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  1. For thus saith the Lord to the men of Juda and Jerusalem: Break up anew your fallow ground, and sow not upon thorns: 4:4.

  2. Sow for yourselves in justice, and reap in the mouth of mercy, break up your fallow ground: but the time to seek the Lord is, when he shall come that shall teach you justice.

  3. These plaines doe abound with hares, fallow deer, partridges, and bustards.

  4. At Sutton Benger eastward is a gravelly field called Barrets, which is sown every year onely with barley: it hath not lain fallow in the memory of the oldest man's grandfather there.

  5. The deer of the forest of Groveley were the largest of fallow deer in England, but some doe affirm the deer of Cranborne Chase to be larger than Groveley.

  6. Hunt and Palmer, keepers there, did averre that they knew seven thousand head of deere in that parke; all fallow deere.

  7. On the fallow land the young wheat shone silkily.

  8. A few shocks of corn in a corner of the fallow stood up as if alive; she imagined them bowing; perhaps her son would be a Joseph.

  9. If he do not till the field, but let it lie fallow, he shall give grain like his neighbor's to the owner of the field, and the field which he let lie fallow he must plow and sow and return to its owner.

  10. Its introduction broadens the basis of cultivation, provides a revenue from land that would otherwise lie fallow and is a useful element in any system of rotation.

  11. They spread political songs among each other, such as: "To seek silver to the King, I my seed sold; wherefore my land lieth fallow and learneth to sleep.

  12. There was three way rotation of wheat or rye, oats or barley, and fallow land.

  13. Otherwise, you may lie in fallow the year long.

  14. The Fallow field farmer held his length of crape aloft and inquired: 'What shall do with this?

  15. I met a fellow in a gig about ten miles out of Fallow field, and he gave me a lift to Flatsham.

  16. Fresh horses at Hillford; fresh at Fallow field: and the gentleman himself would reach Lymport fresh in the morning.

  17. For one night, as he was riding home from Fallow field, and just entering the gates of the town, a mounted trooper spurred furiously past, and slashing out at him, gashed his thigh.

  18. I cannot forget our old Fallow field school-life, you see, my dears.

  19. The old hole of a Sand-martin in a railway cutting, a crevice in a stone wall, the lee side of a boulder stone, or merely the shelter of a clod of earth in a fallow field serves his purpose.

  20. It would come tripping blithely along a certain road on its way from one rough fallow field to another, a most dainty, and I fancied then, even foreign-looking little creature.

  21. The nest is placed on the ground, more rarely among corn or meadow grass, but rather on fallow ground or clover field, among low thick growth; it assimilates so closely with its surroundings that it is difficult to discover.

  22. The cultivated land was divided into three large fields, in which the rotation of crops was strictly enforced, each field lying fallow once in three years.

  23. But he was obliged to sow the same crop as his neighbour, and compelled by law to allow his lot to lie fallow with the rest every third year.

  24. The Countess's epistolary English does small credit to her Fallow field education; but it is feminine, and flows more than her ordinary speech.

  25. I came, I heard that you had disgraced yourself in drunkenness at Fallow field, and I toiled to eclipse that, and I did.

  26. But it was Beckley that took the joyful treble--Fallow field the deeply--cursing bass.

  27. Pleasure of meeting you once in Fallow field!

  28. The results of this small passage of arms were, that Evan's disclosure at Fallow field was annulled in the mind of Harry Jocelyn, and the latter gentleman became the happy slave of the Countess de Saldar.

  29. The beautiful Mrs. Strike was a completer vindicator of him; though he had queer associates, and talked oddly of his family that night in Fallow field.

  30. But her mother had written to say she would wait for Evan in Fallow field!

  31. Ten minutes later he was on horseback by the Fallow field gates, with the tidings shrieking through his frame.

  32. We're not accustomed to this in Fallow field.

  33. Fallow field's defeat--should such be the result of the contest--he knows now will be laid at his door.

  34. The Countess has sent Mr. Harrington to Fallow field to be out of the way, and she has told her mother all sorts of falsehoods.

  35. At the foot of the downs, on a plain of grass, stood a white booth topped by a flag, which signalled that on that spot Fallow field and Beckley were contending.

  36. He had gone, as the Countess said aloud, on a diplomatic mission to Fallow field, with Andrew Cogglesby.

  37. They have great abundance of poultry, as likewise of red and fallow deer, with wild boars, hares, goats, and kine.

  38. They have plenty of venison of several kinds, as red and fallow deer, elks, and antelopes.

  39. These mountains are frequented by herds of fallow deer, that range about it in perfect security.

  40. The discovery of the uses of the bare fallow and of manure, by making it possible to raise crops from the same area for an indefinite period, marks a stage of progress.

  41. The summer fallow with repeated ploughing was its basis.

  42. The seventh year's fallow prevented the exhaustion of the soil, which was further enriched by the burning of the weeds and spontaneous growth of the Sabbatical year.

  43. The fallow received a third ploughing in September, and was sown about Michaelmas.

  44. Plough the fallow in early spring, and plough frequently--twice in winter, twice in summer unless your land is poor, when a light ploughing in September will do.

  45. Either let the land lie fallow every other year or else let spelt follow pulse, vetches or lupine.

  46. So the hare ambled along her line of flight--a wide, horse-shoe curve that began and ended in the fallow on the slope.

  47. The expression, "fallow bondage," means a bondage of sleep and idleness.

  48. And then began what Stopford Brooke has called "the ten fallow years in the life of Tennyson.

  49. This hiatus of ten years in the life of our poet is very similar to the thirteen fallow years in the career of Browning.

  50. The Irish elk, which was common in Europe throughout the glacial and post-glacial periods, living down nearly or quite to the historic period, was nothing more than a gigantic fallow deer.

  51. The fallow fields glitter like water indeed, And gossamers twitter, flung from weed unto weed.

  52. Lord Barnard's awa to the green wood, To hunt the fallow deer; His vassals a' are gane wi him, His companie to bear.

  53. T is I wull send to that wadding, And I wul follow syne, The fitches o the fallow deer An the gammons o the swine, An the nine hides o the noble cow; 'T was slain in season time.

  54. The employment of manure and the rotation of crops are almost unknown; the fields are generally allowed to lie fallow in alternate years.

  55. The red deer, the fallow deer and the roe exist in northern Greece, but are becoming scarce.

  56. In the Forest of Dean and in the New Forest, the dark and pale coloured herds of fallow deer have never been known to intermingle.

  57. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "fallow" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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