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  1. The black clouds and bands which stain many otherwise white marbles are generally due to specks of graphite, the residue of hydrocarbons which once saturated the rock.

  2. Steam heating has been objected to by many for reasons in no wise due to the apparatus, but to neglect in the use of it.

  3. Chandler, having kept a record of accidents from this cause, had accumulated a formidable list of suffocations due to the use of the damper.

  4. There is more sympathy due to the case which happens sometimes where a heartless thief makes off with the clothes, shirt and all, of a bather, about the solitary parts of Granton; for here the situation of the victim is really terrible.

  5. The mistress was enjoying in bed the repose due to her midnight and morning labours, snoring as deep as a woman of her size and suction could do, and beside her, in a chair, sat Sandy himself plucking lustily at fowls.

  6. There is, therefore, no pity due to the victims of these men's deceptions, and this we can say with a thorough condemnation of the men themselves.

  7. Then why shouldn't sympathy for a tender creature, exposed to a December chill, help the sympathy due to himself?

  8. I am free to confess that this result is only, to a small extent, due to us, and the reason is plain enough.

  9. But I was not satisfied, for I made him declare to his victim that he was sorry he had robbed her,--an admission due to the fear he entertained of being torn by the angry people.

  10. This discovery is chiefly due to the researches of Sir William Crookes, who is guided in his investigations by a deeper philosophy of the universe than is common among scientists.

  11. Ishvara Himself, as Brahma, sends forth a power, due to a modification of His consciousness, called in the Vishnu Purana a Tanmatra.

  12. These tanmatras are the powers due to modifications in consciousness or life, without which no modification in matter can be.

  13. Next night we were due to leave for the forward trenches at dusk to carry on, having had our usual entertainment in the afternoon from the Germans, when suddenly they began throwing shrapnel at our trench.

  14. It was almost due west of the important town of Krithia, and the landing was intended primarily to protect the left flank of the British landing forces from attack by the considerable forces believed to be concentrated there.

  15. The same night the Archduke Joseph Ferdinand's entire army was slowly wheeling from the San toward the Tanev, facing due north.

  16. Two brigades of the Eighth Division, the Twenty-fifth to the right and the Twenty-third to the left, were due west of Neuve Chapelle.

  17. The second was Sari Bair, about eight miles due north of the Narrows.

  18. Von Mackensen resumed the offensive on May 24, by advancing due east of Jaroslav, capturing Drohojow, Ostrov, Vysocko, Makovisko and Vietlin all in one day.

  19. A German division arrived at Lubaczovka, due north of Jaroslav, and half of the Germanic circle around Przemysl was now drawn.

  20. The town of Dukla lies some fifteen miles due north of the Galician debouchment of the pass of that name, and Rymanow is about another fifteen miles east of that.

  21. Philologists find it impossible to assign the exact amount of change due to the Conquest and to other causes.

  22. The greater feeling of individuality was partly due to the Reformation, which emphasized the direct responsibility of each individual for all acts affecting the welfare of his soul.

  23. If Shakespeare himself had seen to the publication of his plays, succeeding generations would have been saved much trouble in puzzling over obscurities due to an imperfect text.

  24. Perhaps it was due to her influence that he had a happy childhood.

  25. This was probably due to the fact that one species of Pelican has a blood-red tip to the bill.

  26. Its presence has been accounted for by some authorities as being due to the fierce winds that accompanied Black Thursday having blown it over from Australia.

  27. Some claim that this is not done for protection, but is due to fright.

  28. The gaudy coloration of many male birds has been explained by Darwin as being due to sexual selection, the female choosing as a mate the most gaily colored or most attractive bird.

  29. Pauperism due to Transmission of Defect, and perpetuation of Low-type Stocks, E.

  30. It may be due to the application of a higher standard in consequence of increased supply.

  31. The great difference in the capacity for bearing children between the primitive and civilized races depends only in part on the lessened fitness of the latter due to the increase of skilled assistance.

  32. The extinction of the families is undoubtedly due partly to other causes than the voluntary limitation of families--to a process of degeneration.

  33. This is partly due to interference with breast-feeding and partly to the unfavourable influence on pregnancy.

  34. The observance of a due proportion between preparation and result is a matter of great moment.

  35. In due course a situation of great intensity was reached, wherein the villain produced a pistol and fired at the heroine, who fainted.

  36. A due proportion must always be observed between the preparation and the result.

  37. His failure to point forward is no doubt partly due to his having nothing very satisfactory to point forward to.

  38. It is true that quite commonplace people do die; indeed, they preponderate in the bills of mortality; but death on the stage confers a sort of distinction which ought not to be accorded without due and sufficient cause.

  39. In due course of time he became their King and ruled all the land from the Mediterranean to the mountains of the west.

  40. In due time he came to stand as the highest expression of all French virtues.

  41. In due course of time, this alphabet travelled across the AEgean Sea and entered Greece.

  42. Gregory sent ambassadors to all the European courts to inform the potentates of Europe of his new laws and asked them to take due notice of their contents.

  43. And the same (with due apologies to the good people of Wyandotte County) can hardly be said of this busy metropolis on the Missouri River.

  44. Europe took due notice of this sudden appearance of a very powerful new state.

  45. Perhaps it was due to a sudden change in climate.

  46. Paul answered me that the Kingdom of which he had spoken was not of this world and he added many strange utterances which I did not understand, but which were probably due to his fever.

  47. In due time he learned that he could use this guttural noise to warn his fellow beings whenever danger threatened and he gave certain little shrieks which came to mean "there is a tiger!

  48. The enormous improvement which has taken place since the thirties and the forties of the last century is not due to the efforts of a single man.

  49. In due time his successors (who were addressed as Father or Papa) came to be known as Popes.

  50. In due time, Siddhartha grew up to be a handsome young prince and when he was nineteen years old, he was married to his cousin Yasodhara.

  51. In due course of time, both men may forget their early training and never again visit either church or lecture hall.

  52. These documents were "promissory notes" and they were due two months from date.

  53. Pollanarrua[1]; and it is mentioned with due praise in the Rajaratnacari, that the King Wijayo Bahu III.

  54. The practice of irrigation due to the Hindu kings Who taught the science of irrigation to the Singhalese (note) The first tank constructed B.

  55. In submitting this catalogue of the birds of Ceylon, I am anxious to state that the copious mass of its contents is mainly due to the untiring energy and exertions of my friend, Mr. E.

  56. Footnote 5: No document is better calculated to Impress the reader with a due appreciation of the indomitable perseverance of the Singhalese in works of engineering than the able report of Messrs.

  57. The importance to health of keeping the skin dry does not appear to have hitherto received due attention.

  58. A peculiarity in the beak of the flamingo has scarcely attracted due attention, as a striking illustration of creative wisdom in adapting the organs of animals to their local necessities.

  59. In the latter, reservoirs are comparatively rare, as the natives rely on the certainty of the rains, which seldom fail at their due season in those lofty regions.

  60. George Turnour, son of the first Earl of Winterton; his mother being Emilie, niece to the Cardinal Due de Beausset.

  61. The madame when paying the inmates the one-half due them for their day's work always deducted the sum of $1.

  62. Many hotels have rebate clerks whose duty it is to keep the accounts of the girls and pay them the commissions due them.

  63. The colonial life began with colonial differences and aversions due to religion--Puritan, Quaker and Church of England, intercolonial tariffs and what not.

  64. There is something due to a man's self-respect.

  65. I was sure of you, but this has been a well-nursed scandal, due to an influential lot of disappointed contractors who would have controlled the giving of that contract had I not come into office.

  66. The boylike mischief of his letter was in part due to some return of the cheerful mood which possessed him after the morning's risks.

  67. Perhaps such cases of cardio-vascular disease might be most correctly said to be due to the wear and tear of life.

  68. And thirdly, many of the complaints of nervous depression, lowness and worry are really due to gout, to influenza, and the like, which are at the same time the true causes of the cardiac symptoms.

  69. We ask ourselves whether it is structural or whether it is functional, that is, due to relaxation and dilatation of the ventricular walls.

  70. They must be the effects of pathological processes due to a variety of pathogenetic influences which assail the circulation.

  71. The mark of a wound across his cheek told that in his student days this man had, after due deliberation, considered it necessary to fight.

  72. Mrs. Vansittart, in fulfilment of her promise to Percy Roden, called on Dorothy at the Villa des Dunes, who in due course came to the house at the corner of Park Street and Orange Street to return the visit.

  73. She turned rather suddenly, and saw on Roden's face the confession that it had been due to Von Holzen's influence that he had absented himself from her drawing-room.

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