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Example sentences for "departed"

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deoxidation; deoxidizing; depainted; depart; departe; departen; departeth; departid; departing; departit
  1. Newton and Nicholas both departed on their respective missions.

  2. There they stood like so many sepulchres of happiness, mausoleums raised over departed competence; while the names of the parties inscribed appeared as so many registers of the folly and contention of man.

  3. For a beginning this was very well; and the company departed very hungry, but highly delighted with their evening's entertainment.

  4. When Mr. Skinner had departed Cappy sat back in his chair and closed his eyes, as was his habit when his gigantic brain grappled with a problem of more than ordinary dimensions.

  5. He had all the receipts in hand by the last mail delivery the next day, and at eight o'clock that night the Tillicum, having cleared the customs the same afternoon, departed for Panama.

  6. But pardon, dear departed Guest, I will not rant, I will not rail; For good the grain must feel the flail; There are whom love has never blessed.

  7. Departed her disheartening duns and grays, And all her crusty black is covered deep.

  8. Nor shall the sorrows of departed years The sweetness of our tranquil souls annoy, The sunshine of our hopes dispels the tears, And clears our eyes to see this later joy.

  9. He departed from Troas directly after having raised a dead man to life, or at least after having asserted that a young man, who was thought so, was in reality not so.

  10. The lawyer had departed for London by the morning train; the three older people and the two youngsters gathered in the room thus set at liberty, Mrs. Atkinson having remodeled it into a sitting-room for the colonel's use.

  11. Angele had departed with the belated Francoise.

  12. Wednesday, 17th of October "At noon I departed from the village off which I was anchored, and where I took in water, to sail round this island of Fernandina.

  13. I departed thence for Cuba, for by the signs the Indians made of its greatness, and of its gold and pearls, I thought that it must be Cipango.

  14. He departed after dinner, Don Martin de NoroƱa being sent with him, and all the knights set out with him, and went with him some distance, to do him honor.

  15. Thursday, 10th of January He departed from the place where he had anchored, and at sunset he reached a river, to which he gave the name of Rio de Gracia, three leagues to the S.

  16. He departed at night, and went to sleep at Llandra.

  17. Having landed, he got into his litter, and departed with his 200 men, his son being carried behind on the shoulders of an Indian, a man highly respected.

  18. Prayers for the departed are in accordance with the devout instinct and loving heart of man, and are sanctioned by all the Liturgies of the Primitive Church.

  19. An article of the Creed by which is meant the fellowship with, or union in Christ of all who are one with Him whether they are among the living in the Church on earth or the departed in Paradise.

  20. An article of the Creed in which we confess our belief that our Lord while His Body lay in the grave, descended into the place of departed spirits.

  21. The day between Good Friday and Easter Day is so called and commemorates the Descent of our Blessed Lord's soul into Hell (the place of departed spirits), while His Body rested in the grave.

  22. Men stabbed and shot and strangled themselves, drank death or breathed it as the air, because in a lonely corner of England the life had departed from one cold heart vowed to the service of greed.

  23. He was admitted to the momentous confidence of les jeunes, and found them as sure that they had surprised the secrets of art and life as the departed jeunes of ten years before had been.

  24. Her thoughts were still with the advocate in his office, or with her departed father in her native home below Quebec, as he and she had lived and loved each other there, nearly twenty years before.

  25. And he pressed Claude's hand convulsively, then tossed it from him half disdainfully, and both departed from the grounds.

  26. That man is now estranged from the Lord, and in a wandering condition: He hath departed from God, he is revolted and gone.

  27. Bos'n departed for school when the meal was over.

  28. The Board of Strategy, its curiosity unsatisfied, departed reluctantly.

  29. But, persistent as Angeline was, she departed knowing not quite as much as when she came.

  30. He departed for this visit the following week, and remained away for ten days.

  31. Its progress in our private hours was singularly medicinal to his mind: may its presentment to the Public prove not less conducive to the honor of the departed Author, who has every claim to my veneration!

  32. A holy creed It is, and most delightful unto all Who feel how deeply human sympathies Blend with our hopes of heaven, which holds that death Divideth not, as by a roaring sea, Departed spirits from this lower sphere.

  33. Was not the clergyman of the parish the brother of his dear departed one?

  34. When the ceremony was over, he departed abruptly without asking any questions or making any examination.

  35. The Archbishop of Paris, de Beaumont, had warned them of what was in the air, but they could not believe it possible and so they departed for the Far East.

  36. The four that were there he took on his yacht to England, the others had already departed for Genoa.

  37. At death all the trappings and household belongings of the departed were buried with him.

  38. He departed this life on April 10, and on the 25th Sixtus V mounted the throne.

  39. The mercy of God is infinite, and it is our duty to remember these departed souls in our prayers and supplications that they may draw nearer and nearer to the Source itself.

  40. For my part, I wish it was the late Beauvais in the sense in which we refer to the departed ones.

  41. Persons who traveled second-class usually did so to save money; yet this tall Englishman, since the train departed from Vienna, had almost doubled in gratuities the sum paid for his ticket.

  42. At last, in despair, she departed and retired to die among the poor Cordeliers of St. Claire of Auxonne, where she is interred.

  43. Gerard gladly accepted, and departed in confidence, unconscious that Otho's admiration of his fair lady had alone prompted this seeming kindness.

  44. Most great men have at some time departed hastily without leaving orders where to forward their mail.

  45. Ser Piero took it, and departed without a word to his son; he really felt quite shaken from the shock he had had, and he determined that so wonderful a painting should never fall into the hands of a peasant.

  46. The clerk stared after him as he departed and a fellow clerk paused to ask questions.

  47. The additional two hundred was a premium paid, so to speak, to the departed spirit of the late Mrs. Jethro Hallett.

  48. Primmie departed and Martha, alone in the gathering dimness of the afternoon, resumed her thinking.

  49. For the most part the identifying details supplied were so general that they were almost certain to fit a departed relative or friend of some one present.

  50. Miss Tamson Black departed for Nantucket to visit a cousin.

  51. He was then devoutly thankful that Gyp had departed from the land of the living.

  52. The following day the Loango boys departed upon their return journey to the Kasai.

  53. One day before he departed on his last expedition to Africa his horse stumbled, and Sir Walter Scott, who was with him, said: "I am afraid this is a bad omen.

  54. She felt awfully tired, and was secretly relieved when there was a general uprising from the floor and all her guests departed in a flock.

  55. In truth, Lilian had departed further from her father's beliefs than she realized.

  56. Her husband, a sailor, probably had departed on a long voyage.

  57. A gendarme departed at a run towards the station at Rueil; and the commissary commenced his investigations in regular form, as prescribed by law.

  58. When Albert had departed under the escort of the gendarmes, the magistrate muttered in a low tone, "There's an obstinate fellow for you.

  59. They implored God to shed his peace and mercy on the departed soul.

  60. He departed in triumph from the d'Arlange abode, which he had entered with a heart swelling with anxiety.

  61. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "departed" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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