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Example sentences for "expert"

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experimenters; experimenting; experiments; experimentum; expers; experte; expertise; expertly; expertness; experto
  1. An expert swimmer, she knew the way to hold his shoulders and leave his arms unimpeded.

  2. And, assisting her, there is a boy, himself not yet an expert at walking.

  3. Lieutenant Commander Jakob von Liegnitz sat in the officers' wardroom of the Brainchild and shuffled a deck of cards with expert fingers.

  4. The walls were lined with bins, all unlabeled, filled helter-skelter with every imaginable kind of gadget, most of which would have been hard to recognize unless you were both an expert and a historian.

  5. Of course the ferrets grew into the most expert of rabbit-hunters, and they have retained this ability to the present day.

  6. There the seruaunt began to play the Vpholster, and to make 2 little beds of mosse, whose spindle and wheele were of wood, so well pollished and trimmed, as if he had bin a carpenter wel expert in that Science.

  7. Extra shoes were fitted to the feet of each mule and riding horse and one of the number proved to be an expert shoer.

  8. Mrs. Paul arrived with her son, a country lad of sixteen who knew horses and could milk Hilda, the pretty Jersey which had successfully passed Edmund's expert eye.

  9. As he became expert with shotgun and rifle, he began to regret the deer and the mountain lion he had missed down below the Sur; and to the requirements of the farm he and Saxon sought he added plenty of game.

  10. The king's promises of pardon extracted from them no confession of guilt, and they were therefore handed over to the tender mercies of the brethren of St. Dominic, who were the most refined and expert torturers of the day.

  11. The matter is one for expert advice, but librarians should be clear as to the problems to be solved in artificial lighting; these are: To light reading room tables, so as to avoid glare in the eyes of readers.

  12. Such expansion is skilled work and should be done only by an expert classifier.

  13. Many libraries now store and circulate books for the blind in the Braille and Moon types, and in this work some of them have been aided by the expert advice and actual donations of special societies interested in the well-being of the blind.

  14. If, in any way, any part of a machine is out of adjustment, have an expert readjust it.

  15. Any tendency of a stove or other electric device to give people a shock when being used should be taken as a warning to have the device examined by an expert and the trouble corrected.

  16. Only with expert care can filters be made effective for removing disease germs.

  17. They went stumbling along through the woods, with Arthur bringing up the rear, as he did not seem to be quite as expert at this sort of thing as the balance of the scouts.

  18. Arthur carried his dearly loved camera, with which he had become very expert of late; and, as has been said before, the really fine pictures he was turning out proved that he had a natural bent in that direction worth cultivating.

  19. I had no idea of the value of my find, but so certain was Uncle Ezra that I had struck it rich that he took the specimens to Denver himself, and some expert there assured him that he was a millionnaire.

  20. The Denver expert told Uncle Ezra that there was a sprinkling of fire opals among them, but this I am inclined to doubt, for I never heard of those stones being found together.

  21. There were forty pack mules and one "bell horse" and ten packers--for of course it requires an expert packer to put the things on the saddle so they are perfectly balanced and will not injure the animal's back.

  22. They told me that he was the very fastest and most expert shearer in the whole territory.

  23. I am an expert repairer and mender of old jewelry, and I find that many residents along the river here, as well as out in the country, have old jewelry they want made into modern forms.

  24. They have some expert scullers at Boxer Hall.

  25. Therefore, the first expert witness called for the prosecution—who had, moreover, the benefit of seeing the symptoms in life—broke down altogether.

  26. No wonder we were pretty expert shots, but indeed it needs much practice to become so.

  27. What a pleasure it is to watch a good expert workman, be he carpenter, bricklayer, ploughman, blacksmith, or only an Irish navvy.

  28. Neither myself, foreman nor boy was an expert or had any mechanical knowledge; though continued troubles, much hard work, accompanied by, alas!

  29. Young wild turkeys are a delicacy unrivalled, and I became so expert in knowing their haunts that I could at any time go out and get a supply.

  30. Although the whole play is carried on with the quickest motion it is possible to use, yet some are so expert at this Game, as to win great Indian Estates by this Play.

  31. Some are so expert at their numbers, that they will tell ten times together, what they throw out of their hands.

  32. While the workmen were laying the closing or last stone of the former course, John Bonnyman, one of the most active and expert of the masons, met with an unlucky accident in the following manner.

  33. On leaving the rock to-day, a trial of seamanship was proposed amongst the rowers, for by this time the artificers had become tolerably expert in this exercise.

  34. This boat, with its tackle, was put under the charge of James Glen, of whose exertions on the Beacon mention has already been made, and who having in early life been a seaman, was also very expert in the management of a boat.

  35. It would have made a splendid mark for as expert a shot as Sergeant Hal Overton.

  36. With this report the expert had sent a curiously drawn chart showing resemblances between Hinkey's admitted handwriting and the printed note to Green.

  37. Sergeant Hupner is an expert at wig-wagging, I understand.

  38. Word had finally come from the expert to the effect that the envelope had really been addressed by Sergeant Hal, as that young soldier admitted.

  39. They all handle the sword, and are expert in war.

  40. The Druids were expert at legerdemain, and, by their astonishing exploits, sustained among an ignorant people a reputation of being magicians.

  41. An expert witch-finder knew all the wiles and arts of his profession.

  42. When making enquiries in search of expert advice on questions of salvage, I had an interesting conversation with an individual who had had considerable experience in salving vessels in other waters.

  43. I am no expert in "ologies" and other things dealing with so-called spiritualistic revelations.

  44. The expert contemplated his victim in silence for a few moments.

  45. One condition the parent insisted upon: Alvin was not to run the launch alone until an expert pronounced him qualified to do so.

  46. It was the real test," said the expert to the banker.

  47. Neither of us is an expert and we should have no show with these post office robbers if we got into a fight where guns were used.

  48. The work is so delicate that it should be done only by an expert mechanic.

  49. But I have said enough to give you an idea of what the expert handler of a motor boat must understand.

  50. Having heard from the patrons that the scholars were particularly expert in arithmetic, I requested the master to exhibit his best scholars.

  51. No, the chaffinch is not perplexed by so small a matter; he is an expert in materials, he understands botanical equivalents.

  52. The first who, greatly daring, pinked the Scorpion of the coal-seams was already an expert fencer; the first to come to grips with the Tarantula had an unerring knowledge of her dangerous surgery.

  53. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "expert" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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