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gossipping; gossips; gossipy; gossoon; gost; gote; goten; goth; gothe; gothique
  1. On the morning of the fourth day we again got under way for the Dardanelles, and arrived there on the 25th of April.

  2. Then I got up and walked up the hatch to the quarter-deck.

  3. We got down at the town station and walked along the main street, looking into all the shops.

  4. We very gladly accepted the invitation, and a little later we all got out of the tram and went to a hotel by the sea.

  5. Next day we still remained in harbour, so the others got their leave after all.

  6. However they got the coaling finished by 2 o’clock and we asked the Commander for leave to go ashore.

  7. Eventually, after going full speed astern for a good five minutes, I got her off, and went alongside the ship.

  8. Then I was conducted down to the boiler-room, where some one stripped off my pyjama trousers (my one remaining garment), and I sat down on a locker before the furnace and soon got a degree of warmth back into my body.

  9. That evening the whole of the convoy mentioned above got under way, and we, together with H.

  10. At half-past seven we cooked some eggs we had brought with us and got our supper ready.

  11. When I was about halfway to the camp I got so tied up with the beastly thing that I fell off, bike and broom on top of me!

  12. All our ships got ready to weigh, and our destroyers and light cruisers went out post haste to drive them off.

  13. Next time she rose one of the bowmen got his leg caught under the reel, and it broke just above the ankle.

  14. Shall I tell you by what sleight I got all this money?

  15. What, Master Ruff, I cry you mercy; The last time I was with you, I got a broken head, And lay in the street all night for want of a bed.

  16. I have got a prey, and that a good one, I trow.

  17. With sundry sports and taunts yesternight I delighted the king, That with his loud laughter the whole court did ring, And I thought he laugh’d not merrier than I, when I got this money.

  18. The tears have got small victory by that, 30 For it was bad enough before their spite.

  19. The one ne'er got me credit, the other mickle blame," etc.

  20. According to Nares, the phrase got this meaning from the fact that the carriers of wood and coals were esteemed the very lowest of menials.

  21. Since the advent of Victor Emmanuel, brigandage, like a good many other institutions of the old regime, has been got rid of.

  22. This got out, and caused infinite merriment.

  23. She made her own soup, she said, and had put up some pretty muslin curtains, and had a tiny bit of a stove, and so got along very nicely.

  24. Now our American friends have somehow got this grip on the public mind; when they speak or sing, the people hear.

  25. I got out to see what was the matter, for I didn't like the look of things, and there we were stuck fast in a snow-drift!

  26. The fowls woke up, and then cried and cackled and crowed, and the poor pup whined and yelped dolefully, but he got no other answer.

  27. So off he set, as fast as his not very strong legs could carry him, and he got down to the shore.

  28. Patrasche watched the milk-cans come and go that one day when he had got well and was lying in the sun with the wreath of marguerites round his tawny neck.

  29. Bertie got up and walked slowly out of the door, keeping his eyes upon her.

  30. How a little hamlet on a Bavarian lake got that Tuscan-sounding name I cannot tell; but Leoni it is.

  31. An under-matron slept in the dormitory, but at the farther end, where everything was quite hushed, and when the slow breathing of the children told that they were all sleeping soundly, Gemma got up in her bed and sat erect.

  32. He is a king among men, for he is a great artist and the world speaks his name; and yet he was only our poor little Nello, who was a beggar, as one may say, and only got his bread by the help of his dog.

  33. Lord, little sir, you’re the first is ever got as much as that out of me!

  34. Maybe when a man's gettin' down to his reckonin' it's needful to show up what he's got at the bottom.

  35. He swings his fist into Helder's face, and he says: "Shoot, if you got a gun.

  36. Tioba got there; and Jim he was a wicked one.

  37. Now, Bob, I take it you've got some cards, else you're putting up a creditable bluff.

  38. I've got more understanding now than I'll have in an hour, maybe.

  39. His wife and six went on the town, And he went off; without a frown Reproaching Providence, went he And got another wife and three, This cheerful man.

  40. Then I got up and took a lantern, and my wife grabs me.

  41. But I got so far as to think if she wasn't a ghost, maybe Jim Hawks would as lief she would be, and if she didn't drive more careful she'd be liable to oblige him that way.

  42. I told Jim that was no place to put a house, on account of Tioba dropping rocks off herself whenever it rained hard and the soil got mushy.

  43. He got his face clawed by a wildcat by being reckless with it; and he ran a deer into Helder's back yard once and shot it, and licked Helder for claiming the deer.

  44. The tall man pulled his legs under him and got up.

  45. You ain't got to the end of your hand yet.

  46. I want the right honorable gentleman to tell us here to-night what he has got by all his wild and vicious lunges against the Irish people.

  47. You could have got as good a result as that without the act.

  48. He got hold of two crimes,--one of the Plan of Campaign, and one of the National League, and how did he establish the connection?

  49. Well, I think, having got so far, I may go farther.

  50. And yet he returned to the same practice within two days, and ceased not till that he obtained his formost purpose, that is, that he had got all his pieces subscryvit alsweill as ane half-roasted hand could do it.

  51. And him whom the Nazarenes of England call the Lion's Heart, assuredly it were better for me to fall into the hands of a strong lion of Idumea than into his, if he shall have got assurance of my dealing with his brother.

  52. In the name of Saint Nicholas, whom hast thou got here?

  53. Front-de-Boeuf would have replied, but Prince John's petulance and levity got the start.

  54. I dare be sworn we lost not a minute by the way, when we had got our herd together, which Fangs did not manage until we heard the vesper-bell.

  55. I got that at Gettysburg in the second day's fight," he would explain, complacently.

  56. It was a long walk, and he had to stop more than once to rest, but he got to the top at last.

  57. But when I've got to descend to that sort of thing, I'll go to the variety stage or circus ring at once--or quit.

  58. She got employment in a photograph gallery, where she made herself useful by being ornamental, sitting behind a desk in the anteroom.

  59. As I got to know more of the pair, I divined the secret.

  60. The woman got into all sorts of trouble because she wrote me such letters as you have written Bridges, and brought to an early end a life that might have been very happy and youthful.

  61. All I've got to do is to signify my assent in a single line, which I'm going to write and send by messenger as soon as I get out of here.

  62. Suddenly I heard the sound of a banjo, coming from an up-stairs window, playing a certain tune I've got somewhat attached to.

  63. It seems strange the thing never got into the newspapers.

  64. I got the banjo-player to strum the piece over again, and I bought drinks for the crowd.

  65. I got here after the first act, and spent all the second act looking around for you.

  66. Never make an appointment with a man you do not know, especially a young and vain actor who has once got the worst of it in a divorce suit.

  67. Well, all I got to say is, let him keep his hands off my boy Tobe, or he'll find out the kind of a tough customer I am.

  68. He's got the crow part of that thing in his throat," Carey persisted in an anxious whisper.

  69. Her father got to his feet, stood looking after her a moment with something very tender coming into his eyes, then took a step toward her and gathered her into his arms.

  70. Said he'd got to see you, and if you haven't seen him yet you're sure to before he goes to-morrow night.

  71. I've got to tell somebody, and there's nobody but you--you perfect woman.

  72. I'll run down and see," proposed Lockwood instantly, and was suiting the action to the word when Cathcart got off ahead of him.

  73. We've got to go shopping again," Anthony informed them.

  74. I can see that you have got to be suppressed," he said, with a hand on Stevens's collar.

  75. I said I was ve fire chief, and I'se got to be ve fire chief," he reiterated.

  76. Somehow, I got the impression she lived with you.

  77. Yes; if that's what you're paying for you've got it, I admit.

  78. I've been intending to come out here ever since he was married--and might not have done it for another six months if I hadn't got started.

  79. He's got that rooster in his throat," he said solemnly.

  80. I've got her," said the doctor, looking from Juliet to Rachel, who stood at his side.

  81. Before we have got very far we are brought up short by an immense hole or funnel, cut clean-lipped from the short turf, and just the shape of one of those paper twists shop-keepers make for sweets.

  82. The marvel is how the boats are ever got up and down such a place, and that marvel confronts one everywhere in Cornwall.

  83. From one ounce of such as were of a middling strength I got one dram and an half; and the most violent yielded me two drams and ten grains.

  84. Put the covers again in their places, and proceed in the same manner as before; when the vessels are cold you will find half as many more flowers as you got the first time.

  85. Unvitrifiable Earths seem to be porous, for they imbibe Water; whence they have also got the name of Absorbent Earths.

  86. Cut off the black part of the cylinder, and keep it apart: for when you have got a quantity thereof, you may melt it over again in the same manner, and separate the clean Phosphorus which it still contains.

  87. Let what remains in the bag be distilled in a retort set in a reverberating furnace: it will give you the same principles as you got from the Whites.

  88. I got the butter, took it home, and, without waiting for breakfast ran to the office of the congressman for our district.

  89. I took to these as I took to milk, and, without the least idea what I was doing, got the taste for simple words into the very fibre of my nature.

  90. That he has got the control of his lower instincts, so that they are only fuel to his higher feelings, giving force to his nature?

  91. When asked how he got through so much work, Lord Chesterfield replied: "Because I never put off till morrow what I can do to-day.

  92. I am informed also of several careless mistakes which have got into my description of the fresco of the Sciences; and finally, another of my young helpers, Mr. Charles F.

  93. But in the careful bunches of grass and weeds you will see what the fresco foregrounds were before they got spoiled; and there are some things he can understand already, even about that Agony, thinking of it in his own fixed way.

  94. Golden tracery on border of dress lost; extremity of falling folds from left sleeve altered and confused, but the confusion prettily got out of.

  95. Then, when you have got so much true knowledge as is worth fighting for, you are bound to fight for it.

  96. Clorinda got her bonnet and tied it on her head with an indignant jerk.

  97. Because I've got to go to Pittsburg, and flounder about in coal mines, and the Lord knows what.

  98. If ye hain't got no more larnin' dan dat, I'd better find somebody else!

  99. I haven't got the value of a hair bracelet all my own--that's another secret.

  100. They got through the day rather quietly, and Elsie did not have a single relapse of her nervous tremors.

  101. He got up again, dressed himself and sat down by the open window, looking out into the darkness.

  102. After all that, you baffled me and got on shore; the fiends must have guided that pilot boat.

  103. When I got to de house, what do you tink?

  104. That isn't much of a bow you've got there," said Apollo.

  105. Now once upon a time Silenus got very drunk indeed--more drunk even than usual.

  106. You will never be able to guess how the secret got abroad without being told.

  107. It is true he had all sorts of treasures got from shipwrecks; but what is the good of gold and jewels at the bottom of the sea?

  108. He got a ladder (which turned into gold in his hands) and touched every brick and stone in his palace, till his whole palace was gold.

  109. She did not, however, pay any particular heed; indeed, she must by that time have got used to all sorts of queer fancies.

  110. And this time they got the help of the Giants, who were more terrible even than the Titans.

  111. Fifthly, when he had got a sufficient number of birds, he plucked out and sorted their wing-feathers.

  112. And presently the bones of Cacus the Robber were added to the heap, and Hercules, having got his cattle back, at last reached Mycenae.

  113. Sisyphus had to carry up to the top of a high and steep hill a huge stone, which, as soon as he got it up, instantly rolled to the bottom again, so that his labor had no end.

  114. But she kept her word somehow, and Tithonus got leave to live forever.

  115. He got as far as Italy without the loss of a single sheep or cow, and was thinking that he saw the end of his trouble.

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