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  1. In using cold beef, a teaspoon anchovy essence or paste is an improvement, and to mutton a teaspoon mushroom catsup.

  2. Have nicely cut hot buttered toast, with a little anchovy paste.

  3. Boil the liver of two chickens, (or turkey will do), pound them to a paste with a piece of butter the size of a walnut, a teaspoon of anchovy and a little cayenne.

  4. Worcester sauce, a few drops of Harvey's sauce, the same of anchovy sauce.

  5. These are piquante relishes for anchovy toasts (No.

  6. Dish them with crisp parsley, and send up with plain butter in a boat, and anchovy and butter.

  7. You cannot make essence of anchovy half so cheap as you can buy it.

  8. Essence of anchovy is sometimes made with sherry or Madeira wine, or good mushroom catchup (No.

  9. The skull and tail of a cod is a favourite and excellent Scotch dish, stewed, and served up with anchovy or oyster sauce, with the liquor it is boiled in, in a tureen.

  10. If you have essence of anchovy, you may make anchovy paste extempore, by rubbing the essence with as much flour as will make a paste.

  11. For garnish, crisp parsley; and for sauce, mushroom catchup and melted butter, or anchovy sauce, or Nos.

  12. The economist may take the thick remains that wont pass through the sieve, and pound it with some flour, and make anchovy paste, or powder.

  13. It is an excellent garnish for fish, put in pats round the edge of the dish, or will make anchovy toast (No.

  14. Lobster Butter is made in the same manner as anchovy butter.

  15. A mixture of anchovy butter and lobster butter is considered excellent.

  16. Anchovy toast is made by spreading anchovy paste upon bread either toasted or fried.

  17. Anchovy sandwiches made with the above, will be found excellent.

  18. Then, after dinner, the hot chestnuts and filberts and anchovy toasts mingling with an otherwise excellent desert flavoured the wine and brought out no end of "yoicks wind 'ims" and aspirations for the morrow.

  19. Pound or mash the hard boiled yolks of three eggs with a tablespoonful of anchovy paste or two anchovies, two tablespoonfuls of butter and a dash of lemon juice.

  20. Anchovy and Egg Sandwiches Mash the yolks of four hard-boiled eggs with two tablespoonfuls of melted butter or olive oil, add a half teaspoonful of salt, a dash of paprika and a tablespoonful of anchovy paste or two mashed anchovies.

  21. Anchovy Canapés Cover a round or square of toast with anchovies that have been mashed and seasoned with a little tomato catsup.

  22. Anchovy Sandwiches Beat a quarter of a pound of butter to a cream, adding gradually two tablespoonfuls of lemon juice, a saltspoonful of paprika, two tablespoonfuls of anchovy paste.

  23. The genus Engraulis includes the anchovy of Europe, Engraulis encrasicholus, with similar species in California, Chile, Japan, and Australia.

  24. For baits, any small fish, as anchovy and pilchard, will answer, while shrimp and cut bait can also be used.

  25. The best bait is a small sardine, anchovy or mullet, though the casting spoon, with a single hook, or a pearl squid of small size may be used if kept in constant motion on the surface.

  26. Anchovy and gherkin, cut into small diamonds, may be placed between, or cut gherkins in slices, and lay a border of them round, or in any way your fancy may dictate.

  27. Fillet of beef dressed as above may be rubbed over with maitre d'hotel or anchovy butter, and served very hot.

  28. An anchovy pounded with the lobster-shells would be an improvement, and part of the flesh of the lobster might be served in the sauce.

  29. If no essence of shrimps, some anchovy sauce may be served with shrimps in it as a substitute.

  30. Prepare slices of anchovy toast as already described, and lay on each slice a poached egg.

  31. Spread crustless slices of toast first with butter, then with anchovy paste.

  32. Wash an anchovy clean; put to it a glass of red wine, some gravy, a shalot cut small, and a little lemon-juice.

  33. Take half a pint of cream and half a pint of strong broth; thicken them with flour and butter, and when it boils put in it a little anchovy and lemon-juice, and put it over your fish.

  34. Let them stew together till the liquor has a good flavour of the lobster, but observe that there must be very little water, and add two teaspoonfuls of anchovy pickle.

  35. A spoonful of red wine, and the same of anchovy liquor, put into melted butter.

  36. Sauce, anchovy and butter, or plain butter in a boat.

  37. Some good veal gravy, boiled with an anchovy or onion, some lemon-peel, and a very little ketchup.

  38. Boil a bit of horseradish and anchovy in gravy with a little lemon-peel and mace; add some cream; thicken it with flour and butter.

  39. When the anchovy is quite dissolved, strain off the liquor, and put into your melted butter to your taste.

  40. Serve up with oyster sauce, white fish sauce, or anchovy sauce; but put to the sauce what gravy is in the dish, first skimming it.

  41. Anchovy Canapes Cream 2 tablespoons butter; add 1/2 teaspoon Anchovy paste; spread thin slices of fresh toast with this; over that put slices of hard boiled or chopped egg and on top one rolled anchovy.

  42. When cooked, drain and put into a thick white sauce, to which add a little cayenne pepper and a very little anchovy sauce.

  43. Mince the boiled lobster meat, add to it 6 drops anchovy sauce, lemon juice and cayenne to taste and 4 tablespoonfuls of béchamel sauce.

  44. Be sure and have herring and anchovies in some form--anchovy toast is nice.

  45. EGG SAUCE To Drawn Butter Sauce add one-half teaspoon Anchovy Essence and two hard-cooked eggs cut in thin slices.

  46. Spread with Anchovy paste or with French mustard, then arrange flaked smoked sturgeon over canapes.

  47. Mix in a basin a tinned lobster cut into pieces, four tablespoonfuls of thick white sauce, a teaspoonful of finely minced parsley, a few drops of anchovy sauce, two or three of lemon juice, and a little cayenne pepper.

  48. Mince one pound of beefsteak with half a pound of raw fat bacon, add half the quantity of bread-crumbs, salt and pepper to taste, a teaspoonful of anchovy sauce and a well beaten egg.

  49. At Neisteen there was a little shop where the Skipper at last obtained his violet ink, but Esau was foiled in his dastardly attempt at retaliation with anchovy paste.

  50. Make a thick sauce with 1 gill water, 1 oz flour, and 1 oz butter; flavour with anchovy and stir the fish in.

  51. Slice of toast, cut shape of tomato; spread with anchovy paste; topped with tomato slice, and yellow American cheese, browned and melted in oven.

  52. Sieber Two tablespoonfuls creamed butter; one-half cup grated cheese; one teaspoonful French mustard; one teaspoonful Tarragon vinegar; and anchovy paste.

  53. Anchovy or cuttlefish is the bait used; sometimes the two are placed on one hook.

  54. Curl an anchovy round a stewed olive, and put it on the toast.

  55. Lay three fillets of anchovy across each other to form a six-pointed star and season highly with cayenne pepper.

  56. Make a sauce of flour and butter in a pan, adding gravy if you happen to have it, but failing that, use water and vinegar in equal parts to thin it; season with pepper and salt and a small spoonful of anchovy sauce.

  57. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "anchovy" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.

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