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Example sentences for "entrench"

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  1. On reaching the objective of the advance these columns would deploy into line, and each unit would entrench itself on the new position.

  2. All troops in the Outpost Line must entrench themselves, if posted as sentries, or in the Piquet or Support positions, and must be ready at any moment to resist a sudden attack.

  3. They had two hundred killed and wounded, the Americans about one hundred and twenty-three.

  4. It was to this exposure and fatigue that Colonel Miller was probably indebted for the severe illness with which he was subsequently attacked.

  5. Some went to offer their services to the Governor; some to barricade their own houses in the town; some to see whether it was yet possible to entrench their plantations.

  6. When the two other legions arrived, the Third[41] commanded by 10 Dillius Aponianus, and the Eighth by Numisius Lupus, Antonius decided to entrench Verona and make a demonstration in force.

  7. At nightfall, with the Po in sight, Spurinna decided to entrench 19 his camp.

  8. Again, it would be dangerous to entrench themselves so close to the lines of the enemy, who might at any minute sally forth and rout them while they were dispersed and digging trenches.

  9. Fight and entrench, entrench and fight; run away when it comes to a pinch, fight while you run; but fight!

  10. Spades were got out, and every man worked like a slave to entrench the whole position.

  11. But we will entrench and defend ourselves till your return.

  12. Calvinists sometimes entrench themselves behind God's foreknowledge as behind a rampart of granite, but it gives in reality no support to their system.

  13. But at last, when, as the result of their maladministration, the Federalists saw their doom approaching, they began to "look out for some department of the government in which they could entrench themselves .

  14. The Chinese entrench themselves near Manila; Luis Perez Dasmarinias marches against them with 130 Spaniards.

  15. The Chinese entrench themselves in the Parian, and resist.

  16. Tagals and Boers have demonstrated that a competitive examination is not necessary to enable fighting-men to entrench themselves.

  17. There he found the enemy much stronger; the British under command of Lieutenant-Colonel Dickson opposed his attacks so strenuously, that his forces had to entrench themselves in anticipation of a prolonged siege.

  18. The British were driven back down the western slope of the ridge, and had to entrench themselves in the valley, losing heavily in the operation.

  19. The 4th Ersatz Division suffered heavily, as it was subjected to constant artillery fire from three sides, and to entrench was hopeless on account of the shifting sands and the high level of the ground water.

  20. The delay during which the French had been permitted to entrench themselves so thoroughly naturally threw the great balance of the loss upon the assailants.

  21. On reaching the Fyzabad road, about half a mile from the iron bridge, Outram placed the 1st Bengal Fusiliers in a mosque, with orders to entrench themselves and hold the post, while he pushed on to the stone bridge about a mile away.

  22. The Franco-Bavarians hurried south to entrench themselves under Augsburg, while Donauwoerth, and with it the passage of the two great rivers and the entry into Bavaria, lay in the possession of Marlborough and his ally.

  23. D'Arco had orders to entrench the hill above the town as rapidly as might be and to defend it from attack; for whoever held the Schellenberg was master of Donauwoerth below.

  24. This was agreed to, and it was also determined to attack the enemy on the 13th April, as it was no use giving them time to entrench themselves more than we could help.

  25. His orders were to entrench himself at Laspur, which was the first village across the pass, and if possible open communications with Mastuj.

  26. Juan José Carrera reached the Membrillar near to the junction of the Diguillin with the Itata early in October, where he was forced to entrench himself.

  27. On the 18th January Las Heras marched with a flying column by Uspallata, with instructions to entrench himself at Chacabuco, but to retreat if attacked by superior forces.

  28. Durantaye is collecting people to entrench himself at Michilimaquina and to occupy the other pass which the English may take by Toronto, the other entrance to lake Huron.

  29. Senores," said Don Gregorio Lopez, "we will entrench the city and defend it block by block against the invaders.

  30. To coerce a tribe like the Mamunds, a mixed brigade might camp at the entrance to the valley, and as at Inayat Kila, entrench itself very strongly.

  31. The general now ordered the battery and sappers to go into the village, but it was so full of burning bhoosa, that this was found to be impossible, and they set to work to entrench themselves outside.

  32. The Allied armies in turn began to entrench opposite the German positions.

  33. Our next move will be to entrench ourselves along a line extending southward from Maldon to the river Crouch, which has already been reconnoitred by our Intelligence Department, and the general positions selected and planned.

  34. Orders were passed that the men should try to entrench themselves as best they could, and spades and other tools were sent forward to those corps who were not provided with them already.

  35. As, however, the enemy still persisted in their attack, the force set to work to entrench themselves.

  36. Captain Uniacke, retiring with a few of the Gordons, saw that there was only one course left: they must entrench for the night.

  37. Borradaile's orders were to force his way across the pass, next day; and entrench himself at Laspur, the first village on the other side.

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