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Example sentences for "antagonist"

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antacid; antae; antagonise; antagonism; antagonisms; antagonistic; antagonistical; antagonists; antagonize; antagonized
  1. Every time he had partially risen to his feet, and before he could quite recover them, his antagonist rushed upon him, and butted him back upon his side.

  2. A terrible antagonist it appeared, and for a moment the secretary seemed to think so, as he stood on the ground confronting it.

  3. The elephant, although much the larger, knew his antagonist well.

  4. He understood well that he should find no great difficulty in fighting against the latter, if with his aid he could first overcome his adversaries, but that Antony would be a powerful antagonist on any subsequent occasion.

  5. The battle was an even one for a long time and neither antagonist could get the upper hand, but the outcome of it was finally like this.

  6. Having licence from Henry to appoint a substitute, he selected his old antagonist the Archbishop of Dublin to act as Lord Justice in his absence.

  7. Kildare sent his old antagonist the Archbishop of Dublin to Court, who performed his mission so well that the King professed himself quite satisfied, and soon afterwards made his Deputy a Knight of the Garter.

  8. I paid a visit to the dead body of my antagonist of the preceding day.

  9. Finding that I did not venture to strike the first blow, my antagonist called me a coward.

  10. But Sweyn, hearing that his antagonist had gone into such a trap, hastily gathered what forces he could command and laid to at Hals, where the fjord is so narrow that a few ships could easily engage a much superior number.

  11. This was not a fearful foe seeking for mercy, but a daring antagonist as ready to fight as to yield.

  12. At length the Moor, thinking his antagonist exhausted, rushed in and grappled with him, using all his force to fling him from his horse.

  13. Maddened by the pain of the wound, Sotomayor leaped furiously on his antagonist and grasped him in his arms, both rolling on the ground together.

  14. Magued had never met so able an antagonist before, nor Pelistes encountered so skilfully wielded a blade.

  15. It is by means of the bony pieces just mentioned that the organs in question are opened and shut[1794] under the action of the antagonist muscles.

  16. The antagonist organs to the mandible in the lower side of the head, are the under-jaws, or maxillae--so denominated by the illustrious Entomologist of Kiel.

  17. Its antagonist above is usually the dorsolum.

  18. He, too, enjoyed a triumph, though of an altogether different kind from the one his antagonist was at the same time celebrating in the midst of his noisy admirers.

  19. One circumstance, however, must not be forgotten, that the Berlin Society of Reform had an antagonist in its vicinity.

  20. Wheresoever there are reciprocal rights, for one of the two antagonist interests to combine in defence of their own, presupposes in very many cases an unfair disturbance of the legal equilibrium.

  21. It was in reference to this that he had his famous quarrel with Brougham, who, by the bye, was for many years the pitted antagonist of Canning.

  22. He could excoriate an antagonist with invective, or roast him alive before a slow fire of sarcasm.

  23. Cooper defended himself with great ability, proving no unworthy antagonist for Sir William Follett.

  24. The successful duelist saw his antagonist stretched on the grass at his feet, gasping in death.

  25. In such cases he was the most mild, bland, and humble antagonist that a debtor could look for.

  26. Footnote 18: This was the celebrated Henry Flood, the antagonist of Grattan—certainly the ablest statesman of his day.

  27. He was a clever man, and Lincoln remembered him long after as the most formidable antagonist he ever met in debate.

  28. However, she was no match for her antagonist and was borne from her saddle by the fierce lance of her enemy.

  29. Secondly, any knight proposing to combat might, if he pleased, select a special antagonist from among the challengers, by touching his shield.

  30. Before he could change weapons she had mounted her horse and was galloping wildly toward the fort with her late antagonist in full pursuit.

  31. Lowborough, whose antagonist had now got him round the waist and was endeavouring to root him from the door-post, to which he madly clung with all the energy of desperation.

  32. He lost; and while his antagonist smilingly swept away the stakes, he turned chalky white, drew back in silence, and wiped his forehead.

  33. The antagonist that appeared, is styled by him "a serving man turned solicitor.

  34. Then it ended suddenly, for Festing got his left arm free as he forced his antagonist towards the open door.

  35. His antagonist had got the worst of it, and there was a satisfactory explanation of their quarrel.

  36. For all that, he meant to discover who his antagonist was.

  37. The main thing is to disable one's antagonist as quickly as possible, and Festing knew that Wilkinson would not be scrupulous.

  38. It was a foul blow, but there are few rules to hamper men who fight in a Western construction camp, and Charnock thought his antagonist meant to use a stove-iron that lay close by.

  39. Her antagonist had struck her a treacherous blow; he was dangerous, and must be downed.

  40. The Italian heated, his eyes and face swollen with excitement and passion, while his antagonist was as calm and unmoved in temper, as though he were fencing with the foils, and only for pleasure.

  41. Carlton had disrobed himself of coat and vest, and now stood before his antagonist clothed only in his lower garments and linen.

  42. After a severe struggle, Kenton triumphed, and left his antagonist upon the ground, apparently in the agonies of death.

  43. Morgan again fled; but his surviving antagonist gained rapidly upon him, and at length raised his gun to fire.

  44. Spirit is the appointed antagonist of the flesh.

  45. There is jealousy where one's antagonist is a rival, whose success is felt as a wrong to oneself.

  46. In a word, Christ's Spirit is the absolute antagonist and the sure vanquisher of our sinful human flesh.

  47. Being the antagonist of sin, grace comes of necessity into contrast with the law.

  48. Here then reason appears as the love of God; and its antagonist is the attachment to individuals wherever it exists in diminution of, or in competition with, the love which is reason.

  49. The result is, that the reason is super-finite; and in this relation, its antagonist is the insubordinate understanding, or mind of the flesh.

  50. Reason is supersensual, and its antagonist is appetite, and the objects of appetite the lust of the flesh.

  51. Reason is super-sensuous, and here its antagonist is the lust of the eye.

  52. If his antagonist makes a false move, the Turk knocks with his right hand on the table in anger, shakes his head, and expresses his indignation by a sound.

  53. As soon as one boy was down, his antagonist ceased to strike, and his second helped him up.

  54. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "antagonist" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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