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Example sentences for "hop"

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hooter; hooting; hootings; hoots; hooves; hope; hoped; hopeful; hopefull; hopefully
  1. How they hop and skip and go On their lucky left hind toe.

  2. And in the next story, if Billy Bunny does eat any more carrot candy and get so dizzy he can't hop in a circle, I'll tell you some more about the little rabbit.

  3. Robbie Redbreast told me this morning he saw Billy Bunny hop out of the hollow stump where he had hidden with the little lady bunny, you remember in the last story, to escape from the two bad foxes.

  4. Because if you would, just hop on my back and I'll take you around the pond two times and maybe a half if you'll give me a lollypop.

  5. So he gave one big hop and maybe two million and a half little skips and jumps, and soon he was far away, and if he hadn't maybe that little boy would have put him in a cage or a big box and kept him shut up for a long time.

  6. The Riches of the Hop Garden | 1729 Brewster, J.

  7. Such logic men will chop, And in their fury hop When the good ale-sop Doth dance in their foretop.

  8. Behold his tail, my friend; with curls like that The wanton hop marries her stately spouse: So crisp in beauty Amoretta's hair Rings round her lover's soul the chains of love.

  9. Suppose the tender but luxuriant hop Around a cankered stem should twine, What Kentish boor would tear away the prop So roughly as to wound, nay, kill the bine?

  10. The common names of the hop only furnish negative indications as to its origin.

  11. In spite of the entirely wild appearance of the hop in Europe in districts far from cultivation, it has been sometimes asked if it is not of Asiatic origin.

  12. He mentions asparagus in this connection, and the young shoots of the hop are sometimes eaten in this manner.

  13. From Havana he made the biggest hop of all, and landed smack in St. Louis without sitting down once along the way.

  14. But when Lindy flew that grand hop from San Diego to St. Louis to New York, people began to sit up and take notice.

  15. It was the longest cross-country hop that any one man had made up to that time.

  16. Nome was an important stop, because the Lindberghs planned to use this as their jumping off place for the hop across the Pacific Ocean to Karagin Island, off the Kamchatkan Peninsula.

  17. When she took the whole family out for a walk in the fields, Medio Pollito would hop away by himself, and hide among the Indian corn.

  18. Medio Pollito,' called the wind, 'do hop up here, and help me to get free of these branches.

  19. Many planters pole hop plants the first year with a single short pole, and stretch coco-nut-fibre string from pole to pole, and grow many hops in the first season.

  20. It is far better to dig hop land if possible, the tool used being the Kent spud.

  21. It is to these lupulinic glands that the medicinal properties of the hop are chiefly due.

  22. There has been a considerable rearrangement of the hop plantations in Kent within recent years.

  23. Furthermore, there are prepared hop pillows, designed to procure sleep; but these act, when at all, mainly by suggestion.

  24. Much of the hop land is ploughed between the rows, as labour is scarce, and the spaces between are dug afterwards.

  25. In the summer, rape dust, guano, nitrate of soda and various patent hop manures are chopped in with the Canterbury hoe.

  26. Various hop substitutes, in the form of powder, have been offered in commerce of late years, most of which appear to have quassia as a chief ingredient.

  27. Walnut tree leaves, hop leaves, sycamore leaves and such may not be made to imitate tobacco leaves for sale or forfeit 5s.

  28. Den de little bird he up'n hop on Brer Fox's tail.

  29. W'en you hear me callin' de pigs, honey, you des hop up en onfassen de do'.

  30. Look at dat merlatter man A follerin' up Sue; Hop light, ladies, Oh, Miss Loo!

  31. He hop up, he did, en tuck out one chunk, en den he hop back en lissen, but Brer Fox stay still.

  32. Of the annual vines of recent introduction, the Japanese hop has at once taken a prominent place for the covering of fences and arbors, although it has no floral beauty to recommend it.

  33. And Uncle Izzy knew I was a Grilch Hop expert in Middle School and this was the only real Grilch Hop rhythm in the book.

  34. Now the author had gone to a lot of trouble in the previous verse not to break the Grilch Hop rhyme scheme.

  35. All I knew for sure was that, as the poem stood, it sounded as if somebody had loused up a perfect Grilch Hop rhyme.

  36. Once I knew a girl named Sally Met her at a Footloose rally I began humming the Grilch Hop tune to the ancient poem in Uncle Algy's book.

  37. I noticed there was one poem with a real Grilch Hop beat.

  38. Probably not," the dodo said, breaking the Grilch Hop rhythm at last, "but there are perfume trees on Alvarla.

  39. It was while I was singing this poem to a Grilch Hop tune that I noticed the clue.

  40. But I found there was a sort of Grilch Hop beat to it that reminded me of the Footlooses I used to go to in Middle School.

  41. You were a grilch hop expert in Middle School," he had told me.

  42. But imagine finding a poem with a perfect Grilch Hop beat before anybody even knew what a grilch was!

  43. Turn one-fourth on each hop towards the right hand.

  44. Turning one-fourth on each hop towards the left hand, eight bars.

  45. Turning one-fourth on each hop towards the left hand, one bar.

  46. Turning one-fourth on each hop towards the left hand.

  47. One hop on R, as you are, the L kept back and up, (count four.

  48. Note--A complete turn should be made during the four counts given, turning one fourth on each hop of the R foot.

  49. Parties hop about the roads picking up unconsidered trifles.

  50. I have seen one of these birds fly to a branch in a tree, uttering its curious call, and then hop on to another branch in the same tree.

  51. He and his mate, with perhaps a few friends, hop about from leaf to leaf looking for quarry, large and small.

  52. When kept in a cage, Pekin-robins hop from perch to perch with extraordinary agility, seeming scarcely to have touched one perch with their feet before they are off to another.

  53. If you'll give me a thought as to where your office is we'll hop over and.

  54. Commander Knahr, can you hop over here a minute?

  55. No drive that takes 'a few weeks' for an intra-galaxy hop is ever going to get us back to Tellus.

  56. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "hop" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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