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Example sentences for "duty"

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duties; dutiful; dutifull; dutifully; dutifulness; dutye; dutyes; duumvir; duumvirate; duumviri
  1. This is a point to which it is the manager's duty to attend, because it is not a matter of doubt, nor subject to discretionary opinion.

  2. Besides, I am not sure whether it is not the duty of the editors of the daily papers rather than yours.

  3. For my part, I think it is the duty of all people who regard the credit of the city, or tender the peaceableness and comfort of society.

  4. A proper investigation of it would require more room than we can at present spare: but we shall not so far desert our duty as to decline it when we can devote to it the deliberation it deserves.

  5. I think it your duty to take notice of this, and I beg you will.

  6. His most inward and neerest friends and, among others Florac, knewe it, and said nothing unto him, preferring his duty to his Prince before all affection.

  7. His duty prescribed him a law to all the bounds of nature; so there is not any one but is more bound to the service of the King and his country then to his owne health, or to that of his children.

  8. If I right my friend, I wrong my husband; if his wrong I shunne, 170 The duty of my friend I leave undone.

  9. But in his reluctance to carry out his duty of revenge he is evidently modelled upon Hamlet.

  10. I love them very dearly, Mrs. Travilla, and earnestly desire to do my whole duty to them, but I do not think it a part of that either to do without the dear little wife I covet, or to burden her with cares unsuited to her tender years.

  11. Are you not willing to let me settle this question of duty for myself?

  12. Elsie said little to him, but many times silently lifted up her heart on his behalf, asking that he might have strength given him to do the duty he felt to be so difficult and painful.

  13. Therefore the sin was in making it, and it is your duty to break it.

  14. It will be a sore trial to me, as well as to you, if I find it my duty to inflict any severe punishment upon you.

  15. That I must begin already to discipline one of my children gives me a sad heart, but I must try to do my duty by her at what ever cost of pain to her or myself.

  16. As the maid withdrew, her duty finished, Elsie came softly in.

  17. You brought me back when I should else have quitted The light of day, made me forget my duty And see Hippolytus, till then avoided.

  18. And I, to whom this light Is darkness now, come to discharge the duty The hero has imposed on me, to tell thee His last request--a melancholy task.

  19. After the writing of the minutes, the next duty of the secretary is to see that the members of committees appointed are notified of that fact and are told who is their chairman.

  20. He did his duty to his God, his family, his State, and his country, and did it well, and executed faithfully all the trusts committed to him in both military and civil life.

  21. From this duty none were exempt from the least to the greatest.

  22. Not every man can become great; genius is the gift of the few, but goodness and fidelity to duty are within the reach of all.

  23. He never put himself forward except when duty prompted, and then he did nothing for display; never a word did he speak for himself, but only for his cause.

  24. As a fitting eulogy to his worth it may be truly said that it was his disposition to follow the line of duty to the end.

  25. Throughout the struggle he discharged every duty and was equal to every responsibility placed upon him.

  26. The same general ability and rotundity of character which had made him prominent in the little world of college life made him useful and influential in various lines of duty in the wide field of Congressional legislation.

  27. In a word, Mr. President, he lived a perfect gentleman, discharged faithfully every duty of life, and died honored and beloved by his friends.

  28. Henry Lee, the ardent youth of nineteen, who at the head of his company of Virginia horse reported to Washington for duty when the first army of Continentals were ranging themselves upon the plains of Boston.

  29. He resolved at once to consecrate himself and his sword to the sacred duty of defending her homes and firesides.

  30. No one's duty it is as much as yours, Brand Kolbeinsson, to take revenge for the murder of Kalf Guttormsson.

  31. The doors, fitted with gratings, were locked at night and opened in the morning under the eye of the Father whose duty it was to superintend our rising and going to bed.

  32. Notwithstanding the difficulties of the task, I have felt it my duty to depict Lambert's boyhood, the unknown life to which I owe the only happy hours, the only pleasant memories, of my early days.

  33. He there told so incoherent a story, that the people all took him for a man either bitten by a mad-dog or broken loose from his keepers; and considered it their duty to tie him, to prevent his biting or other mischief.

  34. I therefore feel it a duty to such critics, to give them at least one or two reasons why they should not consider Irish oaths immoral, or Irish colloquy vulgar.

  35. Now I would say it is your duty to generalise as far as you safely can from your as yet completed work.

  36. It is, however, a paramount, though bothersome duty in every naturalist to try and make out all that has been done by others on the subject.

  37. There seems some reason to suppose that "the male undertakes the duty of incubation.

  38. If she had been only an ordinary fellow passenger she might not have felt it her duty to set them straight.

  39. Assuming that an import duty on tea, if sufficiently high, would create a tea growing industry in the United States capable of supplying the whole domestic demand, trace the various economic effects of such a duty.

  40. What conditions as to consumption and production at home and abroad would be most favorable to the shifting of an import duty on a manufactured article entirely to the consumer?

  41. Said Paine: The moral duty of a man consists in imitating the moral goodness and beneficence of God manifested in the creation towards all creatures.

  42. Garibaldi was on a tour of inspection, getting a good idea of the coast-line, and patriotism and duty should have kept him steadily on the march.

  43. If, however, at any time the prince should so forget his sacred office as to work for private gain or for a favored few, then he is guilty of a breach of the contract, and the people owe to themselves the duty of deposition or revolution.

  44. I knowed this mornin' that it was my bounden duty to give you a good trouncin'.

  45. He, no doubt, considered it his duty to bite somebody, and it made little difference to him who it was.

  46. And hee as bound in duty shall pray "RALPH SMITH.

  47. With childlike trust, she endeavoured to resign that which had endeared a life, which one sorrow had done much to darken; but the duty was a hard one.

  48. It is my duty to provide for your old age.

  49. Go back to your duty and to deep repentance.

  50. Before this service begins and this church is re-consecrated I have a duty to perform to my people.

  51. It came to him that it was his duty to hunt out the Red Racer and break the sad news.

  52. And then, on the third day at a time when he was feeling the urge of duty to turn back, the "Gray Streak" hove in sight.

  53. After long thought Johnny had decided that it was his duty to tell the men of his camp the story of the stolen films and of the men who at that moment were using their hard-earned leads for profit.

  54. At the end of that time you must report for duty at McMurray," came over the wire.

  55. The evidence shows that Captain Smith remarked to the officer doing duty on the bridge, "If it is in a slight degree hazy we shall have to go very slowly.

  56. She did not know which duty appalled her most, or which animal seemed to her the more intractable.

  57. He did not know that his duty as a man and his man's love were fighting the fiercest battle of his life, or if he did, he never thought to call it a battle.

  58. His practical knowledge of the business was at her service, he said, and he should feel that he was culpably negligent of his duty as a neighbor if he failed to point out to her any glaring fault in their method.

  59. And there he faced his trouble bravely, and at the same time he fulfilled his duty toward his government by keeping a watch over the place that seemed to him then the most suspicious place in the country.

  60. It seemed my plain duty to save him, and a still plainer and more important duty to get some sleep for myself, so at last I ventured to go to Mr. Lynch and tell him what was about to happen to him--under strict secrecy.

  61. An opera-house has lately been built there which is in strong contrast with the shabby dens which usually do duty as theaters in cities of Burlington's size.

  62. It is his image, in marble, standing on duty at the pilot wheel; and worthy to stand and confront criticism, for it represents a man who in life would have stayed there till he burned to a cinder, if duty required it.

  63. He fell asleep and I lay there in a cold sweat, turning this new terror over in the whirling chaos which did duty as my mind.

  64. My duty was to hold the boat steadily on her calamitous course, and leave the consequences to take care of themselves--which I did.

  65. But, first, will it not be our bounden duty to erect a tower for Our Lady of the Seven Dolours, such as we find in many churches?

  66. To fulfil their duty fittingly, besides ardent piety, a thorough knowledge of the Scriptures is required, and a refined feeling for art.

  67. Mr. Chips, who combined the duty of second-mate with that of ship's carpenter.

  68. Then I feel it a duty to tell you that your singing is now worse than ever--in this respect.

  69. Half Seiburg had fled at the approach of the dreaded Turks; only very few had remained, and among these was Katarina, who felt that her duty was to protect and comfort her ailing friend, who with her stood in the place of a mother.

  70. No deputy could possibly do his duty unless he knew the existing laws of the Church.

  71. He was made regent of Prague, and was entrusted with the duty of restoring the country to order.

  72. It is," he declared, "the duty of our Bishops to defend the rights of the Protestant Moravian Church, and the duty of all the congregation to be loyal to that Church.

  73. He must do his duty by the King, obey him and serve him with zeal as a loyal subject.

  74. In every instance Mydlar seems to have done his duty at one blow.

  75. Instead of the Brethren joining the Utraquists, it was, said Augusta, the plain duty of the Utraquists to break from the Church of Rome and join the Brethren.

  76. And, therefore, the duty of all true Christians was as clear as the noon-day sun.

  77. It is," he said, "our bounden duty to consider the means whereby the whole body of Christian youth may be stirred to vigour of mind and the love of heavenly things.

  78. It is the duty of each of us to be content with the station in which God has placed him.

  79. No longer were the Brethren denounced as immoral fanatics; no longer did John Wesley feel it his duty to expose their errors.

  80. But the voice of duty was not to be silenced.

  81. Her few dresses also had to be gone over for loose buttons, and the darning of threadbare places was a duty exercising her constant attention.

  82. If his aunt had desired him to undertake an embassy to her he would surely have delivered his message without preamble, and would not have been thrown by so trifling a duty into the state of agitation in which he was.

  83. She extolled these because she thought it was her duty to do so, but preserved some doubts of their unique destructiveness.

  84. They were people who had disowned all duty to humanity, and who saw in themselves the beginning and the end of all things.

  85. The Spartan soldiers are not personal slaves, governed by the lash of a master, it is true; but they have certain principles of obligation and duty which they all feel most solemnly bound to obey.

  86. There was one corps of two thousand men, the life-guards of the king, who were armed in a very splendid and costly manner, to designate their high rank in the army, and the exalted nature of their duty as personal attendants on the sovereign.

  87. The administration of his government was left wholly to his ministers, and every personal duty was neglected, that he might give himself to the most abandoned and profligate indulgence of his appetites and passions.

  88. The other of the invalids was saved, but, on his return to Sparta, he was considered as stained with indelible disgrace for what his countrymen regarded a base dereliction from duty in not sharing his comrade's fate.

  89. Our duty is here, and we will remain and do it.

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