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  1. The fifth reason: If a regular who is a parish priest transgresses, and on account of secret faults becomes unworthy of continuing in his ministry, yet if he remains in it his salvation may incur a very special peril.

  2. The election of provincial in 1677 falls on Fray Juan de Jerez; in that year also the Dominican Fray Felipe Pardo becomes archbishop of Manila, and Auditor Coloma, the acting governor, dies; he is succeeded by Auditor Mansilla.

  3. In the common law, trespass has given rise to the offshoot branch of "ejectment", which becomes the common means of recovering possession of land, no matter what kind of title the claimant asserts.

  4. Trover becomes the normal mode of trying the title to moveable goods as the courts oblige the defendant to answer the charge of conversion without permitting him to dispute the loss and finding of the goods by the plaintiff.

  5. However one of the aborigines becomes friendly with Carey and the others.

  6. On the 5th April of this year, Secretary Wolcott wrote to Hamilton: "The management of the Treasury becomes more and more difficult.

  7. By the Rue Royale, which suddenly changes its name and becomes the Rue de la Republique after it crosses the Place du Martroi, we made our way to the Hôtel du Ville, a handsome sixteenth century building of brick and stone.

  8. Walter really becomes eloquent when launched upon his favorite subject, and indeed we all are, more or less, under the spell of Dumas and Balzac.

  9. And for my part, I hold it ill becomes a tyrant to enter the lists with private citizens.

  10. The most dangerous disease is small-pox, which history traces to Eastern Abyssinia, where it still becomes at times a violent epidemic, sweeping off its thousands.

  11. It is worked in with a needle, when it becomes permanent: applied with a pen, it requires to be renewed about once a fortnight.

  12. I would not advise polygamy amongst highly civilised races, where the sexes are nearly equal, and where reproduction becomes a minor duty.

  13. The higher ground was overgrown with a kind of cactus, which here becomes a tree, forming shady avenues.

  14. Its bark dyes cloth a dull red, and the thorn issues from a bulb which, when young and soft, is eaten by the Somal, when old it becomes woody, and hard as a nut.

  15. Though the feud thus ended, the fact of its having had existence ensures bad blood: amongst these savages treaties are of no avail, and the slightest provocation on either side becomes a signal for renewed hostilities.

  16. At this height the trees grow thicker and finer, the stones are hidden by grass and heather, and the air becomes somewhat cooler.

  17. Here Lieutenant Speke remarked that the large watercourse in which he halted becomes a torrent during the rains, carrying off the drainage towards the eastern coast.

  18. The old man broke off the bargain on his return, knowing how easily an Agency becomes a Fort, and preferring a considerable loss to the presence of dangerous friends.

  19. Leaving our mules with an attendant, we began to climb the rough and rocky gorge which, as the breadth diminishes, becomes exceedingly picturesque.

  20. And in the meantime what becomes of the body?

  21. Then turning to a policeman, he said: "If that strange creature becomes disorderly again, remove her from the room.

  22. For sailors never think of danger until that danger, whatever it might be, is imminent; and never speak of it until it becomes necessary to do so, in order to save life.

  23. At home and amongst his own people it scarce becomes an English writer to speak of himself; his public estimation must depend on his works; his private esteem on his character and his life.

  24. His soul is yet a white paper unscribbled with observations of the world, wherewith at length it becomes a blurred notebook.

  25. It is remarkable that, though coarse and ungraceful in common life, she becomes highly graceful, and even beautiful, during this performance.

  26. From henceforward his worship becomes as formidable to the ale-houses as he was before familiar; he sizes an ale-pot, and takes the dimensions of bread with great dexterity and sagacity.

  27. The impression of his respectability becomes fainter below; his trousers and boots are evidently out of shape and unequivocally seedy, and his old umbrella is a study of itself.

  28. Jack Connor marries a lord's daughter, and becomes an Irish landed gentleman.

  29. As becomes his age, he assumes the office of peacemaker between Agamemnon and Achilles; in spite of his eighty years, he still takes the field and fights in the van, though his arm is now of less value than his head.

  30. It becomes me not," answered Aphrodite, "to deny thee in this, for thou art the consort of high Jove.

  31. It becomes incomprehensible to me, as my own life wanes, how I could ever have found pleasure in taking the lives of other creatures filling their stations in the world better than I ever did.

  32. The excitement in the land, if possible, becomes more intense.

  33. The whole life at the country college becomes student life.

  34. A sheet which, though formed, is at the first press-roll too fragile to carry its own weight, becomes possessed of a final strength and power that is almost incredible.

  35. Knowing that the pod always exhibits a number of eggs greatly in excess of the enclosed peas, and that each pea is the exclusive property of one grub, we naturally ask what becomes of the superfluous grubs.

  36. When towards noon the heat becomes too great, the weevils retire into the shadow, taking refuge singly in the folds of the flowers whose secret corners they know so well.

  37. It is at the end of the upward stroke that the heel becomes most effective as a lever, and it is just then that we most need power to propel our bodies in a forward direction.

  38. The part which was its piston cord now serves as its base of fixation, and what was its base of fixation to the humerus becomes its piston cord.

  39. As the heel rises, then, it becomes a more effective lever; the muscles gain in power.

  40. As the heel is lifted by the muscles, it gradually becomes horizontal and at right angles to its tendon or piston cord.

  41. The longer we make the power arm, the nearer we push the fulcrum towards the weight or resistance end, the greater becomes our power.

  42. The foot becomes flat and flexible, and can no longer serve as a lever.

  43. This rag pulp, now called half stock, is kept in this receptacle until the water and liquor are thoroughly drained off, when it becomes a white and compact mass of fibers.

  44. When the several agencies of the "washer" have accomplished their purpose and the water runs clear and unsullied, a bleaching material is put into the mass, which in the course of from two to six hours becomes as white as milk.

  45. But even with all those precautions, we have to confess that the muscular engines of the foot do sometimes break down, and the leverage of the foot becomes threatened.

  46. It ran as follows: "After examining one by one the different theories, rejecting all other suggestions, it becomes necessary to admit the existence of a marine animal of enormous power.

  47. When the apparatus is at work this gas becomes luminous, giving out a white and continuous light.

  48. When, however, the diaphragm contracts so that breath is drawn into the lungs to their full capacity, it becomes practically flat.

  49. Neither cocoa nor any other fluids should be taken after a porridge meal, or the stomach becomes filled with too much liquid, and indigestion results.

  50. Keep stirring it with a knife, until it becomes a smooth and thickish mass.

  51. By love are blest the gods on high, Frail man becomes a deity When love to him is given; 'Tis love that makes the heavens shine With hues more radiant, more divine, And turns dull earth to heaven!

  52. He extends his hand--the sun vanishes, and it becomes suddenly night.

  53. The stem shortens and becomes gnarled and twisted.

  54. The western hemlock is, however, superior to the eastern hemlock, and its value will probably be recognized as its usefulness for many purposes becomes better known.

  55. As the tree becomes older the rate of growth varies with the situation and the character of the soil so that the size does not closely determine the age of the tree.

  56. Ascending from the river bottoms to the lower slopes of the dividing ridges the forest becomes more open and the trees are smaller.

  57. Near timber line the trunk is dwarfed and bent at the base and the crown becomes a flattened mass of branches lying close to the ground (fig.

  58. On the mature tree it becomes gray and fibrous.

  59. At its upper limit it becomes a stunted shrub, with wide extended branches resting on the ground.

  60. And where this improved case occupies a position opposite the "general delivery" window, many individuals soon learn the location of the box where their letters should be, and in case it is empty, inquiry becomes unnecessary.

  61. For we possess an innate love of truth and an aversion to falsehood, so that what delights us when it seems to be true becomes disagreeable and unpleasant when its falseness is made manifest.

  62. So, finally, it happens that physical exercise, even if it was at first undertaken for pleasure, becomes a torture when continued without interruption.

  63. His caprice Becomes the soul that animates them all.

  64. Perhaps, though by profession ghostly pure, He, too, may have his vice, and sometimes prove Less dainty than becomes his grave outside In lucrative concerns.

  65. What should be, and what was an hour-glass once, Becomes a dice-box, and a billiard mast Well does the work of his destructive scythe.

  66. There, touched by Reynolds, a dull blank becomes A lucid mirror, in which nature sees All her reflected features.

  67. It only turns sour and becomes error when not used, and when the owner forces another to accept it.

  68. Things grow plain as we analyze them to others--by explaining to another the matter becomes luminous to ourselves.

  69. When one person becomes angry with another, his mental processes work overtime making up a list of the other's faults and failings.

  70. He takes more exercise and keeps on until he gets "stale"--that is, he becomes sore and lame.

  71. When the leader gets melancholia, the shop has it--the whole place becomes tinted with ultra-marine.

  72. The white man who marries an Indian woman becomes an Indian and their children are Indians.

  73. It probably took its origin in the assumed fact that the soul becomes divine in the same rate as the connection with the body is loosened.

  74. It is still thought by many that witchcraft, like hydrophobia, is contagious, and that the person, if only slightly scratched by a witch, rapidly becomes one.

  75. So school life becomes an experiment in Christian democracy, where a girl counts only for what she can do and be; where each member contributes something to the life of the group and receives something from it.

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