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Example sentences for "gourmet"

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gourd; gourdful; gourds; gourmand; gourmands; gourmets; gous; gout; goute; gouts
  1. A highly sociable woman who loves to attend cocktail parties and make new acquaintances, Fontaine is also a gourmet cook.

  2. Here is a luncheon menu prepared for a motor party from Trouville, a menu not too long, but calculated to call up to the gourmet who has lunched in the Salle des Marmousets memories of past delights.

  3. Your true gourmet has with much effort and at considerable cost trained his palate to an appreciation of subtle distinctions, of vague, elusive flavours.

  4. While serving me, the old chap spoke into my ear with the air of someone who knew about gourmet things: --You are very lucky, to be able to have these!

  5. L'Estrange was full of such stories, and he relished their historical flavour as a gourmet an unusually successful piece of cooking.

  6. Before leaving the subject of Marseilles and its cookery and restaurants, let me record the verdict of a true gourmet and Englishman who always lives the winter through in Marseilles.

  7. The vrai gourmet will appreciate les plats les plus raffinés on which Adolph prides himself.

  8. The other restaurants would not appeal to a gourmet but, for a change, some of them are well worth visiting according to the season.

  9. Cannes Cannes is the first important town of the Riviera that the gourmet flying south comes to, and at Cannes he will find a typical Riviera restaurant.

  10. The kitchen is not merely Italian, it is wholly Tuscan, and the Tuscan kitchen in skilful hands appears to content both the gourmet and the gourmand.

  11. Affairs once brought a distinguished English gourmet on a brief visit to Leghorn, and accident (for its fame had not preceded him) took him to the Giappone.

  12. Indeed, if any gourmet has a penchant for shrimps and asses' milk, Berk would be his paradise.

  13. Prunier's is the house at which the travelling gourmet generally tastes his first snails, the great Burgundian ones with striped shells, or the little gray fellows from the champagne vineyards.

  14. The fowls and figs of Tuscany, the white truffles of Piedmont, the artichokes of Rome, the walnuts and grapes of Sorrento, might well stir a gourmet to poetic flights.

  15. A gourmet of my acquaintance thus describes a typical breakfast at the Quadri.

  16. When any gourmet came to his restaurant, he would ask him whether he came from the north or the south.

  17. Cherbourg This calling-place for Atlantic steamers is a very likely place for the earnest gourmet to find himself stranded in for a day, and I regret that there is no gastronomic find to report there.

  18. Probably, however, the gourmet will find things more to his taste at the Grand Hôtel de l'Europe, where M.

  19. You're part of a gourmet club, and you want your recipe to be at least as good as Linda's?

  20. Vertical roasters are available in major department stores as well as in quality gourmet cookware shops.

  21. It's not a gourmet item, but it's something a young cook can really enjoy making and showing off.

  22. The dog beneath the vivisector's knife, the overdriven brute, the creature tortured for an hour that a gourmet may enjoy an instant's pleasure; they cried to me.

  23. I was always rather a gourmet than a gourmand where women were concerned.

  24. The selfish gourmet (which gourmet is not selfish?

  25. It is unthinkable for any gourmet to incorporate these with the rich dressing.

  26. Some time is necessary for any gourmet [Footnote: Any gentleman or lady, who may please, is at perfect liberty to translate the word gourmet into any other tongue.

  27. Napoleon the Great so fully recognized the social value of keeping a good table that, although no gourmet himself, he wished all his chief functionaries to be so.

  28. Addison describes with details one of these establishments kept up by the Capuchins at Fribourg in Switzerland, in imitation of the ingenious Roman gourmet we have named.

  29. Those who have studied the classics will remember the passionate love with which the Roman gourmet regarded these fishes.

  30. There the pitiless gourmet powders it over with the most pungent pepper, squeezes over the wounded and still bleeding body the abomination of its race in the shape of citric acid or vinegar, and then, alas!

  31. This is a very favourite dish in Lyons and Paris, both amongst the gourmet and the gourmand.

  32. The Ordnance-house was his place of business and mess-room; but now and then the warrior gourmet elevated the gastronomic art to the highest pitch by giving small parties on the summit or pinnacle of the rocky mountain.

  33. The gourmet is the Epicurean dilettante, who eats scientifically and with all his organs--ears, of course, included.

  34. Horace is enthusiastic about them; he notes the people who first provided him with them, and the name of the gourmet who at the first bite(37) was able to tell whence the particular breed came.

  35. The etymology of gourmet is obscure; it may be ultimately connected with the English "groom" (q.

  36. The gourmet tasted it, cried out "macari!

  37. A famous Italian gourmet constantly desired new dishes to please his taste, and one day his chef carried to him something that was unusual.

  38. The dwarf "Scotch" kales, blue or green, sold by many American seed companies are less vigorous types that don't produce nearly as many gourmet little leaves.

  39. Varieties: If you use parsley for greens, variety is not critical, though the gourmet may note slight differences in flavor or amount of leaf curl.

  40. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "gourmet" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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