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efficacy; efficere; efficiencies; efficiency; efficiens; efficiently; efficients; effigies; effigy; effloresce
  1. During the administration of the younger Adams, there was a peace establishment of the navy; and was it not then perfectly efficient and prosperous for all peace purposes?

  2. In time of peace we shall meet with no difficulty in sustaining an efficient navy, as we always have done.

  3. I then believed, and experience has proved I was correct, that it was deeply and dangerously diseased; and that the most efficient measures were necessary to prevent the catastrophe which has since fallen on the circulation of the country.

  4. Their numbers much more than quadrupled all the regular forces which the respondent could command; and the term of service of his most efficient militia force was about to expire.

  5. He said: "If he did not adopt the same means which had proved so beneficial in the other House, he would have something equally efficient to offer.

  6. The survey he wished to be prosecuted without delay; and all he wanted was to have it under the most efficient management.

  7. I therefore deemed it proper, as a precautionary measure, to order a strong squadron to the coast of Mexico, and to concentrate an efficient military force on the western frontier of Texas.

  8. Mr. Benton voted upon the amendments, and to make the bill efficient and satisfactory; but failed to make it either, and would neither vote for it nor against it.

  9. It was effected through an efficient organization of the staff, and the co-operation of the able officers placed at the head of each of its divisions.

  10. No doubt each slight variation must have its efficient cause; but it is as hopeless an attempt to discover the cause of each as to say why a chill or a poison affects one man differently from another.

  11. This later variety, on the other hand, was utterly barren with its own pollen, which we have seen was perfectly efficient on Ophir.

  12. Excess of nutriment is perhaps the most efficient single exciting cause.

  13. Rabbit wire netting is hardly suitable, as it is unsightly and is not an efficient protection.

  14. This was approved by the Council of the British Association and at once undertaken by me, with the zealous and efficient co-operation of my eldest son, Dr.

  15. But in accordance with the facts of experimental physics, we know that the co-efficient of contraction for all bodies is greater as their actual temperature is higher, and this both in their solid and liquid states.

  16. And what is true here of a mile taken at the surface, is true (neglecting some minute corrections for difference in the co-efficient of gravity, etc.

  17. With but the germ of a military academy, efficient officers were scarce.

  18. He was a brave general, but lacked the energy and promptness necessary to an efficient commander.

  19. To do efficient work, a native pastor must give his whole time to it, and to that end he must have a salary that will make him ``free from worldly cares and avocations.

  20. The genial and efficient United States Consul at Chefoo, the Hon.

  21. Every apparatus must be provided with an efficient purifier so fitted that it may be isolated from the rest of the plant and with due consideration of the possible action of the purifying material upon the metal used.

  22. The purifying material shall, if possible, be efficient as a drying agent, but the Association does not consider this an absolute necessity.

  23. It does not appear conclusively established that the gas consumed should have been chemically purified, but a purifier of ample size and charged with efficient material is undoubtedly beneficial.

  24. This last method of comparison being manifestly unfair, acetylene may be said to be at least five times as efficient per unit of volume as coal-gas for the production of light.

  25. Moreover, the efficient behaviour of the generator itself will depend more upon the mechanical excellence and solidity of its construction than (with one or two exceptions) upon the precise system to which it belongs.

  26. Non-injector burners should not be used unless special care is taken to insure that the installation is consistently operated in an efficient manner in these respects.

  27. For these reasons the metallic gauze of the Davy lamp is not so efficient a protector of the flame as it is in cases of coal-gas, methane, &c.

  28. The number of skilled workers is too small to allow efficient two-shift operation of plants throughout most of industry.

  29. This goal is to be attained mainly through a continued high rate of investment, a significant improvement in productivity, and an expanded and more efficient foreign trade.

  30. This tie-in makes possible a more efficient use of available power through mutual exchanges to equalize the load and provides some insurance in the event of regional power failures.

  31. The government attaches great importance to the penalty feature of the credit system, which allows it to discriminate between efficient enterprises that find themselves in temporary difficulties and enterprises that are poorly managed.

  32. Efforts toward obtaining full and efficient employment have been handicapped by the rapidly rising volume of investment needed to create new nonagricultural jobs.

  33. The expressed purpose of the change was the provision of more efficient administration.

  34. His prescient ability, functioning with its usual efficient aplomb, told Malone that things would not be better, or simpler, in the morning.

  35. It did not seem to be a very efficient spy ring; Brubitsch's long sad tale of forgotten messages, mixed orders, misplaced documents and strange mishaps was a marvel and a revelation to the listening officers.

  36. That does not sound to me like an efficient operation.

  37. The labs, highly efficient and divided into dozens of departments, covered several floors.

  38. They also intimated their belief that the time had come when the Society must look to its director simply for general management, and must be prepared to employ a thoroughly efficient staff in the shop and workrooms.

  39. To enable blind musicians to show that the loss of sight does not prevent their being efficient organists and scientific musicians.

  40. In industrial training to endeavour to lessen, as far as possible, the difference in speed in the work between the work of the blind and that of the sighted, while making it the first object to secure good and efficient work.

  41. Make the training of efficient blind teachers a special object.

  42. What is one to conclude from that, save that the soul cannot be the efficient cause of its volitions, any more than of its ideas, and of the motion of the spirits which cause our arms to move?

  43. Some, not being able to understand the relation existing between free actions and the providence of God, have denied that God was the first efficient cause of free will: but that is sacrilegious.

  44. If that does not prevent us from thinking that we are their efficient cause, what reliance shall one place on the proof of feeling, which to M.

  45. Bayle asserts, for instance, 'that by purely philosophical meditations one can never attain to an established certainty that we are the efficient cause of our volitions'.

  46. Objects do not act upon intelligent substances as efficient and physical causes, but as final and moral causes.

  47. This deviation had a final cause in the mind of Epicurus, his aim being to free us from fate; but it can have no efficient cause in the nature of things, it is one of the most impossible of chimeras.

  48. It is well to observe also that he who proves a thing a priori accounts for it through the efficient cause; and whosoever can thus account for it in a precise and adequate manner is also in a position to comprehend the thing.

  49. The Turks are very low, and I hear that a good deal of discussion goes on about the hopelessness of obtaining any efficient protection from the Western Powers, and the consequent necessity of making the best terms they can with Russia.

  50. The inconveniences of such a system were obvious, and experience showed that it was much less adapted, than had been supposed, for the purpose of raising an efficient army.

  51. Back of every act and dream and thought and desire and virtue and crime is the efficient cause.

  52. I think the truth is, that nothing ever happened except in a natural way; that behind every effect has been an efficient cause, and that this wondrous procession of causes and effects has never been, and never will be, broken.

  53. Every hope, every fear, every dream, every virtue, every crime, has behind it an efficient cause.

  54. We must have means to be practically efficient in all the undertakings of life; and to obtain them, it is necessary that we should be engaged in lucrative pursuits, trades, and general business transactions.

  55. And we have it in testimony, that the missions themselves might be more efficient for good, if well supplied with teachers of higher qualifications.

  56. The great profits from the fur trade naturally led him into the business of being his own shipowner and shipper, for he was a highly efficient organizer and well understood the needlessness of middlemen.

  57. They showed how the same functions of government which were used as an engine of such oppressive power against the poor, were perverted into highly efficient auxiliary of trading class aims and ambitions.

  58. Furthermore, the landowner had an efficient and never-failing auxiliary.

  59. The danger was much diminished, however, when the colonists received from France a number of dogs, which proved most efficient sentinels and scouts.

  60. Besides their pilgrimages, they used other means, and very efficient ones, to attract and gain over the Indians.

  61. Large membership may be efficient in two ways, by united weight and by pervasiveness.

  62. Part of it is the path of community education, which I believe to be efficient in that it is leading on toward a definite goal.

  63. The more efficient the association the sooner its aims are accomplished and the sooner it is disbanded.

  64. They war not against Protestantism, though they despise it as a miserable compromise, neither one thing nor another; they even regard it with favor as a useful and an efficient ally in their anti-religious war.

  65. Good officers, with an able general at their head, can make an efficient army out of almost any materials.

  66. The church is necessary to sustain a republican form of government, but it is also necessary to sustain any other form, as a wise, just, and efficient civil government.

  67. Not secundum artum, but a most efficient way of concluding the combat.

  68. The first General Assembly met in 1789, and a more efficient and extensive development ensued.

  69. The payment of high wages fortunately contributes to the low costs because the men become steadily more efficient on account of being relieved of outside worries.

  70. A man who knows a job sees so much more to be done than he has done, that he is always pressing forward and never gives up an instant of thought to how good and how efficient he is.

  71. Forcing the efficient producer to become inefficient does not make the inefficient producer more efficient.

  72. To illustrate: Here is a great industry whose success is due to having met a public need with efficient and skillful production.

  73. When victory crowned their exertions, his brilliant services, with those of the more sober but not less efficient Joseph Sturge, were specially commended by Lord Brougham in one of his great speeches in the House of Peers.

  74. His mercantile training has given him business habits of the first order, making him as efficient in executing plans as he is shrewd in their formation.

  75. Behind these stood a host whose less conspicuous, but not less efficient labors, gave aim to that conflict and certainty to that victory.

  76. Indeed, this knowledge, which made Carney the most efficient detective in the city, militated against him with his superiors; he knew too much for their comfort.

  77. For the past fifteen years Germany has carried on medical inspection of schools in a very thorough and efficient manner.

  78. As a more efficient treatment, but slower in action, the administration of anaesthesine to the ulcerated epiglottis with a powder blower is recommended.

  79. In the vast majority of suspected cases of tuberculosis, thorough study of the history of the case, combined with thorough physical examination, furnishes all the necessary data for diagnosis and an efficient plan of treatment.

  80. The Cutaneous Tuberculin Test is a very efficient diagnostic measure in children under two years of age in whom a positive cutaneous tuberculin reaction indicates active disease.

  81. Some of the important features of the work of this dispensary in its relation to nurses are as follows: (1) An efficient training school for tuberculosis nurses, affording the opportunity of hospital and dispensary training.

  82. The Malays, between cowardice and treachery, afforded him no efficient support.

  83. It has been beautiful to behold order coming out of chaos, peace out of violence, whole districts redeemed from anarchy, simply by giving efficient support to the orderly part of the population.

  84. Public opinion has a more direct, a more comprehensive, a more efficient organ for its utterance than a body of men sectionally chosen.

  85. Statesmen of the highest character, writers of the most distinguished ability, the most organised and efficient means have been employed in this endeavour.

  86. The Sub had barely completed his task of constructing what was expected to form an efficient "fire barrage" when one of the seamen patrolling the shore gave the warning cry of "Submarine coming in, sir.

  87. With the efficient army that he had built up the Swedes were badly beaten at the battle of Pultowa and were compelled to withdraw from Russia, after sustaining terrible losses.

  88. He had trained an efficient army and was the father of the Russian navy.

  89. He was thoroughly successful and not only left a more efficient and cleaner police, but added to the national reputation that he had already acquired.

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