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Example sentences for "ambled"

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ambitious; ambitiously; ambivalence; ambivalent; amble; ambles; ambling; ambo; ambon; ambos
  1. He beckoned to the girl and ambled backward towards the entrance, obediently followed by Perpetua.

  2. Thus Don Tiburcio, a loyal Imperialist, read the finger posts as he ambled down the crooked path.

  3. Driscoll nodded, and off the old Mexican ambled with the flask.

  4. Six hundred real-estate men and wives ambled down the autumnal paths.

  5. For these valuable revelations she thanked him, and they ambled into the familiar gossip of the Bunch.

  6. Griffin, as he ambled across to Carry-on-Merry and seized the Gold Wand.

  7. It was thus that the Griffin ambled in trailing his Lord Mayor's robes behind him, and smiling aimlessly from right to left upon everybody present.

  8. The lonely cows ambled inquisitively toward me, and were evidently greatly appreciative of a thorough milking, though few cared to drink milk from cows pastured in that poisoned zone, where every inch of ground was septic.

  9. While waiting there a Hun howitzer shell ambled lazily over my head and exploded a couple of hundred yards beyond, throwing up a great cloud of black smoke.

  10. Henry, however, instead of letting go, ambled at the dog with wide open mouth, thoroughly angered and determined to finish with his teeth the battle he had begun with his paws.

  11. It was then that the Overland Riders saw what had so frightened her, for a black bear ambled out from under the table and began gulping down the venison from Emma's overturned plate.

  12. Henry, who had been out of sight ever since the arrival of the two men, had ambled into camp observed only by Emma Dean who hugged herself delightedly when she saw the bear's intention.

  13. No you don't," shouted Hippy as the bear ambled across the road in pursuit of the injured pup.

  14. A scream out there followed almost instantly, for Henry had ambled around the house to make the acquaintance of Anne Nesbit.

  15. I waved my hat to them in token of farewell, and digging my spurless heels into the flanks of my horse, I ambled down through the biting wind and drifting snow, into the town.

  16. And when my party ambled into Kearney, that sultry, dusty June day, grimy with dirt and perspiring, we all were in ripe condition for a swim.

  17. Beneath all that burden, she ambled along without a murmur, swinging her ears to help her outwalk the rest, except Don, who kept up a dog-trot.

  18. I rode Mac, and about three feet to our right ambled Cheese, a chain connecting his bit with my saddlehorn.

  19. About dark, May first, my small caravan ambled into the village of Ashton, and my bugle blasts aroused the nodding inhabitants sufficiently to give me a fair audience for a lecture.

  20. It was long after dark when we travelers ambled into Brockton and put up for the night.

  21. Just one minute after dark we ambled into town, and were escorted to the famous spot where Horace Greeley first stepped on California soil.

  22. The old butler bowed, and ambled from the room, and for a long while Siward sat sullenly listening and scoring the edges of the paper with his trembling pencil.

  23. But the old servant may have misunderstood, for he only bowed and ambled off downstairs with the decanter, either heedless or deaf to his master's sharp order to return.

  24. The two old bucks ambled off to drink Lucy Warrender's health; they wished her well.

  25. There was a little stir of consternation among the listeners; and it did not help matters that the man on horseback ambled up at the moment and drew rein behind the doctor's vehicle.

  26. It was the sinister-faced Mexican who ambled into view, and when he overtook the rearmost of the buckboards he was a long time in passing.

  27. At night the three comrades, somewhat the worse for wine, ambled up Embajadores Street, turning into the surrounding road.

  28. The man told them to move on and they ambled down toward the Paseo de la Florida, thence through Virgen del Puerto Avenue to the Ronda de Segovia.

  29. Finally picking it up, he backed away from some curious eyes that had gathered, and ambled off toward the Kentucky river.

  30. For five miles they ambled along, and when the doctor stopped at a watering place--he had been told to stop there--the others caught up with him.

  31. A horseman appeared in the distance, and ambled toward them.

  32. First they ambled easily around the track to study the ground.

  33. I ambled over to thet ol' buckskin bag o' bones and guv her a crack over the ridge-pole with my riata, but she never even looked at me.

  34. Her expression of injured innocence as she ambled quietly back roused Doctor Powell's mirth and Bronco's ire.

  35. When Peanut was properly cared for, his master ambled carelessly along the street until he reached the swinging doors of the bar-room of the Willcox Hotel.

  36. Fong appeared at the door of the men's kitchen, looked across at the group, then ambled over and addressed the foreman.

  37. To the disgust as well as amazement of Holy, Walton ambled along at his side, and finally, tugging at the cowboy's blue flannel sleeve, drew him to a bench on the edge of the sidewalk.

  38. The horse ambled on through the outskirts of the town.

  39. The horse, left to its own initiative, ambled lazily to the crest of a little rise that commanded a view of the town of Tournayville beyond.

  40. Number two came ashore and ambled inland without being molested.

  41. He received my pating and expressions of satisfaction with unbounded joy and seemed to know he had done something to be proud of, for he ambled up the sandbank and slid down to the water several times in rapid succession.

  42. For a moment it regarded us--and then trotted trustfully through; ambled up to us; poked its head against my side.

  43. The little beast ambled along serenely, sure-footed as all its mountain kind, and docile to darkness and guidance.

  44. The third bear, with a growl, ambled into the bushes and disappeared.

  45. Even Tad Butler followed the rest when the bear ambled toward him.

  46. They ducked, dodged, and ambled around him, over logs and bushes, and not even a near approach would drive them to flight.

  47. He ambled leisurely toward the gateway, and the Angel said: "Now, we may have a chance, at last.

  48. He lifted his head, waddled from her a few steps, awkwardly ambled back, and gave her such a simple sort of kiss on her beak that Freckles burst into a laugh, but clapped his hand over his mouth to stifle the sound.

  49. It often happened that, being deep in the fortunes of my story book friends, I did not notice when old Major ambled off the road in quest of a nibble of clover, and would sometimes come to with a start to find myself lying in the ditch.

  50. I have a dreadful fear that I will find my real self sitting in the road somewhere, tumbled off old Major's back as he ambled along, reading in some book of romance the wonderful things that are happening to this new, strange self.

  51. Harriet ambled placidly back to her room and Migwan began hunting through her closet for her raincoat and rubbers.

  52. The stone lifted, a sniff or two, a lick of his hot, flat tongue, and he ambled on to the next.

  53. Instinctively we all rose; the Weasel, muttering and smiling, ambled to the dark entry.

  54. However, I spoke to them so cuttingly that they relapsed into injured silence and ambled along on either side of me without serious offence to passing citizens.

  55. As though he had heard his name spoken, the ubiquitous Pedro ambled in, slowly, and with a bored expression upon his ugly countenance.

  56. Hardy ambled into the room, and looked around in the most casual way.

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