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Example sentences for "bed"

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becose; becoss; becoz; becum; becuz; bedabbled; bedad; bedarf; bedaub; bedaubed
  1. It don't do enny good to pray when bed bugs are in season; the only way tew git rid ov them iz tew bile up the whole bed in aqua fortis, and then heave it away and buy a new one.

  2. If bed buggs have enny destiny to fill, it must be their stummuks; but it seems tew me that they must hav bin made by acksident, jist az slivvers are, tew stick into sumboddy.

  3. If i was ever in the habit ov swearing, i wouldn't hesitate to damn a bed bugg right tew hiz face.

  4. But she raised her arms, and the child was laid in the bed beside her.

  5. When she reached home and had got into bed she wept a little, but her tears were neither of joy nor sorrow.

  6. At length she opened her eyes to discover with bewilderment that the room was flooded with light, and then she sprang out of bed and went to the open window.

  7. She was twisting absently the tassel of the bed curtain.

  8. And sending for his servants, he ordered them to have his baggage removed from the Roebuck, which was the best bed in the house.

  9. He sat down on the bed and laid his hand on the helpless one that rested on the coverlet.

  10. I intend to send you to Madame Gravois's, and she will compel you to go to bed and rest.

  11. Ay, and the fragrant bed of yellow jasmine over which she lingered,--Antoinette's favorite flower.

  12. Pa, you must promise me to take down the mahogany bed in your room.

  13. There ain't no whistles hereto get you out of bed at six a.

  14. The chances were so great that my grandfather would be in bed and under the guardianship of my uncle that I forbore, and resolved instead to write it to Captain Daniel at my first opportunity.

  15. The hideous stuffy bed curtains and the more hideous imitation marble mantel were the two objects that held her glance.

  16. The windows at the rear have small panes; the lower sashes are raised; the tops of the hollyhocks and foxgloves in the garden bed may be seen above the window sills, and the apple trees beyond.

  17. With one glance at the bed in which she had slept since childhood, and at the picture over it which had been her mother's, she hurries downstairs.

  18. They reached camp with their game in the middle of the afternoon, and after eating, Jack lay down in the lodge on the bed and went to sleep and did not wake up until after dark.

  19. Jack sat down on his bed and gave himself up to gloomy reflections.

  20. His long rest in the afternoon had made him wakeful, and though he turned from side to side on his soft bed of robes, sleep would not come to him.

  21. We threw ourselves on the bed and assumed a hundred different positions.

  22. I then knelt down by the side of the bed and tenderly kissed the theater of her pleasures.

  23. I suddenly threw off all the covering of the bed and by the aid of the candle examined all her charms.

  24. The bed creaked with our motions, but I paid no attention to it and drove into her delicious body with all my might--she returning heave for heave.

  25. For a lovely girl reclined on the bed with nothing but her chemise on, but still having her breasts and the lower portion of her body bare.

  26. Lie down with your belly on the bed that I may admire and manipulate your beauties; that's right, darling.

  27. I was undressed first, and having put on my nightgown, I sat down on the side of the bed and watched Laura disrobing herself.

  28. Darling Kate," said he, as we reached the door, "leave the door of your bed chamber open tonight.

  29. But come, darling, take me into your bed chamber, and we will talk the matter over.

  30. This time I seated myself on the bed and drew her, naked as she was onto my knees.

  31. I was so excited by what I had seen that, regardless of consequences, I rushed into my cousin's bed chamber.

  32. She now placed herself on the edge of the bed in a half reclined position.

  33. One night, about a week after she had been an inmate of our house, when we retired to our chamber, instead of undressing as usual, Florence seated herself on the side of the bed and watched me in the process of disrobing.

  34. A bed by night, a chest of drawers by day.

  35. I growled, sitting suddenly bolt upright in the bed and gazing at him with the most rueful countenance.

  36. With all my senses painfully alert I wriggled off my bed and went on hands and knees, dressed only in my trousers and shirt, to the door of my outer office.

  37. The wealth known to be in the bed of the lake is enormous, and some of the gems and gold ornaments recovered are already in London.

  38. When Maggie entered her friend's room she saw, to her surprise, that Annabel was lying on her bed with flushed cheeks.

  39. After posting her letter she lay down on her own sick bed and nearly died of the fever which had taken Annabel away.

  40. Some ashes fell from the expiring fire; Priscilla jumped up in bed with a start.

  41. Katie, darling, I'll make a corner for you in my bed to-night.

  42. Priscilla placed her candle on the chimney-piece, jumped on the bed according to orders and looked earnestly at her three small sisters.

  43. You may help me to get into bed if you like," she said.

  44. Please sit down on your bed and give me the key of your trunk.

  45. The radiator in her room was bubbling gently and she slipped into bed to wait until the room warmed up.

  46. She must go to bed at once and remain there, perfectly quiet, for at least twenty-four hours.

  47. Large boxes were at the foot of each bed and from them they drew the gowns which Roddy had created.

  48. After stretching leisurely, she got out of bed and closed the window.

  49. Janet leaped out of bed for in spite of all of the preparations they had been making through the last week there were a hundred and one small things that remained to be done.

  50. When Janet regained her senses she was lying on a bed in the ranchhouse with Helen, her face expressing her anxiety, bending over her.

  51. The lad was consequently got up to his room without any excitement, and was soon lying on his bed with a sheet thrown lightly over him.

  52. You 'll have no more bed now, Francis," he said quietly.

  53. For a good five minutes you might have thought we were hauling on saddles and drawing up straps and cinches on the bed of a lake that had a terrible undercurrent in it.

  54. And round these posts that serve this bed for feet; This bed where all those tatter'd garments lie, Worn by each sex, and now perforce thrown by!

  55. So I pulled out a mattress and blankets and strewed a bed for her out under the sky, and sat down beside her, watching while she suckled the child.

  56. In that excellent bed died three people of fashion.

  57. Dispersing a bundle of it with my feet, I deposited my poor little one very gently into the warm bed thereby made.

  58. We longed for the luxuries of a bright fire at which to dry our clothes, a warm supper at which to defeat the dismal weather, and a snug bed afterwards.

  59. So discreetly had we ordered the reckoning too, that there would be means enough left to us to furnish us with supper and a bed at some similar unpretentious inn when evening came.

  60. And if I know anything of his Grace, he'll hardly sleep in his bed again until he hath tracked us down.

  61. It was a kind of dry ditch, but the bed of it was so shallow that it could hardly be dignified by the name of ditch at all.

  62. You may believe me, or believe me not, but merely to think of sleeping once again on a bed of feathers, after having passed the best part of the two previous nights and days afoot, was almost a distracting pleasure.

  63. The morning air is the most wholesome and strengthening: even in crowded cities, men might do pretty well with the aid of the morning air; but, how are they to rise early, if they go to bed late?

  64. When people get into the habit of sitting up merely for the purpose of talking, it is no easy matter to break themselves of it: and if they do not go to bed early, they cannot rise early.

  65. When I was not at my business, it was generally my affair to put the child to sleep: sometimes by sitting with it in my arms, and sometimes by lying down on a bed with it, till it fell asleep.

  66. Clothed in a dress of mourning, tattered in several places, the Baroness de Fermont, with her hand supporting her head, leaned against the wretched bed of her child, and regarded her with inexpressible anguish.

  67. There is already a bed in it; we will convey thither all that is necessary for yourself and family to be established there till Lady d'Harville has arranged where to lodge you suitably.

  68. A deal table, a chair, an old trunk without a lock, and a flock bed with coarse sheets and an old woolen covering--such was the furniture.

  69. Curtains of green and gray chintz, bordered with worsted galloon, cut out and arranged by Miss Dimpleton, and placed on slight rods of black iron, draperied the windows; and the bed was covered with a quilt of the same make and material.

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