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Example sentences for "dead"

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dea; deacon; deaconess; deaconesses; deacons; deade; deaden; deadened; deadening; deadens
  1. The men tried to get him out, but the Grizzly plainly showed that they could do so only over his dead body.

  2. It was not sheep, or game, or a dead thing.

  3. She came snorting up the steep acclivity wounded and raging, only to receive a final shot in the brain that sent her rolling back to lie dead at the bottom of Pocket Gulch.

  4. If I did turn up you'd lose it, to a dead certainty.

  5. He proved that the lemonade would eat away the coats o' Bill's stomach, and that if 'e kept on 'e might drop down dead at any moment.

  6. If I help you," she ses at last, "will you promise to keep it a dead secret and do exactly as I tell you?

  7. If you don't, dead pigs'll be nothing to the misfortunes that you will 'ave.

  8. Bill put down the mug in a 'urry, and the conjurer put his 'and to the mug and took out a dead mouse.

  9. Bladud's bow twanged, and an arrow quivered in the breast of the fawn, which fell dead without a struggle.

  10. At all events you'll be a dead man before long if you don't attend to what I say," continued the woman.

  11. I have no heart to hide in the bushes and shoot him dead as he passes.

  12. In the dead of night Bladud went out softly and sought the hut where Captain Arkal and Maikar slept.

  13. We give to the dead their honors,--meet homage for the dust that shrined a soul.

  14. The dead past may bury its dead out of sight; the resurrection may adjust its own perplexities; but in this world there must be good cheer.

  15. When her book was published, we are informed, "it fell with a dead thump at the feet of the public, and has never been picked up.

  16. Love, you saw me gather men and women, Live or dead or fashioned by my fancy.

  17. Not until there was no longer in Egypt a house in which there was not one dead did the required emancipation come.

  18. When I'm dead he can do what he likes with both of them.

  19. Really, one would have thought that the two of them together had been models of sweet and innocent boyhood, and that the one who was dead lived enshrined in the heart of the other as a tender memory that would never fade.

  20. The wind was rustling through the stalks of dead flowers in the garden.

  21. The dead flowers in the garden were hidden under the blowing snow.

  22. He was busily breaking dead twigs from bushes to build his morning fire and making up a little rhymeless song about Ivra's birthday as he worked.

  23. It was very still, and Edward was dead asleep.

  24. All the junk from the North River will be hidden there, and I shall be in luck if some stolen trunk, nay, some dead man's body, is not stowed away there.

  25. How little she thought then that she should be handling it stealthily at the dead of night!

  26. They came home light, for it was in that dead hour before the theatres and concerts are pouring out their thousands.

  27. While forming this resolution, he gazed at his lifeless monitor, and it seemed to him as if a frown passed over the dead man's countenance.

  28. Immured in a fresh cell, Jemmy felt completely wretched, and Monica, more dead than alive, was driven back to Jermyn-street.

  29. He is lying dead at Rawcliffe, having perished by his own hand.

  30. But finding his cries disregarded, he fired, and Captain Lindsay fell dead at his feet.

  31. Before them they saw no flames, but a dead white heat that was all the more terrible because it could not be seen.

  32. The distressed are relieved, the sick are watched over, and the dead are buried.

  33. Each took a direction, and in the dead of that awful night they made their way.

  34. She afterwards became calmer, and while she made no attempt to get off his back, he had her full dead weight to carry.

  35. On the road the child died; and, of course, as a dead body had been in the carriage, and as the horses had drawn that dead body in that carriage, I could never use them again.

  36. They heaped stones over the grave of the dead man, to mark the spot where he was laid, and, after their own fashion, offered up prayers for the repose of his soul.

  37. There are the tent-table and the camp-stool of the dead ensign, in the same room with the marble-topped table and crimson damask covered easy chair of some luxurious judge.

  38. In the first place I may mention that the order of Government forbidding civilians or military men corresponding with the press, was, to every intent and purpose, a perfect farce and a dead letter.

  39. It seemed far more precious to her than all the jewels which his dead father had presented to her in days gone by.

  40. In the dead of the night, the magistrate, at the head of a large body of police, visited the village, aroused the inhabitants from their slumbers, and demanded the culprit.

  41. Ah, of course it's all dead in me--and I'm prepared to believe anything they tell me!

  42. Last night I know that it grew dark, and that I was still lying flat on the dead leaves, striking my hands, that were numb with excitement.

  43. It is like the voice of a dead love to me.

  44. And they think that the soul is dead then!

  45. Come and reason with me--I shall be dead when you read this, but let us talk it over calmly.

  46. I am not dead yet, and I have not lost the power of getting angry.

  47. But I have come out of it more dead than alive--dulled, dispirited, utterly worn out.

  48. And when the soul is dead do you think that I shall care about the body?

  49. The Hindus, in fear for their safety, placed on the throne the brother of the dead king, and succeeded in defeating the Adil Shah close to Vijayanagar.

  50. They also gave them something for dragging away a dead man from the foot of the wall.

  51. For great honour is done to those who fight in a duel, and they give the estate of the dead man to the survivor; but no one fights a duel without first asking leave of the minister, who forthwith grants it.

  52. And after that hermit was dead the King raised a very grand temple[489] in honour of him and gave much revenue to it.

  53. For the King was persuaded throughout that, since the Ydallcao had lost so many men and so much honour, and had lost indeed all his power, he would not wish to live any longer, and that he must be dead on the field.

  54. Here the King stayed till all the dead had been burned, and the customary honours had been paid to them; and here he gave much alms for the souls of those who had been killed in battle on his side.

  55. Eventually he was murdered by his eldest son, who in his turn was slain by his brother "Padearao," in whom the nation merely found repeated the crimes and follies of his dead sire.

  56. He continues: -- "The inhabitants of this region marry as many wives as they please, who are burnt with their dead husbands.

  57. Meanwhile a new king had seized the throne of Vijayanagar, a great lord from Paleacate, married to a sister of the king that preceded the dead king,[302] and in the end he secured the kingdom.

  58. The tears rose in Theodore's eyes: but the thrilling life of human hopes and fears was once more kindled from among the dead ashes of despair; and, springing on his horse, he followed wherever they would.

  59. TXT]4468 A high wind will make a dead leaf fly like a bird Beware the silent one of an assembly!

  60. Next morning at least four dozen dead fowls were flung overboard, in addition to many that had fled blindly into the sea on the previous day.

  61. From that time we lay under bare poles for eighteen hours, during much of which I sat on the poop beside the tiller, hauling back the slack of the wheel-ropes, more dead than alive from the wet and cold.

  62. We were at least fifteen miles off the land, with a dead calm, and nothing but water left to supply the needs of fourteen hungry men.

  63. It was fortunate that we did so, for thenceforward thickening weather and overcast skies prevented any observation of the heavenly bodies, and "dead reckoning" was our only means of knowing the ship's position.

  64. In quiet attendance upon the dead came the sailmaker, with a roll of worn canvas under his arm in which the poor, shrivelled remains were reverently wrapped and neatly sewn up.

  65. But before he was quite dead I had recovered, and, prouder than any victorious warrior returning from the hard-won field, I bore him inboard.

  66. With a flash of energy I accomplished this, falling across the quivering carcase half dead myself.

  67. Luckily for us the wind was dead on end, so that it was useless making sail.

  68. It was nearly noon when they returned, towing the runaway, and half dead with thirst and fatigue.

  69. There they've stood for ages before Sam Brewster saw them, and Ah reckon there they'll stand for ages after Sam Brewster is dead and forgotten!

  70. Like many other peaks scattered about in this region of Colorado, the volcanic fires had been dead for centuries.

  71. When they reached the cabin they found faithful Patsy stretched across his master's body dead also.

  72. Sary was soon perched beside the rancher on the high spring seat of the lumbering ranch-wagon, tenderly holding a half-dead rubber plant.

  73. Amongst the greatest senders are Messrs Butler, Skinner, Wishart, and Wisely, and White of Aberdeen; but a great deal of dead meat is also sent from the rural districts.

  74. The tendency of late years has undoubtedly been to send fewer live stock and more dead meat to the London market, and also to send more cattle by sea and dead meat by rail.

  75. He was dead against the system of forcing for the show-yard.

  76. To speak of all the senders of dead meat, butchers, and jobbers, in the city and the provinces, would be a hopeless and an endless task.

  77. Davidson was at last found dead on the hills, with his faithful pointer standing over him.

  78. Many of them they send alive to London, but they also send an enormous quantity of dead meat.

  79. The animal may require to be thrown and the dead horn cut away.

  80. Cattle look best on the face of a moderate sloping bank, and worst of all at a dead wall.

  81. A battery of guns commanded the bridge, and as the French tried to cross thousands of them were mowed down, and heaps of dead and wounded blocked the way.

  82. Upon these closely-knit ranks the Belgians poured volley after volley, cutting wide lanes through them until the dead were heaped high before the trenches.

  83. Before his poor mother had recovered from her first transports of grief the home in which her dead husband lay was in a state of siege.

  84. Most of the candidates finished their papers, and then trooped from the hall to the battlefield, where many of them lay dead a few hours later.

  85. How he received the news of his father's death we do not know, but in less than half an hour he called out a squadron of Hussars in their red jackets, and sent them clattering to the Palace where the dead Emperor lay.

  86. One hundred thousand men lay dead or wounded on the field, but Napoleon was not checked.

  87. Between the trenches of the hostile forces is a No Man's Land, strewn with the dead of both sides.

  88. Everything was burning; the streets were covered with bodies, shot dead and half burnt.

  89. In one street I saw two little children walking hand in hand over the bodies of dead men.

  90. A farrier sergeant at the head of eight men charged a whole squadron of Uhlans, who scattered in all directions and fled, leaving many dead and wounded.

  91. But, would you believe it, this wall of dead and dying actually enabled these wonderful Germans to creep closer, and actually charge up the glacis!

  92. The dead and dying, burnt and burning, lay on all sides.

  93. Napoleon's line of march was marked by the dead bodies of thousands of men and horses.

  94. You see," Hector went on, "I must let you both know that my mother is dead against my having Annie.

  95. A dead branch had been broken from the pine-tree in its fall.

  96. Mr. Savage saw not less than fifty of these dead birds and looked them over carefully, thinking that perhaps there might be among them a trumpeter swan, but none was found.

  97. But it might give him a chance for a little revenge before his life was snuffed out--might give him a chance to strike a blow for the dead Journeyman and the other gallant explorers who had perished here in this chamber before him.

  98. The chorus of hissings and bellowings would increase as he hastened slowly and laboriously back to the ship, indicating that other unseen monsters of the steamy jungle had flocked to tear the dead giant to pieces and bolt it down.

  99. Helped by the decreased gravity of the red spot, and released from inhibiting fear by the fact that he was already, figuratively, a dead man, he performed the incredible.

  100. Behind them the great bulk of the dead lizard was disappearing with incredible quickness under the rays of the tubes directed on it.

  101. Two eyes were set wide apart in the enormous head, eyes that were dead and cold and dull, yet glinting with senseless ferocity.

  102. That I may not be accused of suppressing what is to be said on the other side, let it be here added that the sum of the adverse evidence (besides the testimony of many MSS.

  103. The sectional system of Eusebius, I suspect, is not so much the cause as the consequence of the ancient and inveterate misapprehensions which prevailed in respect of the history of the Resurrection.

  104. I) It furnished a pretext to those heretics who maintained that Christ was 'Man' before He came into the World.

  105. But in fact this is not a mere conjecture of my own.

  106. Has not this place, by the way, exerted an assimilating influence over St. John xx.

  107. Unbounded licence of transcription, flagrant carelessness, arbitrary interpolations, omissions without number, disfigure those two ancient MSS.

  108. Upon inspection, the dead man proved to be that unlucky Kergrist.

  109. Brevan have in wishing him dead at that time?

  110. In less than twenty-four hours he will be a dead man, and his assassins will triumph.

  111. Planix received a stab in his breast, fell, and was dead in an instant.

  112. I was dead drunk, and do not recollect a thing any more.

  113. And bear in mind, if you shake the lieutenant, he is a dead man.

  114. He went out swearing; and, more dead than alive, Henrietta sank into an arm-chair.

  115. Time had stood still with the dead man, but had left its mark on the living woman.

  116. How father will open his eyes when he sees the dead Lämmergeier--and the Scotch gentleman too!

  117. There was nothing to fear from a dead prelate, and besides, it was an indirect praise to the living archbishop and his favourites to speak ill of the defunct.

  118. There were rumours current of horrible tortures inflicted on those taken to make them confess the truth, and I thought of you, so frail, so delicate, and I feared that some day you would be found dead in a dungeon.

  119. And in twenty-four hours he was dead as though Heaven wished to punish me.

  120. She is dead to me, which is the same thing.

  121. The dead provide much money, they are her best asset; but she wishes equally to reign over the living.

  122. She is the living image of the poor dead one.

  123. Religion had absorbed the industrious Toledo of old, and still guarded the dead city beneath its hood of stone.

  124. The office had some resemblance to that of a sexton, for he spent most of it among the dead in the silence of desertion, never seeing anyone till his watch was finished.

  125. Gabriel spoke of the Englishwoman as of a dead sister.

  126. Luna had no doubts on the point--it was science, and science alone, which could fill the vacuum caused by that religion now dead for ever.

  127. You move through space fixed to a projectile which whirls with dizzy speed, and, deceived by your smallness, you think you are living immovable in a dead cathedral.

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