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Example sentences for "foe"

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  1. She had stood with the other powers so long against a common foe that she continued to stand with them now in undoing, as far as might be, the work which the disturbing and renovating conqueror had wrought in the kingdoms which he had overrun.

  2. Defeat, if that be a defeat, which forces your foe to adopt your own principles in order to win, only proved Lord Ashley's superior fitness for the leadership of the cause.

  3. After a brief halt there, they traversed the bridge before that place and advanced confidently forward in the expectation of encountering little resistance from a foe so much their inferior.

  4. At length, Nemours, after remaining some days, and finding there was no chance of decoying his wily foe from his defences, broke up his camp and retired, satisfied with the empty honors of his gasconade.

  5. This suited his cautious temper far better than pressing a desperate foe to extremity.

  6. It means escape from a man or dog, a fox or a bird of prey, but it means sudden death if the foe is a ferret, mink, skunk, or weasel.

  7. At another time, when the weather was fine and the bluejays were quarrelling among themselves, a sure sign that no dangerous foe was about, Rag began a new study.

  8. The wild-wood creature with its deadly foe following tireless on the trail scent, realizes its nearing doom and feels an awful spell.

  9. No human doctor could have hit it better; it proved a biting, drastic purge, the dreadful secret foe was downed, the danger passed.

  10. Thrice around the Swamp they went till Rag had made sure that his mother was hidden safely and that his hated foe was in his usual nest.

  11. I had been sitting in plain view only ten feet away, but I had the wind and kept still and the fox never knew that his life had for twenty minutes been in the power of the foe he most feared.

  12. Calli had reached his prostrate foe and was standing over him with battle-axe uplifted to deal the blow of death.

  13. When within fifty feet of the ground the hawk suddenly spread its wings and stood motionless in mid air, watching its vanquished foe as it fell to a spot within ten yards of where we stood.

  14. Against the open attack of a brave foe we felt that we could make a good defence.

  15. The real foe of a man is in his own heart, and the foe of an army is in its own camp--disease takes more prisoners than the enemy.

  16. No man was ever more thoroughly denounced than Schopenhauer, but even his most rabid foe never accused him of buying his way into popular favor, or bribing the judges who sit on the bookcase.

  17. Quoth he, "I am thy foe and it was my purpose to kill thee.

  18. But if ever I return To see my native country and my wife And my tall spacious mansion, may some foe Strike off my head if with these hands I fail To break my bow in pieces, casting it Into the flames, a useless weapon now.

  19. Sometimes they used huge stones which the heroes hurled at the foe with the full strength of their powerful arms.

  20. Would that my frame were unworn with years," he exclaimed, "then Hector should soon find a foe to meet him; but now among the bravest of the Achaians there is no one to meet the Trojan leader in arms.

  21. In the meantime all was quiet across the way, and our guns had been silent ever since the elusive foe roared out of range.

  22. It is not difficult to be charitable with those who have seen so much and suffered so greatly, when they for the moment use the only weapon their foe seems to value and to fear.

  23. In general attacks, where gas is extensively used, both sides are compelled to fight in masks; the attacking foe must enter territory he has previously drenched with his poison.

  24. Have you considered that Benjamin, the most implacable and most powerful hater among the Jacobites, will pursue you as his mortal foe with all the fearful means at his command?

  25. The foe to whom he yielded more readily and paid much greater honor than became him as a Christian!

  26. Paula's appearance had a powerful effect, too, and not less the circumstance that their noblest and bravest foe had been the father of the accused.

  27. And that one can only be she whom I have so deeply injured, whom I fought with as frantic, relentless, and cruel weapons as ever I used against a foe of my own sex.

  28. Only a noble soul could confidently expect magnanimity from a foe and he, he had put himself defenceless into the power of her who had been mortally stricken by the most fateful, and perhaps the only disgraceful act of his life.

  29. Footnote 45: Formed by the soldiers placing their shields and bucklers together in such a manner, as to present to the projectiles of a foe a compact circular wall and roof of iron.

  30. The latter cared not to disturb the king with a report of this discovery, which might perhaps draw upon himself a reprimand for having allowed so dangerous a foe to find his way into the fortress.

  31. Believe me, your grace, that even my bitterest foe shall have justice!

  32. I am of noble birth, and die not as a traitor, but as a patriot and the foe of tyrants.

  33. Our deadly foe sat to-day by the rudder, and you knew him not; to-morrow he sits at the helm of the state, and will know you.

  34. Marsk Stig Andersen is the author of this horrid deed: and even he is not perjured, for he has fearfully performed what he promised: but henceforth he is the deadly foe of every honest Dane.

  35. This may seem strange, but they had sense enough to know (as the reader may guess), that the first demonstration of hostility would bring a shower of arrows from an unseen foe upon them.

  36. No watch was kept; who could dread a foe at such a time and season?

  37. Hubert was not generous enough to pray for the pardon of his foe (as in any book about good boys he would have done).

  38. And above, the clouds in emulous sport hurried over the skies, as if a foe were chasing them, in the shape of a southwestern blast.

  39. It was strange that, in those fighting days, a man should feel the death of a foe so keenly, and Sir Roger had slain many in fair fight.

  40. The dead lay in front of the German trenches, and the foe carried some of them to the graveyard at Fromelles and buried them.

  41. It seemed of good augury to our foe that the enemy should have been forced to make a change in command.

  42. At last, driven to desperation by the refusal of the inscrutable, invisible foe to emerge from the obscurity where he lurked, Rojestvensky set the signal to advance.

  43. Rocks were hurled from the castle, and many spears were thrown, But the foe it hurt but little, and his daring lessened none.

  44. Now against King Hettel the king of Moorland rode: Well might one believe it, his former warlike mood Was but a slight beginning; he soon a foe was meeting Who many of his kinsmen with deep and deadly wounds of late was greeting.

  45. Then came a fencing-master, and began his craft to show To Wa-te, the daring fighter; in him he found a foe Who fear for his life soon gave him.

  46. They yet would see much sorrow, when they erelong their Hegeling foe were braving.

  47. To her and all her kindred henceforth am I a bitter foe forever.

  48. The foe will surely slay you, if to leave the castle-walls you now be daring.

  49. Fast the light was waning, Not yet the moon was risen, and the Hegeling foe the field were nowhere gaining.

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