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Example sentences for "appreciative"

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appreciated; appreciates; appreciating; appreciation; appreciations; appreciatively; appreciator; appreciators; apprehend; apprehended
  1. They also terraced the sides of the glen and constructed seats of turf, and addresses and poems were delivered there to most appreciative audiences.

  2. You must be longing to get back to them, as they are so much more appreciative and polite than our men over here!

  3. That was another English characteristic of Dick Victor--he hated disorder, and was not appreciative of uproar on his return from a day's work.

  4. Richard Steele, by Austin Dobson, in the English Worthies Series, 1886; a brief but appreciative study.

  5. I regarded it then, and still regard it, as the Mecca of all appreciative humanity.

  6. From Chicago the company went to St. Louis, thence to Cincinnati and other large cities, and everywhere drew large and appreciative houses.

  7. And never was there fairer picture to more appreciative eyes than those same lumbering, clumsy animals, and never sweeter music than the harsh staccato of the bullwhips.

  8. Carter Hazzard, mopping his forehead, and appreciative of Miss Page's beauty and the maturer charms of Miss Girard.

  9. Miss Toland did not once interrupt her; she listened in an appreciative silence.

  10. On Wednesday morning an intelligent and appreciative audience assembled in the chapel to listen to the commencement exercises.

  11. After another all too swiftly fleeting school year, the commencement season is ushered in by the very able baccalaureate sermon delivered to a large and appreciative audience by the Rev.

  12. I am deeply appreciative of what you have already achieved, and wish to assure you of my continued prayers for the success of your painstaking efforts and the realization of your dearest wish in the service of our beloved Faith.

  13. Our Indian friends, who have been so appreciative of her last visit to them, must have been particularly affected by such an irretrievable loss.

  14. She was temporarily buried on Cheyenne Mountain, and on her former grave has accumulated a large cairn of stones, contributed singly by appreciative pilgrims.

  15. More appreciative was the little eight-year-old girl whose ascent of Long's Peak I have told of in "Wild Life on the Rockies.

  16. Presently her agreeable voice sounded in appreciative recitation of what she was reading.

  17. The most obtrusive object in one of the long vistas is a most complicated monument to Madame Catalani, the singer, recently erected by her possibly too-appreciative heirs.

  18. Appreciative though the southern countries are of their northern neighbor, they cling nevertheless to their heritage from Spain and Portugal in whatever seems conducive to the maintenance of their own ideals of life and thought.

  19. A more appreciative company never listened to it.

  20. For one thing, Sir George had been unmistakably appreciative of her beauty, and her soft voice and pretty manners.

  21. He reported Evan as convalescent in body and mind, and so appreciative of the verses on the Old Boys' Match in the July Mag.

  22. There was, however, a short break between each, which Carpenter was inclined to spend in boring Rutter with appreciative comments upon the striking mural decorations of the great schoolroom in which the examination was held.

  23. But the majority of its members were very much alive and still well-padded; and, far from being on a pale diet, were deeply appreciative of the famous culinary resources of the chef, and showed it.

  24. A wise wife will give him the loving, full-of-faith, appreciative atmosphere which encourages development.

  25. She was the confidante, the counsellor, the optimistic teacher, and the appreciative audience for six children and a husband, besides a lot of neighbors who carried their troubles to her.

  26. Fontenelle sought to prove that a glass of Champagne was better than a bottle of Burgundy,[163] the impartially appreciative agreed with Panard that 'Old Burgundy and young Champagne At table boast an equal reign.

  27. These are rare and unfortunately the stage artist appreciative of the significations and emotional value of light and color is still rarer.

  28. If they do not contribute directly to the development of the art of mobile light, they are at least aiding in developing what may eventually be an appreciative public.

  29. They are far more appreciative than the occasion warrants," I answered.

  30. Yes, it is; and the bustle of the streets makes one more appreciative of the quiet of the Museum.

  31. I have visited clubs in many parts of the country, and have made good and abiding friends among countless golfers, and it is but a poor expression of my feelings to say that I am very appreciative and deeply grateful.

  32. With an amused yet appreciative smile, putting in now and then a question shrewd and to the point, he heard my tale to the end.

  33. His guest was so genial and friendly and appreciative of the scones and the currant cake that he began to upbraid himself for churlishness in allowing anything like a suspicion of this pleasant gentleman to linger in his mind.

  34. And yet his election had brought him at once into a certain prominence, and doubtless Will was duly appreciative of the honor bestowed upon him.

  35. He was a fine-looking young man and of most agreeable manners, so that soon both Will and Foster were delighted with him personally and appreciative of the honor of the visit from their visitor.

  36. Its devotees grow in appreciative enjoyment with repeated summerings.

  37. Those who camp out under their own canvas are likely to be Yosemite's most appreciative devotees.

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