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Example sentences for "appreciation"

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appreciably; appreciate; appreciated; appreciates; appreciating; appreciations; appreciative; appreciatively; appreciator; appreciators
  1. Mr. Montrose went with them, and he smiled in appreciation at what the three chums said.

  2. The others told him about the dog that had scared the horses, and then the boys, having expressed their appreciation of what the professor had done, helped the men steady the boat for the rest of the trip.

  3. Across the top of the card is written "With grateful appreciation of your sympathy," or "It is a comfort to feel that we have your sympathy in our loss.

  4. If invited, he should avail himself of the permission within a short time, by way of showing his appreciation of the compliment.

  5. The owners appear to have chosen all the most picturesque sites-- tracts of level ground at the foot of wooded heights, or little havens with bits of white sandy beach--as if they had an appreciation of natural beauty.

  6. I found here a native poet, who had written some pretty verses, showing an appreciation of the natural beauties of the country, and was told that the Archbishop of Bahia, the primate of Brazil, was a native of Cameta.

  7. I would like to show my appreciation in some way.

  8. When the boys and girls came home to dinner she was glad she had stayed and made it, for their delight and appreciation amply repaid her for the trouble.

  9. The early Greek appreciation of craft is probably expressed in their deification of theft and deception in Hermes.

  10. The modern conscience, resting back upon a higher appreciation of human dignity and worth, is seeking to work out a social and economic order that shall combine both the Greek and the mediaeval ideas.

  11. Its error lies in conceiving this immediate response of appreciation as if it excluded reflection instead of following directly upon its heels.

  12. God thus, then, testifying in calling this son of Ham to build his Temple, his appreciation of Ham and his race.

  13. Ralph, dropping down in the chair opposite Mrs. Scollard and stretching out his long legs in just the same sort of appreciation of the heat that the dog and the cat showed.

  14. Ralph and Snigs and their fine mother were comforts in those black days, but it was on Miss Bradbury that the Scollards found themselves relying with hourly increasing appreciation of her strength.

  15. His concluding words implied a gratifying appreciation of her everyday looks; so she let it pass, and the angry red subsided from her forehead.

  16. The jail chaplain is an admirable man, and I am sure will do his utmost to bring him to an appreciation of doctrinal truth, especially if Mr. Bunce were to write to him, as I shall see that he does.

  17. Very few people have any just appreciation of the comparative cost of punishment and prevention in the treatment of crime.

  18. Bones, his curiosity overcoming his respect for age or his appreciation of probity, followed her, and was thrilled to discover that she made straight for his office.

  19. Sooner or later those poems of his must be offered to the appreciation of a larger audience.

  20. On the 31st of August of the same year a series of proposals upon the currency question was submitted to congress by the president, whose real object was to counteract the too rapid appreciation of the inconvertible paper money.

  21. A faint appreciation of sunsets and storms is taught us in youth, and kept alive by novels and flirtations; but the broad, imperial splendor of this summer noon!

  22. There was a dramatic instinct, an appreciation of surprise, of climax, in this man's mind that he proceeded to apply to the existing situation.

  23. He felt equal at the moment to participating in a crime if to do so were to win a smile of genuine appreciation from Honor Krige.

  24. Her eyes, looking out from the shade of her helmet, dwelt with intense appreciation upon the shimmering landscape.

  25. She listened complacently to the general appreciation of this delicious preserve which she made according to a recipe that had been in the family for generations.

  26. Despite your appreciation of the postal arrangements of this country, there is a leakage somewhere.

  27. Which remark, calling for contradiction, making too a special claim upon his gratitude, moved him to express warm appreciation of her consistent kindness, and his deep regret at the thought of departure.

  28. They sat down on a small strip of sand with a rock at their backs, and for a while remained silent, contemplating the scene in quiet appreciation that defied expression and lent itself to the prevailing peace.

  29. How strange,' she cried; 'I was just talking about you, and saying you were the only one of the boys who never wrote expressing appreciation of the Y.

  30. Names have not been mentioned in the book, but the writer would like to express his personal gratitude and appreciation to every one.

  31. A cheer showed the boys' appreciation of their little colonel's sentiment, and the regiment of the Dauphin became one of the most popular organisations in Paris.

  32. You will see that I can be silent too," and child though he was, he showed from that moment a quick understanding and appreciation of the humility necessary to real greatness.

  33. Educated under such influences, it is not to be wondered at that Washington's deportment towards his mother at all times, testified his appreciation of her elevated character, and the excellence of her lessons.

  34. There has been a similar growth in the appreciation of Oriental rugs.

  35. Native appreciation is also apparent in the present workmanship of the district weavers.

  36. Such colours and drawing show that the early Asia Minor weavers had an intense appreciation of the ennobling qualities of beauty and harmony.

  37. With all his atrocious barbarities he had a higher appreciation of art than his Mongolian predecessors.

  38. It is indeed the wonderful harmonies of exquisite tints chosen by the touch of genius from a palette of many thousand pigments that awaken the appreciation of the luxurious splendour of the East.

  39. Humanity so weak, so lacking in appreciation of his possibilities, so groveling when he should soar, has been endowed with powers that give him control over the destiny of the race.

  40. There may be admiration of beauty, there may be appreciation of intellectual qualities, there may be a recognition of magnetic personal attraction, but none of these is love.

  41. The final judgment as to beauty can come only from one who combines a delicate appreciation of technique with a wide insight into life and a sane perspective of its values.

  42. The sting lies not so much in the loss of personal pleasures as in the lack of appreciation and return; to do our part when others are not doing theirs takes, indeed, a touch of saintliness.

  43. Hearty appreciation of the wonder and beauty in life.

  44. But in its proper sense, culture is far more than that; it is the comprehension of the meaning of life and the appreciation of its beauty.

  45. In order to arrive at an appreciation of fugues, the student perhaps can not do better than to begin with some of the two-part inventions of Bach, which, while not following the fugue form strictly, approximate it very nearly.

  46. Without the background of living musical appreciation of this kind, the highest flights of the composer will pass as mere noise and fury, the hearer being in no whit uplifted or inspired.

  47. Thus Shakespeare was never taught the principles of dramatic art; Bach had an instinctive appreciation of the laws of harmony; and Turner had the same insight into laws of painting.

  48. Of course, knowledge is not all; it is in artistic appreciation that true character-drawing consists.

  49. General Flahaut, who had gone to meet the King of Saxony with a part of the imperial Guard, received from this good king the most flattering testimonials of appreciation and gratitude.

  50. The truth is, James and Bergson pursued through many years lines of thought of similar tendency but of independent development, though each has repeatedly taken occasion to express his appreciation of the work of the other.

  51. Optimism Metchnikoff regards as the natural philosophy of old age when a proper appreciation of the value of life is attained and youthful pessimism outgrown.

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