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Example sentences for "caper"

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capax; capaz; caped; capelin; capensis; capercailzie; capere; capered; capering; capers
  1. The truth is, I am only old in judgment and understanding; and he that will caper with me for a thousand marks, let him lend me the money, and have at him.

  2. It is a strange desert, this Bar land, of wild caper bushes, stunted jund trees, and hard resilient limestone soil, baked by the sun to whiteness.

  3. Look at them attentively: they caper about and squeal with joy like puppies in the sun.

  4. Suddenly there was a loud roar of laughter at a caper that was cut in the quadrille.

  5. Take from the fire, add the yolks of two eggs well-beaten and two tablespoonfuls of capers with a little of the caper vinegar.

  6. CAPER SAUCE Add two or three tablespoonfuls of capers to two cupfuls of Drawn-Butter Sauce.

  7. When cooked, drain, take off the cloth, garnish with parsley and sliced lemon, and serve with Caper Sauce.

  8. Kenneth left his dog in the garden to dance and caper about with the retriever.

  9. He must then whistle and caper all about the room, thus attracting attention, and seat himself at the piano, and sing at the top of his lungs, Girls and boys, come out to play.

  10. Bob has just mounted Elsie on White Baron, and now as I write the words he’s up on Caper and off they go.

  11. Moning Congou . 1 Assam Souchong . 1 Scented Caper . Average cost Should this combination be too light in draw, two pounds or parts of the Congou may be used or the Assam increased half a pound or part.

  12. Fruity Moning Congou . 1 Fine Ceylon Congou . 1 Fine Assam Congou . 1 Fine Scented Caper . Average cost The Moning should be thick and heavy in liquor and also the Ceylon, while the Caper must be highly scented.

  13. Cut a caper on nothing, said Gymnast; my pages use to cut capers on the ground; to cut a caper on nothing should be hanging and choking, or I am out.

  14. They replied that they had too much cause to weep; for that very hour, from an exalted triple tree, two of the honestest gentlemen in Catchpole-land had been made to cut a caper on nothing.

  15. As soon as friend Panurge landed, he nimbly cut a caper with one leg for joy, and cried to Pantagruel, Now we are where we have wished ourselves long ago.

  16. Caper tea is made into little glossy masses by the aid of gum or starch; it is usually much adulterated.

  17. Now they were out of practice; they were grown big, too; they could no longer seize each other by the waist and caper round and round.

  18. Once upon the ground, Chow gave a caper of joy, and proposed to scamper off immediately.

  19. They curvet and caper to be forward unavailingly.

  20. You see, then, the utmost that could happen in that way would be that the nag might caper a little.

  21. No wonder ye can tie knots in yoursel' at the parallel bars that were siccan a trouble to set up for ye to caper on, and your e'en like sloes after the first frosts.

  22. A French royalist caricature, published after Waterloo, represents Napoleon as a dancing bear forced to caper by England, his keeper, who makes an unsparing use of the lash, whilst Russia and Prussia play pipe and drum by way of music.

  23. Serve with anchovy or caper sauce, and plain melted butter.

  24. Boiled leg of mutton, mashed turnips, suet dumplings, caper sauce, potatoes, veal rissoles made with remains of fillet of veal.

  25. Cold beef and mashed potatoes: if there is any cold boiled mutton left, cut it into neat slices and warm it in a little caper sauce.

  26. Boil gently for 2 hours, remove the tape, and serve with caper sauce, No.

  27. Let it simmer very gently till done; then dish it on a hot napkin, and serve with shrimp, lobster, or caper sauce.

  28. Broil it on both sides over a clear fire, and serve with caper sauce.

  29. Roast partridges, bread sauce, and gravy; slices of mutton warmed in caper sauce; vegetables.

  30. Trout may be served with anchovy or caper sauce, baked in buttered paper, or fried whole like smelts.

  31. Serve with carrots and mashed turnips, which may be boiled with the meat, and send caper sauce (No.

  32. This is the biggest fool caper I ever seed," she declared.

  33. On the announcement of a new combinazione, we used to caper about and weep with joy in the offices, and embrace one another like shipwrecked sailors at sight of a sail.

  34. And to-night we said we'd have one jolly good caper for the last.

  35. You were having a jolly good caper when we came in; what's up?

  36. And by an odd chance, beyond a low thicket of caper bushes that bounded the desert to one side of the scene of past orgie, lay the little cemetery where Zarifa slept so soundly.

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