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expires; expiring; expiry; explain; explainable; explaining; explains; explanation; explanations; explanatory
  1. If it comes to a fight, just point it at the Indians, pull the trigger, and work that lever," explained the young inventor.

  2. No, but we are over th' caves of ice," explained Abe.

  3. Oh, we've got to dig for it," explained Abe.

  4. The scientist pointed out what he claimed were evidences of the impending movement of the ice, while Abe explained to the lads how the Alaskan Indians of that neighborhood hunted and fished, and how they made huts of blocks of ice.

  5. I've got to hire some sort of a big shed," explained Tom.

  6. Had he explained himself she would have been content and taken him more or less at his own valuation, as we all take those who talk about themselves.

  7. The red dot, my lord, indicates our position," explained the Jan.

  8. That it can and will be explained is strictly up to us!

  9. An agnostic is seldom converted by what could be explained away as mere coincidence.

  10. When he came to the sun he explained that no man dared to look at it continuously with the bare eyes.

  11. There was some sort of control gear, which the Jan Lucar explained was not connected directly with the flying and steering members, but indirectly through the membranes of the web-like system.

  12. But we feel that our personal experiences, in witnessing the interior of the Thomahlia cannot be thus explained away.

  13. If all the mediums but one were dishonest, and that one produced the results that couldn't be explained away by psychology, then we must admit the existence of another world.

  14. The other nodded, and explained to Chick: "It's the Rhamdas and the Crimson guards.

  15. The whole science that had been built up to explain everything had here explained nothing.

  16. And I explained how he and Harry, on the chance the basement might contain some clue as to the localisation of the Blind Spot, had dug without result in the bluish clay.

  17. I explained what I could of the manner of my possession.

  18. In other cases, the mistress of the apartments turned him from the door and explained with entire lack of interest in his long climb that the card had been left up by oversight--the chest had been filled the day before.

  19. Oh, I have just come from there," he explained in reply to Farr's stare.

  20. And then some fellow in overalls who has some kind of a God-given quality that has never been explained yet so that we can understand, smashes into sight like a comet.

  21. I have explained them so that, if we make slow progress at first, we shall not be discouraged.

  22. We are going to steal a little of the kid-gloved chaps' thunder," explained the chairman.

  23. Mr. Richard Dodd, I'll apologize and walk out of here after you have explained to me why you have faked up into a parson one Dennis Burke, late of the state prison, to officiate at weddings.

  24. He seemed to court her society, and paid her attentions which could be explained on one hypothesis only.

  25. By the phrases "in itself" and "by itself," we are to understand that this conception cannot be explained in other terms.

  26. We shall want you on the School Committee this evening," and then he explained some business which was to be discussed.

  27. Our regret that they have departed is to be explained not by a mere idealisation of the past, but by a conviction that truths have been lost, or at least have been submerged.

  28. There was a sturdy boy at my school who, when the master had carefully explained to us the nature of metaphor, said that so far as he could see a metaphor was nothing but a long Greek word for a lie.

  29. That was true enough, and it explained a great deal.

  30. Geologists used to be divided into two schools, one of whom explained everything by invoking great convulsions, the other by appealing to the uniform action of laws.

  31. The place of this petition in the prayer is explained by considerations which suggest very important thoughts for ourselves and all men.

  32. If sent to a neighbor's on an errand, he usually forgot what he was sent for, or else explained matters in such a way that he brought back the wrong thing.

  33. The servant went back to his master and explained that the stout man at the door would neither go away nor tell his name, but must see his lordship at once.

  34. Soon came a letter from Bologna in which Girolamo explained at length to his mother that the world's wickedness was to him intolerable, its ambition ashes, and its hopes not worth striving for.

  35. The servant who answered the summons explained that the Bishop was taking his bath and could not be seen until he had had breakfast.

  36. She did not know who Maintenon was; and when Monsieur explained it to her a year or two afterwards, it was too late to resist.

  37. When the King asked her in the evening how she liked the review, she said: "Very well, but only those German soldiers are so simple as not to call things by their proper names, for I had their shouts explained to me.

  38. Before she came to me she had dreamt all that was to befall her, and a pious Capuchin explained her dream to her.

  39. Finishing the conversation, I returned to my chair and, after I explained the call, Crowley nodded assent to my request to leave immediately.

  40. Death by Drowning Had the accident occurred as explained by Carroll, the oar of Ridge's boat could not have been found, as it was, at the dock opposite the point where he jumped in.

  41. It was because of that cloudburst that I sallied forth,' explained Holmes confidently.

  42. At dinner Hawkins explained he was a conductor on another railroad and bemoaned the loss of passenger traffic.

  43. Two fellows who robbed the bank just now,' explained the excited narrator, who had rushed into Fordney's cottage at Lakeview.

  44. Besides, there had always been a strong socialistic tendency in them, which explained how Sandy could malign his benefactor!

  45. He means," explained Bottle to his companion, in a confidential tone, "that I am clumsy with the dice.

  46. The visible top of the ladder explained all.

  47. He therefore explained fully to Mr Strelley what were his wishes with regard to becoming a cattle-dealer and drover.

  48. On getting on board, Deane took the Huguenot to the captain, and explained who he was.

  49. Jack then explained who his companion was.

  50. I am willing to draw my sword at the command of the King, but I never like to take a leap in the dark, and am better pleased when all matters are explained clearly beforehand.

  51. One change had come over their life during these months which, although not explained in Polly's correspondence, concerns our little circle of people very intimately.

  52. Mrs. Oliver was never able to see any great sorrow in a monthly deficit when Polly seated herself before her cash-boxes and explained her highly original financial operations.

  53. The earlier titlepages were mostly architectural and symbolical, their purport being sometimes explained in verses printed opposite to them, headed "The Mind of the Front.

  54. The smokers of pipes explained in a circumstantial way, that carried suspicion with it to the ears of all listeners, their splendid failures to secure certain big fish during the day.

  55. And he explained the writing thus: "MANEH.

  56. Now the other soldier explained this vision to mean the destruction of the army; and told them what his reason was which made him so conjecture, viz.

  57. However, these things will come to be explained in their proper places hereafter.

  58. When they had made this answer, and Phineas had commended them for it, he came to Joshua, and explained before the people what answer they had received.

  59. But what became of every one of these men, and by what toils they got the possession of the land of Canaan, shall be shown hereafter, when I have first explained upon what account it was that they left Egypt.

  60. Nor certainly ought ancient Jewish emblems to be explained any other way than according to ancient Jewish, and not Gentile, notions.

  61. The chief armed himself with his war-club, and explained the object of his call, commanding the warrior to accept the merchandize, and yield up the boy, or prepare for instant death.

  62. Thus I explained it one day to Mrs. Fontenette, as she touched its ends with a delicate finger.

  63. Now, at the table, she explained as to certain costly blooms about which I had inquired, that they were Fontenette's special offering, for which he always sent the purchase money ahead of time and with detailed requests.

  64. He conversed much on naval affairs, and explained the plan he had once conceived of forming a vast fleet of 160 ships-of-the-line.

  65. To be further explained and continued there, by the first Provincial Council that shall he held, if they see meet.

  66. Thereupon Britomart explained who she was, adding that she was in quest of Sir Artegall, of whom she spoke rather slightingly, because she did not wish her companion to know how deeply she had fallen in love with a stranger.

  67. This task proved most distasteful to the prince, who, on approaching Rustem, explained that he was not a free agent.

  68. The eldest Pandav, who had marched on without heeding the rest, now explained to his companion how Draupadi sinned through excessive love for her husbands, and that his fallen brothers were victims of pride, vanity, and falsehood.

  69. To justify her mistress, the nurse-squire now explained to both men how Britomart had seen Sir Artegall in the magic mirror, and was in quest of him because fate destined him to be her spouse.

  70. He adds that when he wondered how she could leave, even for a moment, the heavenly abode, she explained that the Virgin Mary sent Lucia, to bid her rescue the man who had loved her ever since she was a child.

  71. Throwing back his cowl Richard sternly demanded how one of his nobles dared reveal his plans to his foes, whereupon the young knight, kneeling before his monarch, explained how Robin had saved his father from ruin.

  72. This phenomenon was, however, explained by an underground voice, relating how a Trojan was robbed and slain by the inhabitants of this land, and how trees had sprung from the javelins stuck in his breast.

  73. But, on account of such clamors we shall not reject the truth concerning the righteousness of faith, which we have explained above.

  74. We have shown the origin of this case, so far as can here be done, and have explained the objections of the adversaries.

  75. We have heard that some, after setting aside the Gospel, have, instead of a sermon, explained the ethics of Aristotle.

  76. Concerning the term reward, very many other remarks might here be made derived from the nature of the Law, which as they are too extensive, must be explained in another connection.

  77. We have recounted some of our reasons and, in passing, have explained away the objections urged by the adversaries.

  78. We have also indicated incidentally, while we have recounted our arguments, how the adversaries cavil at several of these; and we have explained away these false accusations.

  79. And since we have explained the passages of Scripture which are cited against us, we must reply also concerning the Fathers.

  80. A few days later Midhat himself called upon me and explained his views more fully than he had ever done before, though I was acquainted with their general tenor.

  81. It is to be presumed that the ambassador, after having asked for instructions from Paris, and having explained to the Government the Sultan’s insistence, may have informed Midhat that he could not effectually protect him.

  82. The same day he sent for Arif Aga in order that he might have the incident of the milk explained to him, but in reality he proposed to Arif that he should poison his master.

  83. The whole project was explained by him in a detailed report to the Sublime Porte, the expenses being provided half by the surplus revenues of the province, and the rest by voluntary subscriptions.

  84. The origin of arithmetical signs is explained as follows: 1.

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