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Example sentences for "anchorite"

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  1. Take off your nasty sheepskin, and let us see how the anchorite looks as a centurion.

  2. Hermas defiantly, and trying in vain to free himself from the strong grasp of the anchorite who held him firmly.

  3. So the asceticism and self-denial of the ancient anchorite and saint was merely a form of Katzenjammer?

  4. These were his questions in Tannhauser and Lohengrin, in these operas he looked about him for his equals--the anchorite yearned for the number.

  5. The poor anchorite relates all these absurdities gravely, as actually proceeding from sorcery.

  6. In 1362 Queen Isabella helped to procure from the bishop a licence for one Robert de Worthin, priest, to become an anchorite and to inhabit a hermitage attached to the north aisle of the chancel.

  7. Soon after this, in 1423, Coventry showed its sympathy for Lollardry when John Grace an anchorite friar came out of his cell and preached for five days in the "lyttell parke.

  8. There exists an account by a witness of the sensation his thin, ascetic face caused in the court, as if an early Syrian anchorite had wandered thither.

  9. Does the anchorite tire of his lonely mountain cell, and long for a place among them, that he turns from his solitude to inquire after the people's welfare?

  10. I bought of Dominus Thomas Cope, priest and anchorite in that chapel.

  11. They are also all three mentioned in the will of Adam Wigan, who leaves to the anchorite enclosed in Fishergate 2s.

  12. Watergate and Fishergate, in the suburbs of York, and in another place the anchorite of the nunnery of St. Clement, York.

  13. Roger Eston also leaves a bequest to the anchorite of his parish of Richmond, respecting whom the editor gives a note whose substance is given elsewhere.

  14. In 1443, Thomas Scroope was anchorite in this house.

  15. Applying the term anchorite to me is perhaps a juster comparison than you think.

  16. But there is something of the anchorite in your life just the same, and if envy your situation.

  17. St. Cloud was a holy anchorite whose cell was in the wood which occupied the site of the palace (now destroyed) that bears his name.

  18. The anchorite at once went to the capital and found the shoemaker, and when he asked him, 'How do you serve the Lord?

  19. The anchorite hastily threw away the stone, fell upon his knees, and soon found on the dry spot of ground under the stone, and in the farthermost nook of the retreat, a motionless human form.

  20. The wind is in our favor," he called out to the anchorite as he hauled round the sail with the rope in his hand, "we shall get on without your working so hard.

  21. Thus did I, who had been vowed to the anchorite order of St. Augustine, enter upon my life as an unordained anchorite.

  22. There was no other furniture in that little place, neither chair nor table; and the brass lamp was set upon the floor, near a heaped-up bed of rushes and dried leaves upon which I beheld the anchorite himself.

  23. Recognizing in me the anchorite of Monte Orsaro, he had taken me up in his strong arms and had carried me back to my hut.

  24. You had not heard the news of Piacenza, which must be known to everyone by now; and you have never heard of the anchorite of Monte Orsaro!

  25. Whether any anchorite has been made without the assent of the bishop.

  26. But whatever may be alleged, after ultimate and honest scrutiny, of the follies or virtues of anchorite life, we are unjust to Jerome if we think of him as its introducer into the West of Europe.

  27. The monk may withdraw himself from the gaze of the world, the anchorite may seek a hiding place in caves and dens, but they ignore entirely the demands of society upon them.

  28. It is only the anchorite that withdraws himself from the societies of man and communes with himself and his God.

  29. Here the anchorite bade God speed him, and, turning his steps back again, took the way to his hut.

  30. So the asceticism and self-denial of the ancient anchorite and saint was merely a form of Katzenjammer?

  31. These were his questions in Tannhauser and Lohengrin, in these operas he looked about him for his equals --the anchorite yearned for the number.

  32. Three days later Anchorite Island was recognized, so called because a number of pirogues occupied in fishing, took no notice of the Etoile and Boudeuse, disdaining to enter into relations with the strangers.

  33. Upon the 17th of July a small island in the neighbourhood of the Anchorite Islands was sighted.

  34. The patient anchorite sat down again on the stone seat.

  35. This question roused the young anchorite to the highest excitement, and Dame Dorothea, who perceives what was passing in his mind, said with quick decision: "He nurses his sick father.

  36. For a short time the two stood opposite each other silent and motionless; at last the anchorite pushed the hair from off his brow, which was now for the first time visible.

  37. How lucky it is," muttered the anchorite, as he quitted the cave, "that the old anchorite was such a glutton.

  38. A new and strange emotion took possession of the anchorite at the sight of this stone.

  39. He was highly pleased, and went ashore in a boat with a small following, that he might consult the anchorite as to the prospect of his being able to recover the kingdom of his ancestors.

  40. So the anchorite told the king that there were those amongst his followers who plotted, and purposed seizing the opportunity of his being on land to execute their design of revolt.

  41. The Deity and the anchorite promptly consented, and seated themselves on the demon's shoulders.

  42. I now learned from the monk that the post of Hermit of the Well was an office of which the present anchorite was by no means the first tenant.

  43. So fast as each succeeding anchorite died there were enough candidates eager to supply his place; for it was no bad /metier/ to some penniless imposter to become the quack and patentee of a holy specific.

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