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Example sentences for "hopeful"

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hoots; hooves; hop; hope; hoped; hopefull; hopefully; hopefulness; hopeing; hopeless
  1. It was by no means a hopeful answer, and I wondered if Quarles had already made some discovery which entirely destroyed his theory.

  2. The professor nodded and smiled, but I could get nothing out of him that evening, not even whether he was hopeful or not.

  3. The one hopeful fact the boys found in a sorrowful review of the situation, as they stretched their tired limbs upon the ground, was that the dragging of the lake in the vicinity where Dave's empty boat was found had been without result.

  4. Strange, so many hopeful princes, and so many shameful kings!

  5. By my troth," said the bee, "the comparison will amount to a very good jest, and you will do me a favour to let me know the reasons that all the world is pleased to use in so hopeful a dispute.

  6. Lady Rosamond was always ready to encourage him by her hopeful remarks and winning smile.

  7. On several occasions she was deeply sad when referring to the troubles of Lady Rosamond, but seemed to feel hopeful in the return of Gerald Bereford's health and strength.

  8. Still they were hopeful that with the returning spring health would be restored the patient invalid.

  9. Larry Stivers is ahead, with visions of hopeful victory before him.

  10. Mr. Howe felt this as he tried to force an entrance to the heart of this lovely maiden to wrest from her, if possible, a secret that would give a hopeful assurance to his projects.

  11. Her last contained a glowing allusion to Lady Rosamond--an eager desire to meet her loving friend; also fervent gratitude for the hopeful restoration of Gerald's health.

  12. These he presented to the father and mother, who were more than delighted with such gifts, and could not but attribute a hopeful measure of sanctity to the young virtuoso who had collected them.

  13. The way in which habits of industry and economy were formed struck observers with peculiar force, as being an exceedingly hopeful sign.

  14. Granted that these may be the picked few, it is most hopeful that there is a picked few, whose example will inspire others to lift themselves up.

  15. Perhaps the most hopeful symptom of all is the sanguine enthusiasm of Booker Washington himself, who, happily for himself and for those whom he seeks to benefit, is, and must ever be, an optimist.

  16. In this more hopeful state of things than had long before existed in New England, Whitefield, who was now the second time in America, was most urgently entreated to visit the descendants of the Pilgrim fathers.

  17. Not to gain estates as men do now, but for religion, and that they might have their children in a hopeful way of being truly religious.

  18. There had been, from time to time, instances of strong religious impression and of hopeful conversion.

  19. A most hopeful sign was the greater public interest taken in matters pertaining to the public health.

  20. The reports of the Medical Officers of Health of the latter part of this decade were distinctly more hopeful in tone, and recorded more progress than ever before.

  21. Christian pulled it out and began to try the dungeon door, and the bolt, as he turned the key, yielded, and the door flew open, and Christian and Hopeful both came out.

  22. So Christian and Hopeful looked down, and saw at the bottom several men dashed all to pieces by a fall that they had had from the top.

  23. That night, about midnight, Christian and Hopeful began to pray, and they prayed till dawn of day.

  24. At the sight of the river Christian and Hopeful were stunned, but the men that went with them said, "You must go through, or you cannot come in at the gate.

  25. Yet a great horror and darkness fell upon Christian, for he thought he should never reach the Celestial City, and Hopeful had much difficulty to keep his friend's head above water.

  26. But Christian was silent, for he began to be afraid that he had led Hopeful out of the way.

  27. But Hopeful cheered Christian, and said he felt the ground under his feet.

  28. Wherefore the giant, getting up early, and walking up and down in his fields, caught Christian and Hopeful asleep.

  29. So they took Christian and Hopeful to the top of another high hill, called Clear, and gave them the glass to look.

  30. Then Christian and Hopeful thought of their escape from Doubting Castle, and they looked at one another with tears in their eyes.

  31. Then Christian and Hopeful went on till they came to the King's highway and so were safe, because they were out of the giant's grounds.

  32. And Hopeful groaned, "Oh that I had kept on my way.

  33. So Giant Despair got a cudgel, and went down to the dungeon and beat Christian and Hopeful fearfully, so that they could not move.

  34. Now Christian and Hopeful heard him fall, so they called to know what was the matter, but there was none to answer, only they heard a groaning.

  35. Accordingly, he examined his prison carefully, and with a hopeful smile.

  36. I shouldn't wonder if he was," returned Charlie with a hopeful smile.

  37. Christ would have us always increasingly hopeful and joyous, and never of sad countenance.

  38. I'm almost hopeful that everything is in shape," declared Dawson at last.

  39. Oh, yes; after a fashion, I suppose," replied the Dunstan hopeful deliberately.

  40. We paid five cent fares on the street cars and were hopeful that they would become three cent fares; three cents was established by law in many cities as the maximum charge.

  41. One may write critically of America and things American, but only if one ends in a mood of hopeful confidence.

  42. Nevertheless its appearance is the most hopeful sign in Washington that we may emerge from the governmental bog into which we have sunk.

  43. And I must admit that there are small signs of the advent of the "new lawyer," at whose possibility I have just flung a hopeful glance, to replace the existing mass of mediaeval unsoundness.

  44. This hopeful beginning was followed up by a succession of proceedings which should be recorded for the instruction of all who seek for help from the race of boys.

  45. Every young hopeful in our day makes a target of his grandfather's gravestone, and fires away, with great self-applause.

  46. I do not know what merit he had in this, for he was constituted more hopeful and placid than I ever knew another.

  47. Yet there was one name which made the tears come very near to falling, as Claire listened for it, fearful that it might not come, and at the same moment hopeful for it.

  48. Mrs. Alden's writings are so pure, earnest, and hopeful that a daily absorption of her pithiest thoughts must prove an enriching process.

  49. One of the most cheerful and courageous, because one of the most hopeful of workers, was Carey, the missionary.

  50. Writing to his mother at the time he said, "Fear not for me, dear mother, for I feel myself daily growing firmer and more hopeful in spirit.

  51. Now question me no more; we are espied; Here comes a parcel of our hopeful booty, Which dreads not yet their lives' destruction.

  52. It lifted the cloud of gloom which had settled upon the hearts of the American people, and which had wrung despondent words even from the hopeful Washington.

  53. We will accept the omen and be hopeful for the future.

  54. It seems that, in looking through his green glasses, he mistook the iron picket screen that guarded a young and hopeful shade tree for some kind of verdant fodder, and destroyed a couple of teeth.

  55. Pod's face turned on its axis with a puzzled expression, as his eyes regarded the hopeful pioneer.

  56. As my hopeful outfit tramped and slipped and tumbled down to the shining plain, I almost felt I could see my finish on that sun-scorched lime-hued gridiron which faded away into a gaseous nothingness in three directions.

  57. They were in no very hopeful mood--a fact which did not tend to cheer me, as the Rev.

  58. They were in no very hopeful mood, and it seemed to me that very little was needed to induce them to go and lay down their arms.

  59. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "hopeful" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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