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  1. A noble Goth named Sacarus was the governor,—a man of consummate wisdom, patriotism, and valor.

  2. Roderick the Goth is an usurper, and my deadly foe; he has wounded my honor in the tenderest point, and my country affords me no redress.

  3. But thou art not an inche the nerre, But ever abydest in sorwe and werre, As in thy face it is sene; It makith thee bothe pale and lene; Thy might, thy vertu goth away.

  4. I wol not selling clepe yeving, For selling axeth no guerdoning; Here lyth no thank, ne no meryte, That oon goth from that other al quyte.

  5. But now they shal no lenger be Unclosid; and yit I drede sore, 3925 I shal repente ferthermore, For the game goth al amis.

  6. He seide, 'Now goth wel thyn affaire, 3455 He shal to thee be debonaire.

  7. We see that no man loveth now 5805 But for winning and for prow; And love is thralled in servage Whan it is sold for avauntage; Yit wommen wol hir bodies selle; Suche soules goth to the devel of helle.

  8. Myn herte for ire goth a-fere, That I lete any entre here.

  9. Gods and goddesses the Greek carved because he loved them; saint and king the Goth because he believed in them.

  10. Let the Greek carve his lions and the Goth his dragons: buffalo and wild deer are the animals for you.

  11. The Suevian kept his ground for a far longer time; we may, if we please, look on him as the Teutonic forefather of Leon, while we look on the Goth as the Teutonic forefather of Castile.

  12. Aurelian made the Danube once more the Roman frontier; beyond it the Goth might dwell till his day came to march at will through the three great peninsulas and at last to find himself a throne in the most western.

  13. Spain supplied a more hopeful field; the position of the country hindered later Teutonic settlements; but the Saracen conqueror came before West-Goth and Roman had been thoroughly fused into one people.

  14. Theodoric could keep the whole fabric of Roman life untouched, with the Goth standing by as an armed protector.

  15. In the highest teaching of all, Roman and Goth had to become the disciples of the Jew, but of the Jew speaking only by the mouth of a Greek interpreter.

  16. Other Teutonic settlers had begun to establish themselves as abiding dwellers on Roman soil, and the Goth was presently to follow in their steps.

  17. The Senate, after ages of utter nullity, actually did act again as an independent body when the Goth was at the gates of Rome and the Emperor was far away at Ravenna.

  18. The work could not have been done if the lands into which the Goth and the Burgundian entered had been still Iberian and Celtic instead of Roman.

  19. All men knew how the fearful foe hated and ruined the Goth folk.

  20. The Jews thus escaped into the wild regions of the Goth and Vandal, and got rich among the Poles and the Russians.

  21. The vanquished Goth retreated before the warlike and encroaching Saracen, and the crescent standard fluttered amongst the mountains of northern Spain.

  22. This same Moneday goth my Lord Chaunceller and my Lord of Buk[161.

  23. Lord Moleyns offreth a trete for the goodes, and amendes to be made, or he goth ought of this contre, and if it be not taken, his men shulle justifie; wherupon your title might be hurte.

  24. He is nowth nw under arest, he hath payd hys feys, and goth at large; he was arestyd att Sparham, of on of Knatysales men.

  25. Totila the Goth besieged and destroyed the town, and Charlemagne restored it two hundred and fifty years later.

  26. Before the Moors, King Roderick the Goth sat on his throne in the strongly fortified town, and thither came Tarik and his hordes, coveting the rich capital.

  27. San Zeno Maggiore has a beautiful façade, with Theodoric the Goth as one of the carvings, and a doorway of noble decorations.

  28. Roderick the Goth was defeated by Tarik in 711, on the Guadelete River, and the valiant Mughith, one of Tarik's commanders, was sent to Cordova with a force of horsemen.

  29. Theophilus the Goth might tell them the modest beginnings of Teutonic Christianity among his countrymen of the Crimean undercliff.

  30. Besides his great services to the Empire in his own time, he gave the civilization of later days a new centre on the Bosphorus, beyond the reach of Goth or Vandal.

  31. Now when the 163 Goth had established his kingdom in Gaul, he began to grieve for the plight of the Spaniards and planned to save them from the attacks of the Vandals.

  32. We were examining it and objurgating the ubiquitous Goth who has mutilated several of the finest figures, when the custodian, standing a little apart from us, sounded three notes in a sonorous baritone.

  33. Here the clash of arms does echo through the verse, and the rapid narrative conveys a vivid sense of the heat and clamour of battle:-- Ther stomblen stedes stronge, and doun goth all.

  34. He claimed from him the fulfilment of the fourth promise Bertrand de Goth had made in order to become pope, which was the condemnation of Boniface VIII.

  35. They declared that it was entirely contrary to the maxims of Theodoric that a young Goth should be trembling before the strap of a pedagogue when he ought to be learning to look unfalteringly on spear and sword.

  36. I am not sure that he is right in stating that Tuitio against a Goth would necessarily be given by means of a Sajo, though evidently this was often the rank of the officer employed.

  37. But by his doing so, the general principle, that in purely Roman causes a Goth is not to interfere, seems to be infringed, and therefore he receives this sharp reprimand to prevent his doing it again.

  38. For a time, at least, I ask you to shield this little maid, who is more precious to me than all the old Goth realm.

  39. Look to the South,--that same pagan horde, winners and still fast holders of nine parts of the Christian Goth realm.

  40. If he scents forest-war, he will not stir out of his mark for all the Saracens in the old Goth realm.

  41. He will leave men to hold the burgs of our allies in the northeast quarter of the old Goth realm, thus hedging in Septimania from counter-attack.

  42. The heraudes lefte hir priking up and doun; Now ringen trompes loude and clarioun; There is namore to seyn, but west and est In goon the speres ful sadly in arest; In goth the sharpe spore in-to the syde.

  43. He took his tabard and his staf eke, And on his heed he set his hat; 10 And sayde, he wolde saynt Thomas seke, On pilgrimage he goth forth plat.

  44. As sone as love beginneth to remewe, Al plesaunce goth anon, in litel space; For my party, al that shal I eschewe, Whyls that the soule abydeth in his place.

  45. Thus goth he begyled of that he sought; in his hode men have blowe a jape.

  46. Fortunes wheel goth round aboute A thousand tymes, day and night: Whos cours standeth ever in doute For to transmew; she is so light.

  47. The shock came, and, probably to his own surprise, the Goth found that his stout lance and good steed would carry him through the serried ranks of the legion.

  48. In the days of Honorius, however, the Goth became the terror of Italy, as he had previously been of the Balkan peninsula.

  49. Finally, weak from loss of blood, the gallant Goth gave a last blow and fell prostrate.

  50. Forgive me and have my thanks, for surely I also know why the Goth loveth death.

  51. Before we armed ourselves for a new war with misery, as free men, true to the ancient law, we determined to choose thee a wife, for in his own body should the King taste why the Goth loveth death.

  52. When hit cometh in my thoht Of this worldes joie, how hit goth al to noht.

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