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Example sentences for "capable"

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caoutchouc; cap; capa; capabilities; capability; capables; capably; capacious; capacitated; capacitie
  1. The ordinary burden of the Arabian camel is from seven to eight hundredweight; while the Bactrian variety is said to be capable of bearing a load nearly twice as heavy.

  2. But he was really not very much less brave, nor less capable of bearing hardships, than before; and it only required a few years of training to enable him to recover himself and to be once more as good a soldier as any in Asia.

  3. The position was capable of being turned by a well-known but exceedingly difficult path, known as the Spin Gawi.

  4. Fortunately, there was a man at hand capable of dealing with the situation.

  5. Are not our mothers quite as capable as our fathers to wage warfare against these, the enemies in our midst?

  6. These strong, courageous, capable young women will take our place and complete our work.

  7. Some of these days the public will think it absurd that women who are capable of instructing men how to vote should not be allowed to vote themselves.

  8. I think that taxpaying men are just as capable of taking care of my rights as of their own and I feel that I am justified in saying that the men can quite as well look after that which ought to be and is their business as I can.

  9. Giving other reasons why women should not be allowed to vote, he said: "The two most important personal duties of citizenship are military service and sheriff's service, neither of which is a woman capable of performing.

  10. If financial support is to be obtained from States, societies or individuals there is no one more capable of extracting generous subscriptions.

  11. For twelve years Mrs. Babcock had carried on this work, which in her capable hands had reached an immense volume and become a leading feature of the National Association.

  12. Mrs. Upton consented reluctantly to assume the responsibility and only on the assurance of Miss Elizabeth Hauser, a capable executive, that she would manage the details of the office.

  13. Miss Anthony opposed it in an impassioned speech in which she said: "If you will not give the whole loaf of justice to the entire people, then give it first to women, to the most intelligent and capable of them at least.

  14. Senator who will be capable of comprehending the great American principles of freedom and democracy.

  15. He was a capable American youth who was laying by money, and wanted Daisy to help him spend it.

  16. In ten minutes he returned with a grave, gray-haired and capable man of medicine.

  17. Edward Sommers shuddered as he gazed at the man before him--the man who had become as putty in his hands, and yet who possessed a heart so black as to be capable of the damning deed for which he was so soon to be tried for committing.

  18. At heart Nature is always just as cool and deliberate, capable always of taking every advantage.

  19. As Nature grows less capable (and surely she does!

  20. Only a woman, only a man's wife, is fitted to buy his overalls, for she only is capable of allowing enough for shrinkage.

  21. The industry is susceptible of considerable development and, when brought under more complete control, should be capable of establishing a good export trade of honey and possibly of beeswax.

  22. The aim has been to give the reader a general idea of what Cypriot agriculture is and, to some extent, what it is capable of doing.

  23. A scheme for training young Cypriots abroad, which was in abeyance during the war, makes it possible to give the more capable of these some further training in Europe in the higher branches of agriculture.

  24. These difficulties are capable of remedy, and it may reasonably be hoped that when once overcome the cultivation will be extended.

  25. There are large fertile areas which every year remain fallow, but which, if capable of irrigation, would grow excellent cotton and other summer crops, thus providing a better system of rotation.

  26. He is an intelligent youth, with a mind capable of cultivation.

  27. The plane that Hal drove was capable of making almost 200 miles an hour under proper conditions.

  28. General Rowan asked me to put the mission in the most capable hands I could find, and being familiar with your records, I know that my selection could not be better.

  29. The usual method of studying events too fleet for direct observation consists in putting into reciprocal action with them other events already known, the velocities of all of which are capable of comparison.

  30. We will employ the first for exciting the notes, while we will allow the second to respond; after having first pressed upon the loud pedal, so as to render all the strings capable of motion.

  31. At first the intellectual power of the men capable of producing such marvels will strike him as incredible, or, if we adopt the ancient view, as divine.

  32. He asserts that a man capable of inventing the telescope without the concurrence of accident must have been gifted with superhuman genius.

  33. Hence the compounds present in the organic substratum and capable of forming albumen enter preferably into the masses of plasma, and by intussusception of micellae of albumen, cause growth.

  34. Both of these variations of the idioplasm take place so slowly that only after a long series of generations do the new determinants become capable of developing and revealing themselves in the transmutation of visible characters.

  35. But these determinants may be revived by the renewed activity of the former causes, and thus rendered capable of development.

  36. The individual is capable of reproduction and the new ontogenies begin in the reproductive cells.

  37. The Irish trapper quickly reached his side, and then came Bob, and the dusky Blue Jacket, who certainly could never be accused of being a talkative fellow, though capable of expressing himself freely on occasion.

  38. Perhaps their rough natures were not capable of comprehending the real meaning of the act; but they were glad to get away without paying for their evil deeds; and expressed the intention of fighting shy of the English settlement after that.

  39. This is enough for all practical purposes, and as much as the majority of persons are capable of.

  40. Does it represent him, that is, so far as the human intellect is capable of reading it, not merely as he is one in essence, but also as he is three in persons?

  41. The lens should almost be turned into a sphere, and I know of no ciliary muscles capable of effecting so great a change.

  42. The Creed, therefore, when it proposes its first article to a child who is capable of a complete rational act, only brings him face to face with himself, or with the idea of his own reason.

  43. We may now suppose that Christ goes on to instruct him in the harmony of these divine verities with all scientific truths, so far, that he apprehends all the analogies which human reason is capable of discerning between the two.

  44. So far as the doctrines it proposes are within the sphere of reason, we hold that reason receives them because they are self-evident, or capable of being deduced from that which is self-evident.

  45. That is so," said Rita; "you are capable of crying at a fandango.

  46. When this has been supplied, we have a sentence, for the mere verb, without any additional word or words, is capable of being a predicate.

  47. Compare the adverbs which are capable of comparison.

  48. Twenty years ago this man was equally capable of crime or heroism; now he is fit for neither.

  49. Other verbs are not, by themselves, capable of serving as predicates.

  50. The narrative expedient in such stories is merely to select a hero capable of adventure, to fling him loose into the roaring and tremendous world, and to let things happen to him one after another.

  51. How is it that David Balfour, an untutored boy, is capable of writing the rhythmic prose of Robert Louis Stevenson, master of style?

  52. In fact, the most amazing thing about a great fictitious figure is the multitude of very different people that the character is capable of interesting.

  53. Although the weather is a subject upon everybody's tongue, there are very few people who are capable of talking about it with intelligence and art.

  54. Certain novels, like "Jane Eyre," which exhibit an emphatic struggle between individual human wills, are inherently capable of theatric representment.

  55. We grow aware of a great thing longing to be done, when there is no one present who is capable of doing it.

  56. But Marlborough, as he had a genius capable of the very highest achievements, had one also capable of the most complicated treacheries in politics.

  57. He was naturally clever, witty, and capable of a shrewd insight into the natures and purposes of men.

  58. It was capable of throwing up water to a great height.

  59. On the 30th of October they landed in a fine bay on the coast of Darien, capable of holding one thousand ships, and about four miles east of Golden Island.

  60. Instead of that, he gave the post to Colonel Lunsford, a man of desperate fortunes and the most unprincipled reputation; outlawed for his violent attacks on different individuals, and known to be capable of executing the most lawless designs.

  61. To such sentiments, though deeply felt by her sister, Janet remained cold, though she was, as will be seen, capable of enthusiasms.

  62. Miss Ottway was the agent's private stenographer, a strongly built, capable woman with immense reserves seemingly inexhaustible.

  63. Some time elapsed before they were capable of taking a normal interest in the various exhibits.

  64. She was capable of taking care of herself, she was a good stenographer, her salary had been raised twice in two years,--why should she allow consideration for her family to stand in the way of what she felt would be self realization?

  65. If she had only known which doughnut he would take; Hannah sometimes thought she might have been capable of putting arsenic in it.

  66. He did not like Janet; she was capable of what may be called a speaking silence, and he had never been wholly unaware of her disapproval and ridicule.

  67. Koreans recognized that the carrying out of this would result in a Japanese protectorate, though the latter had probably not believed the Koreans capable of following out the logic of this.

  68. The Peddlers’ Guild were threatening and capable of any excess and the unfriendly attitude of Yi Yong Ik toward western foreigners except French and Russians was quite sufficient reason for these precautionary measures.

  69. The writer also recalls at this moment still two others who are capable of carrying any audience along enraptured, and whom she would not hesitate to rank with the best, most inspiring public speakers she has ever listened to.

  70. Monsieur Morin was deeper than ever in love with her during these last few days: he was worked up into a state capable of any sacrifice, either of himself or others, so that he might obtain her at last.

  71. I must be found to have some power beyond what they have, and which they are rendered capable of appreciating, before they will listen to me.

  72. Irgens was still capable of surprising people and attracting everybody's attention.

  73. It was said that the fellow was capable of greater things; he would surely blossom forth some day; all right, time enough then.

  74. In America, where he landed penniless, he turned his strong and capable hands to whatever labour he could find.

  75. He was not in bed last night; has gone without food to-day--you were more capable of walking home than he.

  76. Were I capable of leaving the estate away from Joe's children, I should deem myself as bad as Chattaway.

  77. George Ryle does not want it; he is capable of working for his living," was the only answer Mr. Chattaway in his anger could give.

  78. Thad did not accept of the very first refuge that offered, because he knew there was still a little more time at their disposal, and he had an idea they would presently come upon a ledge capable of covering them all.

  79. When those long "spindle" legs of Giraffe got to working properly, they were capable of covering ground at a tremendous rate.

  80. Fortunately Bumpus had selected a splendid braided window-sash cord when he picked out his rope, capable of standing an enormous strain; and it held, despite the drag of the savage whirlpool, and the rush of the rapids.

  81. They could not for the life of them imagine Bumpus capable of doing anything that would be beyond them.

  82. When a thing capable of being consumed is produced, a value is created; when it is consumed, that value is destroyed.

  83. Every one of his hundreds of tools, capable of application to a vast variety of purposes, is an invention to save labour.

  84. If these great composers, and many others, had not raised music into something higher and more capable of producing enjoyment than the rude melodies of uncivilized tribes, there would have been no trade in pianofortes.

  85. This capital is ready to be won by the power of every man capable of work.

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