herself if I was willing to risk it, so I took baby for a car-ride and have only just got back.

  119. I don't know--you and baby are all one somehow.

  120. But then she brought nurse and child to the hotel with her, placed them in the cool, airy nursery in the garden, and varied her busy day with still hours by herself--the baby in her arms.

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