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  1. It is a poor ambition for the possessor of suddenly acquired wealth to have it appropriated as a feeder of the impaired fortunes of a deteriorated household, with a family record of which its representatives are unworthy.

  2. An experienced feeder can usually tell by the eagerness of the fowls for their food whether to increase or diminish the quantity; but the most expert poultry keeper does not rely upon this kind of observation alone.

  3. He will learn to expect only kindness from his feeder and trainer.

  4. Feeder lines and branches connected to it, but there was little early construction in the marshy areas near the Danube River, and only one bridge, at Cernavoda, crossed it.

  5. The sand is pure white and small-grained, with fragments of hornblende and mica, the latter varying in abundance as a feeder is near or far away.

  6. A few of the Bhotan coolies having voluntarily returned, I left Tonglo on the 5th, and descended its west flank to the Mai, a feeder of the Myong.

  7. Or if we ask how our ruffed grouse survives and prospers in a climate where its cousin the quail perishes, we learn that it eats the buds of certain trees, while the quail is a ground-feeder and is often cut off by a deep fall of snow.

  8. The active trade on this part of the Pennsylvania and Ohio canal will insure its preservation, and as it is an important feeder (supplying water and trade) to the Ohio canal, the State will undoubtedly take possession of it.

  9. Insects are a large part of its food, but it takes seeds and nuts from a station quite readily, and is quick to scold if your feeder is empty.

  10. It responds to human encouragement, and by hanging a constant supply of suet this black-capped visitor can be made a regular feeder in suburban gardens or city yards.

  11. A circumstance not a little remarkable in so very nice a feeder is, that in some cases the mother moth will deposit her eggs upon trees not of indigenous growth, and not even of the same genus with her usual favourites.

  12. As a feeder it may be called omnivorous, so extensive is its dietary.

  13. The Gadwall is a surface feeder and not a diving duck.

  14. The dust flew, the whip cracked, and the men working swiftly to get the sheaves to the feeder or to take the straw away from the tail-end of the machine, were like warriors, urged to desperate action by battle cries.

  15. The straw-pile mountain high, the pitchers in the chaff, the feeder on his platform, and especially the driver on his power, seemed almost superhuman to my childish eyes.

  16. That was no reason why he should be deaf; but he must have been, he thought, for by and by he heard Mr. Feeder calling in his ear, and gently shaking him to rouse his attention.

  17. Mr. Toots and Mr. Feeder were the next arrivals.

  18. I was a feeder of birds, and I was suddenly made a feeder of men; I was a patron of players, and a follower of hounds, and I became a shepherd over many souls.

  19. An additional illustration, appealing to the eye, is presented in the following sketch, in which the comparative masses of copper of the tree and feeder systems for carrying the same current are shown side by side: XII.

  20. Current was supplied to the road by underground feeder cables from the dynamo-room of the laboratory.

  21. The Feeder and Three-wire systems are at this day used in all parts of the world, not only in central-station work, but in the installation and operation of isolated electric-light plants in large buildings.

  22. Footnote 11: For description of feeder patent see Appendix.

  23. With these models were shown two cubes which represented one one-hundredth of the actual quantity of copper required for each quarter of the district by the two-wire tree system as compared with the feeder system under like conditions.

  24. The feeder connections were all at the front of the building, and the general voltage control apparatus was on the floor above.

  25. His next development was the radical advancement of the state of the art to the feeder system, covered by the patent now under discussion.

  26. If, however, there be more than one feeder circuit, each must be wired through a double pole switch.

  27. The compensating winding on the control magnet, which opposes the pressure winding is connected across an adjustable shunt in the principal feeder circuit.

  28. As many feeder circuits may be connected to the bus bars and supplied with current by the alternator as the capacity of this machine will permit.

  29. Should the load on the rotary converter become greater than that on the generator, the regulator contacts operate in the reverse direction and the feeder regulator is caused to buck the rotary voltage.

  30. Owing to the varying loads on a railway system, due to the frequent starting and stopping of cars, the feeder current varies between zero and some such value as 150 amperes.

  31. The indicating and control apparatus for a feeder circuit is assembled on a panel called the feeder panel.

  32. The bus capacity for any feeder panel need not exceed the maximum for the generator panels (see A.

  33. The St. Lawrence, owing to the vast extent of the lakes which serve as a reservoir and feeder to it, always preserves the same level, the extreme range of its rise and fall being only about 20 inches.

  34. I believe that there are good grounds for the suspicion that the ice cream parlor, kept by the foreigner in the large country town, is often a recruiting station, and a feeder for the "white slave" traffic.

  35. Mr. Sims states that he believes the ice cream parlor even in the large country town is often a recruiting station and feeder for the white slave traffic.

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