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  1. At each vibration the same unlocking takes place, but as soon as the wheel tooth falls from the slope, the opposite pallet is prepared to receive the advancing tooth of the escapement-wheel, and so on in succession beat after beat takes place.

  2. In connection with this detent is also another projecting piece, which is carried inside the frame, and when it falls presents a broad surface to a pin fixed in the rim of one of the wheels.

  3. Which way the tree falls has nothing to do with the consciousness of the tree, but has to do only with the direction of the prevailing and controlling force.

  4. One may be, and often is, born with such an imperfect equipment that he cannot make his adjustments to life, and soon falls a victim to crime and disease.

  5. Whatever catastrophe overtakes it and the time it falls depend not upon the will of the machine, but upon the character of the machine that starts on the journey and the road it travels.

  6. He may get along when work is easy to get and wages are good, but in dull times he falls behind, and is in hopeless trouble.

  7. Many a pretty plan in life tumbles down so, Miss Lucy, and falls on its back.

  8. The hair is parted on the forehead, and falls in heavy locks on each side.

  9. But that it falls short is so generally acknowledged, that various other explanations have been offered.

  10. Extravagant as Oken’s expression seemed to many when it was published, it now falls short of the legitimate demands of science, and I may add, of religion.

  11. Both men were to suffer more than falls to the ordinary lot, and the life of one, some part of whose story is here to be told, was nothing else but tragedy.

  12. Silence falls for a little on the company.

  13. You're right there,' answers the other, 'if he falls all is over.

  14. Across the moss-hags, where the horses plunge in the ooze and the mist encircles the troopers, he is hunting his Covenanting prey, and catches the fearless face of some peasant zealot as he falls pierced with bullets.

  15. It is the penalty of once yielding to distrust that a person falls into the habit of suspicion, and the latent jealousy of Livingstone began to work like poison in Dundee's blood.

  16. Set either instrumentalist by himself, and he will manage to stumble through a tune; but put the whole orchestra together, and the result usually falls short of what should be harmony.

  17. The forest falls before the axe of the Pakeha; the Maori birds have flown away, and strange Pakeha birds fly above the new cornfields; the Pakeha rat has chased away the kiore; there are Pakeha boats on our waters, Pakeha fish in our rivers.

  18. Every eye is upon her, gazing at her with undisguised admiration; and every ear is humbly bent to catch the slightest whisper that falls from her lips.

  19. It waters an extensive valley, and, flowing north-westerly, falls into the Kaipara Harbour, some miles below Helensville.

  20. A deep, semi-circular bay falls back from the river, bordered with a belt of dazzling shingle.

  21. The sunlight falls in patches here and there, through the canopy of branches far overhead, and occasionally there occur little glades and dells and openings, quite open to the light.

  22. The greatest genius which runs through the arts and sciences takes a kind of tincture from them and falls unavoidably into imitation.

  23. Human nature is the same in all reasonable creatures; and whatever falls in with it will meet with admirers amongst readers of all qualities and conditions.

  24. These hidden pit-falls were set very thick at the entrance of the bridge, so that throngs of people no sooner broke through the cloud but many of them fell into them.

  25. In the next words he particularises one of those fruits of friendship which is described at length by the two famous authors above-mentioned, and falls into a general eulogium of friendship, which is very just as well as very sublime.

  26. He either chatters senilely, or falls into the long trances of age.

  27. Dravot he shoots above their heads and they all falls down flat.

  28. When the overseer misses the rope once and falls among the rowers, remember the hero laughs at him and gets licked for it.

  29. Then, whatever trouble falls is in the ordinary course of things--neither sudden, alien nor unexpected.

  30. But, to-day when the rain falls and the river rises, I creep into my hut and whimper like a dog.

  31. The old chap falls flat on his face at Dravot's feet and kisses 'em.

  32. Pleasant is the lot of the special correspondent who falls into such hands as those of Privates Mulvaney, Ortheris, and Learoyd.

  33. When a man begins to sink in India, and is not sent Home by his friends as soon as may be, he falls very low from a respectable point of view.

  34. By way of a reminder, when me and the Army was eighteen hundred yards away, I drops a bullet near him standing on the snow, and all the people falls flat on their faces.

  35. When he falls asleep as he rides and rolls off his horse our sympathies are with him, though we fully appreciate the force of the Maunciple's plea that he shall not be permitted to tell his tale.

  36. He falls in love with Cressida at first sight and at once despairs of winning her.

  37. Elda tells Alle, King of Northumberland, of the wonderful maiden at his castle, and Alle is about to visit her when dire distress falls upon the three friends.

  38. Trivet gives us lurid details concerning the vengeance that falls on Alle's mother.

  39. The lot falls on the youngest, but no sooner has he gone than the two who remain plot to murder him when he comes back, since there will be the more gold for them if he is out of the way.

  40. In the Monkes Tale Chaucer draws his stories of the falls of illustrious men from all kinds of sources.

  41. The poet, as usual, falls asleep and has a dream.

  42. The earlier part of Book I, which describes how Troilus first catches sight of Cressida in the temple and at once falls in love with her, is taken almost literally from Boccaccio, but the entrance of Pandarus strikes a new note.

  43. The poet falls asleep on the tenth day of December, and dreams that he is in a temple of glass.

  44. That which falls upon stony ground fails of germination; that which falls upon poor soil will germinate, but will die of drought or be scorched by the sun; that which falls upon good soil will develop into a good plant.

  45. How far short our ordinary training falls of giving our various capacities their full development is shown by the exquisite acuteness of touch and of hearing acquired by children who become blind in infancy.

  46. The rod falls heavily on Jérôme de Lalande, the mathematician and astronomer who continues the work of Montucla, publicly and in a humiliating way, the blow being given by his colleagues who are thus delegated for the purpose.

  47. Early in July he reached the mouth of the Richelieu, but on arriving at Chambly he found it quite impossible to pass the falls with his shallop.

  48. Champlain also over-estimates considerably the height of the Rideau Falls and is not very exact in his calculation of latitude.

  49. And at last we parted, in that wistful silence that falls upon the mood when two spirits have achieved a certain nearness of thought, have drawn as close as the strange fence of identity allows.

  50. Ere the night falls the wayfarer will push the familiar gate open, and see the lamplit windows of home, with the dark chimneys and gables outlined against the green sky.

  51. But its position is selected with admirable art; the ground falls steeply in front of it, and you look out over a wide valley, at the end of which Windermere lies, a tract of sapphire blue, among wooded hills and dark ranges.

  52. One believes, or tries to believe, that the Father of all has room in his mind for the smallest of his creatures; that not a sparrow, as Christ said, falls to the ground without his tender care.

  53. A ray of light falls through a chink in a shutter; through the ray, as we watch it, floats an infinite array of tiny motes, and it is through the striking of the light upon them that we are aware of the light; but they are never the same.

  54. WHY DOUGH FALLS When the yeast cells have absorbed or consumed all the food that they can obtain from the sugar, flour, etc.

  55. The water falls continually over the coffee and produces a uniform cup.

  56. While still beneath it one of them blows, sending aloft a spout that, returning in a shower of spray, falls upon the leaves with a pattering as of heavy rain.

  57. It is a handsome face, moreover, framed in a profusion of blonde hair, which falls curling down cheeks of ruddy hue.

  58. Up all the night preceding and through all that day, with his mind constantly on the rack, his tired frame at length succumbs, and he falls asleep.

  59. Forward falls they have and many; every now and then a wild up-throwing of arms ends with a fall at full length upon the face.

  60. Oh, Egmont, how enviable a lot falls to thee!

  61. Then, when this body falls in funeral fire, My name shall live, and my best part aspire.

  62. In somewhat more advanced societies the office falls into the hands of families and descends from father to son, in which case the younger man is instructed by the older in the secrets of the profession.

  63. As any sacred book belongs to a particular age, it inevitably, in the course of time, falls into disaccord with later ideas on certain points.

  64. Tell your father that so far from my living on Bob, it is as much as I can do to keep this place going by my work--not to mention the worry of it, which always falls on the woman.

  65. When she falls asleep, there she is, a besotted heap tumbled anyhow into bed, snoring and grunting like a pig.

  66. When the young man hears the reports of this beauty, he forthwith falls in love with her, and, although he has never seen her, declares he "will marry her and no other.

  67. Any one can steal a squaw, and if he chooses afterward to make an adequate present to her rightful proprietor, the easy husband for the most part rests content; his vengeance falls asleep, and all danger from that quarter is averted.

  68. The principal labor falls to the lot of the women" (I.

  69. She sees the Brahman Tscharudatta in the temple garden of Kama, the god of love, and forthwith falls in love with him, as he does with her, though he is married.

  70. When an Indian sees her he straightway falls desperately in love.

  71. He falls in love with a woman, because she is a woman.

  72. Sakuntala's royal lover wastes away so rapidly that in a few days his bracelet falls from his attenuated arm, and Sakuntala herself becomes so weak that she cannot rise, and is supposed to have sunstroke!

  73. When a young Bushman falls in love, he sends his sister to ask permission to pay his addresses; with becoming modesty the girl holds off in a playful, yet not scornful or repulsive manner if she likes him.

  74. If a wife falls ill on the way to a new camping-place, she is left behind to perish.

  75. It happens with infinitely greater frequency that a European falls in love with his black companion than she with him; or rather the latter does not happen at all.

  76. If all these writers are correct then my theory falls to the ground and romantic love must be conceded to be at least four thousand years old, instead of less than one thousand.

  77. Its moral may be summed up in this advice to a wife: "If your husband falls in love with a younger woman and brings her home, let him, for he is a victim of Cupid and cannot help it.

  78. E'en in the firmest states fundamental laws are dissolving; Property falls away from the hand of the ancient possessor; Friend is parted from friend; and so parts lover from lover.

  79. But the moon-struck idealist falls in love with the beautiful Helena and, disregarding orders, attempts to hold her fast.

  80. Then must I too, when falls the veil of night, Stretch'd on my pallet languish in despair.

  81. He had visited Niagara Falls and was to make an oration at Buffalo the same day, but, unfortunately, he sat too long over the wine after dinner.

  82. This is all very well in farce, but such anti-climax becomes painful when the speaker falls from the sublime to the ridiculous quite unintentionally.

  83. Thus the spark of fire that falls is the occasion of an explosion, but the cause of the havoc is the relation between charcoal, niter and saltpeter.

  84. This book stands or falls by its authors' attitude toward its subject.

  85. I was at Niagara Falls lecturing, and after the lecture I went to the hotel, and when I went up to the desk there stood there a millionaire's son from New York.

  86. Pausing After An Important Idea Gives it Time to Penetrate Any Missouri farmer will tell you that a rain that falls too fast will run off into the creeks and do the crops but little good.

  87. Then the tears come rolling down from the poor scraper's eyes and the bow falls from his hand.

  88. Their long black hair falls over their shoulders and partly hides their faces.

  89. The crimson curtains are half let down, and through them a magic light falls on the picture within.

  90. In one of his falls he managed so badly that he hurt his leg seriously.

  91. When the liquid contracts in the bulb, the mercury rises in this arm of the tube, which is graduated from above downward, but falls in the other arm.

  92. So that, through the hopes of emolument in one part of his subjects, and the fear of his resentment in the other, all opposition falls before him.

  93. It is the practice in our family, that the whole business of providing for its subsistence falls upon my sister and myself.

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