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Example sentences for "anchovies"

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  1. Soak the anchovies in cold water two hours; pull them to pieces, and simmer in just enough water to cover them for half an hour.

  2. Put the water into the inner saucepan, chop the anchovies and shallot, and put in with the pepper and salt.

  3. She poured out the wines, and offered tarts and dishes of anchovies and of cheese, also strange steaming beverages lately imported into England called coffee and chocolate.

  4. The men drank heavily, chiefly of the heady Spanish wines; they ate the anchovies and cheese with their fingers, and continually called for more refreshments.

  5. Pound the meat, with four anchovies washed and boned; add a quarter of a pound of oiled butter, work it well together with the gravy, warm a little, and add cochineal to colour.

  6. Them's the very things I saw growing on the wall, and not anchovies at all, at all.

  7. I was one day dining at the mess of some soldier officers, when one of them, a Captain O'Rourke, positively declared on his faith as a gentleman that `he had seen anchovies growing on the walls at Gibraltar.

  8. The anchovies (Engraulididæ) are dwarf herrings with the snout projecting beyond the very wide mouth.

  9. Fossil anchovies called Engraulis are recorded from the Tertiary of Europe.

  10. These Fish are soft, tender, and oily, and much better than Sprats to make any imitation of Anchovies from.

  11. But they will be like Anchovies without Vinegar, only the Vinegar will keep them.

  12. From British anchovies (pickled sprats) or young pilchards, along with herring liquor, or the drainings of anchovy barrels.

  13. From essence of anchovies and shallot wine, of each 3 oz.

  14. The sardines and anchovies taken offshore from Collioure are famous all over France and Russia where gastronomy is an art.

  15. Take 6 anchovies from a bottle, scrape and wash them, pound and pulp them, or bruise them on a board; mix 6oz.

  16. Salt the scrambled eggs lightly and lay the anchovies crosswise over the top.

  17. Anchovies in salt, soaked in cold water for an hour; or anchovies in oil; forced through a fine sieve, may be used if desired.

  18. Put some fillets of salted anchovies in oil and leave for a few days; or use anchovies in oil.

  19. When very hot remove, lay twelve fillets of anchovies over the eggs, and serve.

  20. Make four pieces of toast, lay six fillets of anchovies on each, and cover with scrambled eggs.

  21. Put fresh caviar in the center and anchovies around the edge.

  22. Lay two fillets of anchovies crosswise over each, and finally sprinkle some fine-chopped chervil over all.

  23. Lay split anchovies on thin buttered toast with chopped eggs around the edges.

  24. Spread the contents of a can of pimentos flat on the table, lay a fillet of anchovies in oil on each pimento, and roll up in the form of a sausage with the anchovy in the center.

  25. Lay four poached eggs on four pieces of toast, put two fillets of anchovies crosswise on each egg.

  26. Pass the yolks through a fine sieve, and mix with one dozen anchovies in oil cut in small squares, a little pepper, and a teaspoonful of mayonnaise sauce.

  27. As anchovies are rather expensive to buy, I give a recipe for mock anchovies, which is easy to do, but it must be done six months before using the fish.

  28. Be sure you use good anchovies preserved in salt, and well washed and soaked to take away the greater part of the saltness; or, if you can make some toast butter it when cold, cut it into thin strips, and lay a fillet in the center.

  29. Pound three anchovies in a mortar with one tablespoon butter, small pinch of pepper, one shake cayenne, one half teaspoon lemon juice and the yolks of the eggs.

  30. Small anchovies whole, laid on top are an improvement.

  31. Put the mixture into a small sauce-pan or earthen pipkin, and let it simmer slowly till all the bones of the anchovies are dissolved.

  32. Soak eight anchovies for three or four hours, changing the water every hour.

  33. Let the anchovies remain in the liquid till they are dissolved.

  34. Pour in a large half pint of the best vinegar, and simmer it slowly till the bones of the anchovies are entirely dissolved.

  35. Caroline placed the anchovies while Molly poured the soup into cups, there being no plates.

  36. Why did you put the anchovies on crackers?

  37. Two gentlemen their appetite had fed, When opening his toothpick-case, one said, "It was not until lately that I knew That anchovies on terra firma grew.

  38. That anchovies DON'T grow like cloves and mace?

  39. Let your choice fall upon the boneless anchovies of France, if you would aim at the maximum of pleasure and the minimum of labour.

  40. Fried after the fashion of whitebait, sprinkled with paprika, and refreshed with lemon juice, anchovies become quite irresistible as Orlys d'anchois.

  41. Eels must be used, as is the steak in a pigeon's pie for instance; and nutmeg and parsley and anchovies must serve for seasoning.

  42. The fishermen of Provence think it is essential to the good preservation of anchovies that the salt be red; and, consequently, they colour it with ochreous earths.

  43. Sonnini thinks that garum was simply composed of anchovies cooked and crushed in their brine, to which was added a little vinegar, and chopped or pounded parsley.

  44. In sea ports, anchovies are eaten either fried or roasted.

  45. Salted anchovies are to be preferred when they are new, firm, white outside, vermilion coloured inside, and free from all putrid smell.

  46. The fishermen of the Mediterranean and the coasts of the ocean salt almost all the anchovies they take.

  47. Sugà nga giapúngan sa mga bulinaw, Light that the anchovies were attracted to.

  48. Idùdù ang kaling sa súkà, Dunk the dried anchovies into the vinegar.

  49. Naggam-ul ku sa bulinaw arun magámit pa ugmà, I am mixing a little salt with the anchovies so we can still use them tomorrow.

  50. The addition of a teaspoonful of essence of anchovies is an improvement.

  51. A small quantity of any description of pickles might be added to this salad, as also some anchovies or olives.

  52. Have ready some hot buttered toast, spread with anchovies pounded to a paste; pour a little of the hot sauce on the top, and serve very hot and very quickly.

  53. Boil the eggs for 10 minutes; strip them from the shells, and cover them with forcemeat, or substitute pounded anchovies for the ham.

  54. Oysters or anchovies may be added to this forcemeat, and will be found a great improvement.

  55. Wash the anchovies thoroughly; bone and dry them, and pound them in a mortar to a paste.

  56. Boil all these together till the anchovies are dissolved, then strain the juice again, put in the shalots (8 to every pint), and boil again.

  57. To potted anchovies may be added pounded mace, cayenne, and nutmeg to taste.

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