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Example sentences for "become"

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beckons; becks; becloud; beclouded; becom; becomes; becomest; becometh; becoming; becomingly
  1. For under that there was no need of art or stratagem, to give man influence over the beast.

  2. In all domestic life also the wife is a partaker in ruling the house and enjoys, in common with her husband, the possession of the offspring of the property.

  3. These therefore are the primary offices of the sun and the moon: to be the rulers and directors of the night and the day; whereas the stars perform not these offices nor are so appointed of God.

  4. Since the tables turned so unexpectedly in her favor, Lina had recovered her dignity in some degree, and had become very freezing toward this young man, by whom she began to feel she had been very badly treated.

  5. I want to hear nothing about war, and you must banish all thoughts of war and heroic deeds from your mind, and become a peaceful, law-abiding citizen.

  6. Most gracious lady, the Electoral Prince is by far too tender a son ever to become alienated from his mother," replied the baron earnestly.

  7. And I think that, the more I learn and study here, the more capable will I become of serving hereafter under your highness.

  8. You have become, it seems, the young Electoral Prince's lackey, have laid your character as artist upon the shelf, and become body page to the gracious Prince?

  9. Your highness said that the Princess Hollandine was not ill inclined to become your daughter-in-law.

  10. They have told you that they will wed you to him, that the little Elector will esteem it a great honor to become the husband of a daughter of the King of Poland.

  11. He pressed an ornament of the frame, and the mirror flew back, having become a door, which opened and revealed a niche concealed in the wall.

  12. Swear upon this hand hereafter to become the sword of Brandenburg, to serve me faithfully and zealously, and to have no other Sovereign than myself!

  13. You believe that my father will ever consent for me--" "For you to condescend to become my wife?

  14. We have been informed that the Princess Ludovicka Hollandine is a very lively, merry young lady, and that she is by no means disinclined to become our daughter-in-law.

  15. I must become a diplomatist in order to gain even ground enough on which to stand.

  16. You wanted to make of the poor little Electoral Prince a mighty rebel, and were even so kind as to promise that when with your help he had crushed Schwarzenberg he should become his father's prime minister and Stadtholder in the Mark.

  17. He perceived that it was too late to pacify now, that all temporizing had become impossible.

  18. The Seigneur had become grey as a badger.

  19. There, he will be safe until things become more quiet.

  20. From the moment I entered the frigate as a volunteer, I had been fortunate enough to become a favourite with Captain O'Brien.

  21. The former was born in the house, and reared and educated from charitable motives by the old gentleman, from his having become an orphan while an infant.

  22. The sky was clear, the country had become picturesque, the birds sang merrily, the road was sprinkled by an early shower, and on a pleasanter morning a light-bosomed traveller never wended on his way.

  23. Napoleon's orders to concentrate on the Tonnes, had been fatally neglected; and no preparation had yet commenced to evacuate the capital, if such a step should become necessary.

  24. Indeed, the Guerillas had now become as formidable in numbers as they had ever been audacious in their mode of warfare.

  25. Surprise or fear will sometimes remove the consequences of inebriety, and men become suddenly sober.

  26. After we were safe out of fire, and taking breath for a minute in the cork-wood, I asked him, fair and easy, what he thought had become of ye?

  27. I neither know the man, nor will know anything of the man; or what is to become of him, or what will become of him.

  28. Again Colonel La Coste rode forward to the front, to restore the order of the column, which had become crowded and disordered, from the narrowness and ruggedness of the path.

  29. Let this scoundrel be hanged by the feet, that his unclean carcass may become the prey of the vultures.

  30. No one stirred: the bandits had suddenly become lambs.

  31. Night is the mother of phantoms; in the darkness, the gayest landscapes become sinister--everything assumes a form to startle the traveller.

  32. I do not wish that at a given day the immense property my ancestors and myself have acquired by our toil should become the prey of these accursed heretics.

  33. They yielded with extraordinary cleverness to the exigencies of that progress which threatened to outstrip them: they had changed their skin--from tigers they had become foxes.

  34. Have the Comanches become timid antelopes that they fly like Apache dogs before the bullets of the palefaces?

  35. The days were spent in the desert in wandering purposelessly in search of the Apaches, who had at length become invisible.

  36. Don Martial, have you become a timid child, that a woman's glance can make you tremble?

  37. Renan to become gradually aware that he is the victim of a gigantic swindle.

  38. This went on for a year or more, until finally she was carried away in a rumbling coach, to become the willing bride of another.

  39. The Berlin Academy, within whose walls Hegel had reigned supreme, invited him to become one of its faculty.

  40. In after life, when much of the lustre of youthful candor had become dull and tarnished, he besieged the heart of another lady, but this time in a bolder and more enterprising fashion.

  41. The typhus which, at that epoch, had likewise broken out again in the south of France, threatened to become an abiding peril to the wealth of nations.

  42. But the neglect of any one of them will make the stock liable to become infected, and the more so the more several or all collateral conditions of the healthy existence of animals are neglected.

  43. Make doubly sure before you permit your feelings to become too deeply involved.

  44. And one of their peculiarities is that they sometimes seem to be trying to develop into separate entities, trying to become human by feeding like parasites on their hosts.

  45. I wouldn't be a doctor, or have a child of mine become one, if I were positively certain he'd turn into Lord Lister himself!

  46. Just because a man kicks you all over the place is no reason to let him become an obsession.

  47. She felt a faint touch of astonishment at her own irony; the circumstances had ceased to have any reality to her, and had become merely a dramatic sequence like the happenings in a play.

  48. Can it be from the difficulty of pulling the feet out of so much mud by the strength of the ankle, so that the muscles become stretched, as it were, and the bones lengthened?

  49. By this time the thoroughly artificial character of most of these later cycling records had become glaringly apparent.

  50. This road had become "perhaps the most nearly perfect, and certainly the most fashionable, of all.

  51. What remains of the age of George the Fourth has with the lapse of time and the inevitable changes in taste, become almost archaeologically interesting, and the newer Brighton approaches a Parisian magnificence and display.

  52. What, however, has become of the series so liberally provided in 1743 by the "inhabitants of Croydon"?

  53. The gilding has faded, the tinsel become tarnished, and the whole pile of cupolas and minarets is reduced to one even tint, that is not white nor grey, nor any distinctive shade of any colour.

  54. Children may even become expert professional criminals, and not in Europe alone.

  55. We seem to be approaching a point at which it will become obvious that every citizen must be educated to perform some useful social function.

  56. When he returned to France his father, become bankrupt, had fled.

  57. What would have become of me among honest men?

  58. Such persons, it has been said, are morally blind; the psychic retina has become anæsthetic.

  59. Previously brilliant at school, they now become lazy, and incapable of sustained attention or effort.

  60. It is not expected that, with the comparatively limited time for instruction, these men will become skilled mechanics.

  61. My task is become hard now--you realize it?

  62. Archy is all right, and it don't become anybody to belittle him, I can tell you.

  63. I was only afraid that he might persuade you to renounce yourself and become somebody else, which would be a pity.

  64. Yesterday they were not, to-day they have struck you dumb, to-morrow they will have become commonplaces, and henceforth you will be incapable of seeing anything else.

  65. Otherwise she hardly gave him a thought; and having cut herself off from all communication with Devon Street, she did not certainly know what had become of him.

  66. Absolute dependence on somebody else's character had become a habit of her nature: she could no more live now without some burning stimulus to thought and feeling than the drunkard can satisfy his thirst with plain water.

  67. It seemed as if the mere brute force through which Hardy had dominated her intellect hitherto, had become refined by some extraordinary process, and was exerting a moral influence over her.

  68. It warps their covers, so that volumes unprotected by their fellows, or by a book support, tend to curl up, and stay warped until they become a nuisance.

  69. Then the catalogue of each should indicate its exact location, thus: Wilkeson (Samuel) How our National Debt may become a National Blessing, 21 pp.

  70. These lettering-pieces become loose in over-heated libraries, and tend continually to peel off, entailing the expense of repairing or re-lettering.

  71. Cloth is a very durable material, and will outlast some of the leathers, but any wetting destroys its beauty, and all colors but the darkest soon become soiled and repulsive, if in constant use.

  72. There should be an esprit de corps, a zeal for his profession, which will lead him to make almost any sacrifice of outside interests to become proficient in it.

  73. The remedy, or rather the preventive of such inadequate reports of what the librarian would say to the public is to become his own reporter.

  74. That perennial interest which mankind and womankind evince in every individual whose name, for whatever reason, has become familiar, supplies a basis for an inexhaustible series of light paragraphic articles.

  75. Even young minds can become interested in the works of standard writers, if the proper selection is made.

  76. And especially should the wants of the younger generation be cared for, since they are always not only nearly one half of the community, but they are also to become the future citizens of the republic.

  77. The remedy is of course a preventive one; never to suffer the library to become over-heated, and to have proper ventilation on every floor, communicating with the air outside.

  78. How Godoy should become McKinley, or McKinley should become the Prince of Peace, is a problem for psychologists.

  79. Might not every library become its own printer, thus saving it from the inconvenience and risk of sending its titles outside, or the great expense of copying them for the printer?

  80. Accordingly, international copyright has become the policy of nearly all civilized nations.

  81. So far from this being a qualification, it may become a disqualification.

  82. She must have become conscious of Grace's quick scrutiny, for with a laugh she ran to her, and soon the two were bobbing about on the uneven turf in what they were pleased to term a "dance.

  83. Amy seemed to have recovered her spirits, and the girls made no reference to the little tragedy which they knew would soon become public property.

  84. He had become used to the many outer changes of the past two decades, was unable completely to suppress surprise at not finding them present on his return.

  85. And his light costly fabric gloves had become black leather, lined with fur!

  86. As soon as his eyes had become used to the glow of the light, he discovered that he was in a small room with a curved iron deck overhead.

  87. We would come to a place where they had been sleeping, and then, evidently smelling us, we would see how they had become uneasy and gone on a short distance, where they had slept again.

  88. That's a good place to make money," said he, "and the Hawk has become quite popular at the resort.

  89. Having deliberately chosen such models, Bastien-Lepage could not pretend to be the painter of the Beautiful, nor did he ever become so.

  90. I am sure they need only be tried to become first favourites.

  91. They are as yet rather difficult to procure, but need only to be known to become very popular.

  92. Indeed, so multifarious are the contributions towards the "simple life" that it threatens to become more complex than the other.

  93. Now for the method by which many, who have long foresworn porridge, have become able again to relish it, and benefit by it.

  94. Wash well a teacupful good rice--Patna is best for this dish as it does not become so pulpy as the Carolina--and put on with cold water to cover and a little salt.

  95. I have so long studied and practised both, that they are grown into a habit, and become familiar to me.

  96. But the reformation of their prose was wholly owing to Boccace himself, who is yet the standard of purity in the Italian tongue, though many of his phrases are become obsolete, as in process of time it must needs happen.

  97. It is in virtue of the poet latent in him, that the plain man has the power to become a critic.

  98. He is equally alive to subtle resemblances and to subtle differences, and art is to him not merely an intellectual enjoyment, but something which is to be taken into the spirit of a man and to become part of his life.

  99. The rich have become richer, and the poor have become poorer; and the vessel of the state is driven between the Scylla and Charybdis of anarchy and despotism.

  100. And therefore, full evil should it become his scholar Plato to put such words in his master's mouth against poets.

  101. Chaucer is now become an original, and I question not but the poem has received many beauties by passing through his noble hands.

  102. They have become averse to the imagination; nor will they return to us on the squares of the distances, or on Doctor Chalmers's Discourses.

  103. Footnote: Lodge writes, "I should blush from a Player to become an enviouse Preacher".

  104. Then, to make a trial of its virtue, he said, "I wish to become a youth eighteen years old.

  105. But if Ciannetella was like another Atalanta, Lightning had become no less like an old donkey and a foundered horse, for he could not stir a step.

  106. If Darius had not told his troubles to a groom he would not have become king of Persia.

  107. Now is my misery completed; by seeing a black face turned white, all has become black before my eyes.

  108. Then Canneloro, who wished to become friends with the doe, bound his sword as a countryman does, when he carries it in the city for fear of the constables.

  109. So Taddeo, who let himself be caught in the web, and become the sport of the ugly creature, sent again to Zoza, offering her any price she might ask for the beautiful hen.

  110. The rights which spring from domicile in the United States, especially when coupled with a declaration of intention to become a citizen, are worthy of definition by statute.

  111. I announce with sincere regret that Hayti has again become the theater of insurrection, disorder, and bloodshed.

  112. The clock, too, seemed to have become blacker and even more gigantic.

  113. My faculties had indeed become abnormally acute, but my body seemed no longer alive, and I knew that whatever happened I should be absolutely incapable of action.

  114. No lot in life could have been more thoroughly uncongenial than mine; indeed, it would have soon become unbearable had it not been for the constant influx of strangers whose presence in the town made an oasis in the desert.

  115. I have no doubt,’ I protested, ‘the annoyances will cease as soon as the clock has become at home with its surroundings.

  116. Should the stain become too thick to work freely, add a few drops of spirits of wine, and shake it well together.

  117. The basket ornamented with rose sprays outside, can be lined inside with velvet, and little pockets being made in the velvet lining, they become a very useful article; the outside is stained old oak.

  118. Sir Eardley Wilmot gives notice of moving that it is repugnant to the constitution for an Atheist to become a member of "this Honorable House.

  119. In the year 1643, the use of coal had become so general, and the price being then very high, many of the poor are said to have perished for want of fuel.

  120. No one then thought it possible to reside at Via Reggio, which latterly has become a summer resort.

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