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thou; thoucht; thouchts; though; thoughe; thoughte; thoughted; thoughtes; thoughtest; thoughtful
  1. I'll bet any sum at any odds that his successor would have thought twice about going over to Muz-Azin, and none of these other kings would have even thought once about it.

  2. The natives would have thought it was the power of Muz-Azin, of course, but what would you have thought?

  3. I must say; I never thought I'd hear an officer of the Paratime Police criticizing me for trying to operate inside the Paratime Transposition Code!

  4. So I went away without bidding adieu to anybody, being desirous not to be thought too servile.

  5. He is high and strange still, but did ask me how my wife did, and at parting remembered him to his cozen, which I thought was pretty well, being willing to flatter myself that in time he will be well again.

  6. I came home thought of my vowe, and paid 5s.

  7. She is a fine confident lady, I think, but not so pretty as I once thought her.

  8. Rogues that dread shame, will still be greater rogues to hide their guilt--This shall be thought of.

  9. You thought me poor; and to the feigned distresses of a friend gave up your jewels.

  10. I thought you brave, and of a soul superior to low malice; but I have found you, and will have vengeance.

  11. I thought I heard the murderer at confession.

  12. I have thought long of this; and my first feelings were like yours; a foolish conscience awed me, which soon I conquered.

  13. I thought them slander, madam; and cautioned you in friendship; left from officious tongues the tale had reached you, with double aggravation.

  14. I thought myself in my own house, surrounded with servants.

  15. There is another significant difference between the two plays which reflects the development of religious thought in the first half of the eighteenth century.

  16. The Gamester, then, is a clear reflection of the state of English thought in the middle of the eighteenth century, in which a declining theology becomes suffused with the ideas and sentiments of the moralists of the age.

  17. If from my temper, my words or actions, you have conceived a thought against me, or even a wish for separation, all that has passed is nothing.

  18. Yet in the thought of what may happen, I feel a woman's fears.

  19. The thought of having ruined those he loves, is misery for ever to him.

  20. He would fain be thought so; therefore I doubt him.

  21. Julie rode away waving her good-bye, happy in the thought of a good deed performed, for her brief association with the girls of the Overland party had opened her eyes to many things.

  22. About the man Jeremiah Long, who calls himself the Mystery Man, I have a thought that he is the fellow who shot the mountaineer last night.

  23. A sudden thought occurring to her, Anne ran on fleet feet to the place where their provisions and equipment had been secreted.

  24. The instant I get a brilliant thought they promptly duck it in ice water," complained Hippy.

  25. When they caught me, knowing that I was in Government service, I thought it was all up with me, but I believe they thought best first to settle their feud with Thompson.

  26. His captor, with the rope twisted about her arm, could not have freed herself in time, even had she thought of so doing.

  27. That hat cost him eight dollars, and if I thought you had eight dollars in the world, I'd make you pay for it.

  28. Well, Tom, you thought you would steal a march on me, didn't you?

  29. She thought she heard something moving cautiously in the bushes at the left of the camp.

  30. She lowered it ever so little as a new thought occurred to her.

  31. Washington, with his ears muffled, failed to hear her coming, nor had she given the little colored boy a thought until she planked a foot down on his neck.

  32. Elfreda informed him that, not knowing what the children's trouble was, they had thought best not to permit the Overland Riders to enter the cabin.

  33. I know I never shall be able to stand it to ride so far," declared Emma, tilting her nose up, her head inclined over her right shoulder, a characteristic pose for her when she thought she was saying something smart.

  34. At first she thought he was asleep; then, when she saw him take off his hat and smooth back his hair, she knew that she was mistaken.

  35. Washington's first thought upon recovering from his daze had been for the harmonica, and his first act, after getting to his feet, was to go in search of it.

  36. I thought the shots sounded off the other way and got deeper into the mess trying to find the camp.

  37. And, steaming in, I thought I might as well do it in style.

  38. I thought it was queer no one showed up aboard her to answer when I hailed, but no matter--I moored my steamer just inside the spit and put off with half a dozen men in a boat and went aboard.

  39. Too much sheet that time, thought poor Bess, and could have cried at herself.

  40. It was the first time I had ever spent more than an hour together with him except on pure business, and I was curious to know just what he thought of a lot of things; among others, of his cousin.

  41. I'd like to say what I really thought of her.

  42. Captain Oliver had a hectoring way about him which used to make me promise myself that some day, after he'd done hauling coal for my outfit, I'd tell him what I thought of him.

  43. I always thought you were a good deal of a kid.

  44. And he thought it the best story he'd heard in a long time.

  45. But I never originated a great thought in my life.

  46. Again Lavis heard him: "You thought to forelay me, eh--and breed panic above?

  47. If I thought Welkie'd take it, I'd offer more than a good price for the rest of that box.

  48. Do not let a thought of misery or wretchedness dwell upon your mind.

  49. Another friend had suggested to Mrs. Graham the propriety of opening a boarding-house in Edinburgh, which he thought could, through his influence, be easily filled by students.

  50. I was wroth with myself, wondered at myself, and thought it impossible I could be as I had been.

  51. I have often thought so without any visible cause.

  52. At such blest moments I have thought the whole earth but one point, and from that to heaven but one step, and the time between but as one moment; and my company here sufficient to satisfy me by the way.

  53. I thought I saw the angel band ready to receive him, among whom stood my dear mother, the first to bid him welcome to the regions of bliss.

  54. I saw the men constantly pumping, but thought it was what they were obliged to do in every ship.

  55. Upon their feeling his pulse, he asked if they thought he would be long in dying.

  56. She thought this attack was slighter than in former seasons.

  57. But this does not strike us so much as a thesis to be maintained as a conclusion arrived at after a vast amount of patient thought and inquiry.

  58. I thought myself pretty loose from the world; but I feel you begin to fasten me to it again.

  59. Molyneux had thought of coming over to England on a visit to Locke in the summer of 1694.

  60. The reasons are probably to be sought in his unfailing cheerfulness, in the variety of interests which diverted his mind from the thought of his own ailments, and in the judicious manner in which he regulated his exercise and diet.

  61. Locke's other correspondence with Sloane shows the interest which he still took in medical matters, and how ready he always was to expend time and thought on attending to the ailments of his poor neighbours at Oates.

  62. As in matters of conduct, so in the things of the intellect, he thought little of rules.

  63. Before, however, finally dismissing the Essay, I must pause to ask what was the main work in the history of philosophy and thought which it accomplished.

  64. I stroked my sprouting mustache with an air of unconcern; in truth, I was not frightened, and only dreaded lest I might be thought so.

  65. Then, overpowered with weariness, my eyes closed drowsily, only to open the next instant with a start at some new thought of horror.

  66. He said at last, controlling himself: "But I have your word; you've given up the thought of this Western life?

  67. Out of that silence he thought after a second that he caught the sound of a hurried breathing, louder and louder, as though someone were creeping upon him.

  68. I thought your roan was the most durable horse on the range, Steve.

  69. He thought of plague or some other disaster which might have overtaken the little village and wiped out nine tenths of the populace in a day.

  70. Thought I couldn't ride fast enough to keep up with him, maybe.

  71. I thought I talked with you about that a month ago?

  72. A childish thought came to Bard that where the smoke was so thick the fire could not be long delayed.

  73. I thought this would be the end of it," he announced.

  74. It might have been thought that he had just heard his own death sentence pronounced.

  75. You'd of thought that he was lookin' his long-lost brother in the eye from the way he smiled at me.

  76. What he thought not even another Oedipus could have conjectured.

  77. For that matter, there ain't any I know that can say they're friends to William Drew, though there's plenty that would like to if they thought they could get away with it.

  78. If I thought it would be easy I wouldn't be tempted.

  79. So he lay trying to fight the thought of Sally from his mind and concentrate on some way of getting back to Drew without riding the gauntlet of the law.

  80. You have lost some men, and I thought you might want some more.

  81. The men went to their steeds, and the lieutenant thought they were fine-looking men; and some few of them were as tall and bony as Life Knox.

  82. It was well thought of, Life; now I am ready to return to my command," added Deck, as he started for his detachment.

  83. I thought you said we should have fair play?

  84. I thought the company was to move to the lower end of the hill, where we uns is," suggested Knox.

  85. He was a stranger to me; and I thought I knew every man in the squadron.

  86. He thought it was time for him to attend to them.

  87. Deck approached the river very cautiously, lying down on his board not less than three times when he thought he was observed.

  88. But Deck had learned all he cared to know at present, and he thought by this time that the guerillas had come to a realizing sense of their situation.

  89. It contained a bed and some furniture, and the sergeant thought he could be very comfortable in it till morning.

  90. In less time than he thought he obtained a view of the ground near the ferry; and the first thing that confronted him was a battery of four guns.

  91. More than I thought when I spoke to you about them, for there are forty-two of them; and they are skilled in the use of their weapons.

  92. The plan was talked over by the riflemen, and Lieutenant Ripley heartily approved the scheme, but thought that he might be too old to enlist, though he was still a healthy and vigorous citizen.

  93. I thought the robbers had got into the stable, and I wanted to save the horses," replied the servant, breaking down at the tone of the master's son.

  94. Then suddenly he thought of what at first sight seemed an insuperable difficulty.

  95. Oh no, sir; but I thought as you were good enough to give this money you might perhaps allow me to do with it what I would most like.

  96. He thought if he drank a little more he might be able to get back to the tower before his drowsiness overcame him.

  97. You may make your mind quite easy that he will be up and about sooner than we thought at the best.

  98. Like all other men who have ever been possessed by the idea of discovering hidden treasure, all pursuits and considerations seemed of comparatively little moment compared with the thought which possessed him.

  99. If he gets delirium," thought the doctor, "it's all up with him.

  100. You may not find it so easy, my young man," thought Lionel Crawford.

  101. A little while ago," said Lavirotte, in a melancholy tone, "I thought if I could get a few hundred pounds I should be able to put it to very profitable use.

  102. He thought of how she would leave her hand trustingly in his, lean her head trustingly on his bosom, take all he said to her as revealed truth, and, in token of gratitude for his love, hold up her sweet lips for his kisses.

  103. He thought he would preserve the good news--by this time it had taken the substantial form of news in his mind--until they were quietly seated in his little library, where many of the projects leading to his fortune had been devised.

  104. He thought little of everything except his approaching marriage.

  105. But before moving on, I thought I'd better look around a little.

  106. When I started out, I thought I might some day become an engineer.

  107. Finn, thought Young Van, nodded in a general way, and laughed, and his laugh had no humor in it.

  108. Mr. Flint thought maybe I could pick up one of your trains running back to Sherman.

  109. No questions were necessary, for Carhart had never thought Jack Flagg the only deserter in camp.

  110. The queer, faint sounds which were floating through the night suggested the painful thought that somebody was walking off with the town of "Durfee.

  111. Well, he didn't want to do it, but some of the long green passed and then he thought maybe he could fix me up.

  112. Young Van spoke, "He thought of taking one of our trains through.

  113. So I thought a minute, and then I said, 'Has the sheriff chained 'em to the track, Mister MacBayne?

  114. If the Indians thought Harry Scribner, for instance, had anything worth stealing they might give him some trouble.

  115. It seemed that Mr. Chambers had thought it worth while to adopt Tiffany's suggestion that the vast quantities of dry bones in the desert be gathered up and shipped eastward to be ground up into fertilizer.

  116. But he never answers a word; just climbs on the train and sits down in the smoker and looks out the window as if he thought somebody was after 'im.

  117. The young engineer thought he had better sit down to digest the situation.

  118. To those who regard the attainment of Nirvana as the supreme end, like the Buddhists, the thought of Nirvana is a perpetual admonition.

  119. The cardinal thought I have in mind, which I believe will provide an escape from such intolerable moral dilemmas, can best be set forth by contrasting it with its diametrical opposite.

  120. Intervals set aside for self-recollection and the facing of the thought of death are useful aids.

  121. For those to whom the final end of human life is union with God, the Divine Father, the thought of this Divine Father gives color and complexion to their spiritual life.

  122. The prevailing attitude toward the thought of death is that of studied neglect.

  123. Great occasions, of course, do occur when every thought of self should be effaced in service; but as a rule, complete absorption in philanthropic activity is as little sane and as little moral as complete absorption in the race for gain.

  124. In the region of mental activity which is called the spiritual life vagueness is apt to prevail, the outlines of thought are apt to be blurred, the feelings aroused are apt to be indistinct and transitory.

  125. To those who view the supreme end of life as moral perfection, the thought of that perfection is the constant inner companion.

  126. The word 'spiritual' becomes a synonym of muddy thought and misty emotionalism.

  127. But the logical and inevitable conclusion of the thought I have developed to-day is, that we are bound to recognize the indefeasible worth latent even in the cruel exploiter and the merciless expropriator.

  128. Lock those lips, and ne'er again Let word nor thought so foul have harbour there!

  129. Dream not thou that force is power; Nor, if thou hast a thought, and that thought sour And sick, oh, dream not thought is wisdom!

  130. She thought to help my fall With love instead of honour, and wrecked all.

  131. Swift are thine, and bright As though with thought, yet have no thought at all Lo this new God, whom thou dost flout withal, I cannot speak the greatness wherewith He In Hellas shall be great!

  132. And men say Our second thought the wiser is alway.

  133. Hazardous Is this quick bird-like beating of thy thought Where no thought dwells.

  134. Not a thought For them that gave thee birth; nay, they are naught!

  135. Oh, to fulfil God's laws, and have no thought beyond His will, Is man's best treasure.

  136. That heritage sublime Our sires have left us, wisdom old as time, No word of man, how deep soe'er his thought And won of subtlest toil, may bring to naught.

  137. And the first thought that came, was to be still And hide my sickness.

  138. I have thought Seyavi might have had days like that, and have had perfect leave to think, since she will not talk of it.

  139. The mesquite is God's best thought in all this desertness.

  140. He could hear the beat of their wings, Tom said, and trod on their shadows, but O'Shea was past recalling what he thought about things after the second day.

  141. I have thought this was the man's nature, born with a heart capable of intense feeling, which had been educated to believe this weakness.

  142. His ideas flowed too fast for the pen, and he thought more vividly when on his feet, and in the midst of a multitude, than when in the privacy of his chamber.

  143. He quarrelled with Washington, was jealous of him, who never had a thought but for his country.

  144. The State was so unanimous in political sentiment, that for many years no opposition to the Republican party was thought of.

  145. The wise saw what was impending, and the foolish thought it impossible.

  146. By many he was thought superior intellectually to his more distinguished and prominent brother.

  147. I have thought that you have avoided me lately.

  148. He had seen the rough side of the world, and thought more rationally.

  149. You are thought to be haughty and to give yourself airs if you do not sit for twelve consecutive hours each day in unending conversation with them.

  150. A domestic who said what she thought would quickly lose her place.

  151. Others are built by succeeding sovereigns, but neither thought nor treasure is ever expended on the old ones.

  152. Of course, I have thought of it," he answered.

  153. Yet all these people thought themselves perfectly sincere.

  154. The first thought on dropping in on such a settlement is, "How in the world did these people ever drift here?

  155. They knew it before you did, and had discussed the whole matter over their "tea" while it was an almost unuttered thought in your mind.

  156. That does for a year, and no more is thought about it.

  157. But somehow May could not go that day, and must wait one day more; her trunks were packed, an old and trusty maid had arrived for her; but little May was sick at heart at the thought of leaving Enderby.

  158. Or if I did--well, I thought it might be Mistress Blancheflower.

  159. Why, I thought the girl had left you yesterday!

  160. Although each devotes most attention to the material and style of cloth chiefly manufactured in the district in which it is situated, yet all teach other branches of weaving; which is thought a material advantage.

  161. I thought not that he would be caught so easily.

  162. Overland, with some subtlety, pretending he had not thought of that contingency.

  163. He thought that deep within them dwelt a smile.

  164. I thought he was tired of the motion of the car, so we stopped and he lay back looking at the cliff.

  165. The boy had a native fondness for animals, and he had already thought of buying a pony with his first few months' wages.

  166. She thought she rather liked them, or, more particularly, the boisterous one who had said his name was Overland Red.

  167. Bein' up this way, I thought I'd roll up and see Collie.

  168. I thought they was all the same, you and all that kind.

  169. She thought Collie was the manliest and most striking figure she had ever seen.

  170. He felt a little lonely as he thought of Collie.

  171. She thought Collie's half promise to Overland Red to turn to their old life had been too easily made.

  172. However, had Winthrop been of the West and seasoned in its more rugged ways, Overland would have thought little of the young man's share in recent events.

  173. The same thought was in both their hearts--that the boy's chance in life was still ahead of him.

  174. I thought I should freeze last night, though.

  175. Yet the thought of him out in the full fury of the cyclone served to turn her thoughts from her own danger.

  176. He could be rude if need be; but he would make her do what he thought was best for her health.

  177. I--I--there was a shaded pool around the point, and she thought a dip in the salt water would refresh her.

  178. Do you know, Blake, I never thought of the pools.

  179. Relieved at the thought that the light must have deceived her, she returned to her bed and was soon sleeping as soundly as Winthrope.

  180. Thought you might like posies," he said, in a hesitating voice.

  181. Winthrope now thought to rig a shade as Miss Leslie had done, out of reeds and his handkerchief, for the sun was scorching his unprotected head.

  182. She thought it was his death cry, and stood trembling, transfixed with horror.

  183. Hardly had you disappeared when I noticed the tops of the fallen palms, and thought of the nuts.

  184. For the moment all thought of the lion was swallowed up in awe of his own work.

  185. The very thought of that dreadful snake--" "No; just the other way.

  186. I've heard of such a thing before, but I always thought it was a fake.

  187. To leave him in the pool was therefore not to be thought of.

  188. He raised his bow and took aim, but refrained from shooting, at the thought that it might be a sheer waste of his precious poison.

  189. To go off at a touch--and just when I thought we were going to be chums!

  190. I thought you called yourself an English gentleman.

  191. I thought of St. Bartholomew, and smiled grimly.

  192. I thought to fight for the freedom of your country, but it was in hope of a reward a thousandfold greater than my service!

  193. That you may not waste thought over the chance of my return, I confess that I have resolved to go to my lady, whatever may befall.

  194. With such a thought lying like a torpid snake upon my breast, it is not strange that I slept ill that night.

  195. I had thought none could ride as ride our vaqueros.

  196. No; what grieves me most is the thought that we may never again meet.

  197. A sudden thought aided me to rally from my disappointment.

  198. I believe the old fox thought he was playing me a sly trick in thus sending us south through the heart of his country.

  199. What wonder if in the intoxication of the moment I saw the barrier flung down between myself and her, and thought to barter my birthright as an American for a vassal estate which should bring me within reach of her?

  200. She thought a moment, and then pressed me to tell her of my last meeting with Alisanda.

  201. Suddenly he thought of me and hastened to my side.

  202. But if the savages thought to awe and turn us back by this warlike display, they were never so mistaken.

  203. Discretion is the one quality in which I thought you lacking.

  204. Yet the thought of Alisanda spurred me to wild resolve.

  205. At times when alone on watch at night, I thought with misgiving of the approaching days when my lady would resume her fine Castilian hauteur and Don Pedro his punctilious politeness.

  206. On the other hand, let it not be thought unscientific to advocate the claims of an unproved hypothesis.

  207. That the law of God is perfect, follows from the very thought of God; that any particular exposition of that law to finite minds either is or can be perfect, is almost, or altogether, a contradiction in terms.

  208. He refers to Mr. Darwin’s expression, that the goose appears to have a highly inflexible organization, as if he himself thought it possible for a species at length to attain to an organization completely inflexible.

  209. This is the Variability, without which Natural Selection could never have been thought of, because without differences there would have been nothing to select.

  210. The calling in of subsidiary principles may be thought to spoil the boasted simplicity of the theory.

  211. Let it not be thought irreligious to anticipate the possible establishment of the supposition now under discussion.

  212. Fortitude is a book in which the writer has put much passionate intensity of thought and conviction.

  213. The Duchess of Wrexe stimulates thought and encourages reflection.

  214. Then went; and I laughed Jeanne's fears afar, But I thought that wench was our evil star.

  215. They have no thought for the toiling or spinning, Striving for bread that is dust in the gaining, They have won all that is well worth the winning-- Past all distaining.

  216. There's nothing for it, I thought to myself; so I explained my position to her.

  217. Tchertop-hanov almost went out of his mind with joy, but he never even thought of vodka; from the very day Malek-Adel came into his hands he had not touched a drop.

  218. And so Matrona began begging me to buy her off from her mistress; and, indeed, the thought had crossed my mind too.

  219. From morning to evening I thought of nothing but how I could please her.

  220. To begin with, you know, I thought it necessary to say how glad I was to make her acquaintance.

  221. I began to suspect that I'd managed the thing badly; that I'd been wrong in letting her notice my state of mind, but I thought of that too late.

  222. The thought that this half-dead creature was making ready to begin singing raised an involuntary feeling of dread in me.

  223. The booth-keeper thought a minute, shook his head, and stepped forward.

  224. One would have thought Panteley Eremyitch would have been rejoicing, that he had gained his end; and he was rejoicing, certainly.

  225. But, with the thought of God in the heart, things are always better.

  226. Much care, much thought and skill have been expended in the manufacture of the brush.

  227. Indeed, I feel he knows about such matters more than many of my own countrymen; added to this, his taste is instinctively well adapted to the Oriental atmosphere of thought and is in harmony with Japanese ideals.

  228. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "thought" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
    Other words:
    address; admonition; advocacy; affirmation; allegation; answer; antelope; anticipation; apprehension; arrow; assertion; assiduity; assumption; attitude; awareness; brain; briefing; cannonball; care; cast; caution; caveat; certainty; cognitive; comment; conceit; concentration; concept; conception; conceptual; concern; conclusion; confidence; consciousness; consideration; consultation; contemplation; counsel; courser; crack; dart; dash; declaration; delicacy; design; dictum; diligence; direction; eagle; ear; earnestness; electricity; estimate; estimation; ethos; exclamation; exhortation; expression; eye; fancy; feeling; flash; gazelle; greeting; greyhound; guidance; hare; heed; hint; idea; ideal; ideation; image; imagination; imminence; impression; indulgence; infusion; inkling; instruction; intentness; interjection; intimation; introspective; judgment; leniency; lick; light; lightning; lights; look; meditative; memory; mental; mention; mercury; mind; monition; musing; mystique; noetic; note; notice; notion; observance; observation; opinion; parley; pensive; perception; phrase; point; position; posture; presumption; probability; pronouncement; proposal; prospect; question; quicksilver; ratiocination; reaction; reasoning; reflection; reflective; regard; reliance; remark; remonstrance; representation; reputed; respect; reverie; rocket; ruminant; sauce; say; saying; scintilla; seasoning; sentence; sentiment; serious; shade; shadow; shot; sight; sip; smack; smattering; smell; sober; solicitude; soupcon; spark; speculative; spice; spirit; sprinkling; stance; statement; streak; suggestion; sup; supposition; suspicion; swallow; tact; taint; taste; tempering; theory; thinking; thought; thoughtful; thoughtfulness; thunderbolt; tincture; tinge; tint; torrent; touch; trace; utterance; vestige; view; warning; whim; whimsy; wind; wistful; word

    Some related collocations, pairs and triplets of words:
    thought also; thought and; thought best; thought better; thought came; thought good; thought himself; thought itself; thought little; thought maybe; thought more; thought myself; thought necessary; thought nothing; thought only; thought perhaps; thought proper; thought struck; thought that; thought the; thought they; thought transference; thought would; thought you; thought you would like; thoughtful pause