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formis; formless; formlessness; formost; forms; formulae; formularies; formulary; formulas; formulate
  1. A glance at the structural formula of esculin and taurine is sufficient to emphasize the diverse nature of these two substances.

  2. Fight for right--an atavistic formula of the primitive creeds.

  3. It was there that the dangerous formula was pointed out: "Beyond good and evil.

  4. So here was the cream of the "literary world"; and Thyrsis, as he watched and listened to it, was working out the formula of magazine success.

  5. Genius surrounded by Commercialism", had been the formula of his play; and did not the formula describe his own position as well as Lloyd's?

  6. It would save the men who came after him; and to save the men who came after him had now become the formula of his life.

  7. Sexual intercourse as a habit--this was the formula by which he summed it up to himself.

  8. Had any one written a poem on the formula coming from the lips of those for whom others had died?

  9. He wasn't living by a formula of freedom," she reflected.

  10. Identical in so many ways, the cafeterias that extend an industrial model in a post-industrial context feed millions of people based on a formula of standardization.

  11. The Chinese formula (cho-jo-no-jo) results from a practical experience encoded not only in language but also in the system of ranking.

  12. Walter Benjamin captured some of these changes in the formula of "art in the age of its mechanical reproduction.

  13. The formula deserves closer examination because it defines another characteristic of the context for understanding the relative illiteracy of our times.

  14. A super-cook defines what is appropriate, and the efficient formula turns our kitchens into private processing plants ensuring the most efficient result.

  15. Not one among them had possessed the genius to master an acceptable decoction of the berry, the bald simplicity of the correct formula being doubtless incredible to them.

  16. I at length devised a conventional formula of praise which, although feeling a frightful fool, I delivered each time thereafter.

  17. If the molecules are things which are compressible, another formula for b is found, which is different according to the number of atoms in the molecule (Proc.

  18. If we take p3 so low that the law of Boyle-Gay Lussac may be applied, we can calculate v3/vc by means of the formula p3.

  19. In spite of this very limited reception the Formula Concordiae has always been reckoned with the five other documents as of confessional authority.

  20. The Book of Torgau was evolved, circulated and criticized; a new committee, prominent on which was Martin Chemnitz, sitting at Bergen near Magdeburg, considered the criticisms and finally drew up the Formula Concordiae.

  21. It would follow from the law of corresponding states that in this formula the value of [int] is the same for all substances, the molecules of which do not associate to form larger molecule-complexes.

  22. The quantity of heat given out when two molecules fall together may be calculated for NO2 and acetic acid from the formula of Gibbs for the density of vapour, and it proves to be very considerable.

  23. The latter formula supposes the molecules to be rigid spheres of invariable size.

  24. It wanted at least the formula of "Senatus populusque Romanus.

  25. This formula was called in Greek symbolos; and in Latin collatio.

  26. Even the certainty of the mathematical formula depends on our confidence in the sanity of our own mental processes.

  27. If he had been greater still, he might have said something like this: "I freely acknowledge that a mathematical formula can not satisfy all the cases that we discuss.

  28. In works on celestial mechanics a single formula may fill a whole chapter.

  29. You will notice that I have inserted in this formula one item of information that pertains to use, not location.

  30. The Patriarch opened the meeting either by introducing some subject of discussion from the Laws, or by inviting the members to speak by the formula "Ask.

  31. To counteract this, the Synhedrion enacted that the name of God should be used as in ancient times, and that this name should be introduced even into the formula of greeting.

  32. He resorted to a formula that was later amplified into the most potent argument of Socialism by Marx.

  33. In the third place, Marx gave a formula to the Socialist movement.

  34. This was roughly the formula that the radical Hegelians blocked out for themselves when they split from the orthodox conservatives in the '30's.

  35. It is necessary to distinguish between a formula and the reality.

  36. There is no single method of seeing, no one formula of expression and handling.

  37. The current formula for art, that art is the utterance of man's joy in his work, is not quite accurate.

  38. There can be then no single formula for technical method nor any fixed and final standard of judgment.

  39. Moreover, the effect that gauges the efficiency of a worker is the value of what he creates; and this value is measured by the formula that we have attained.

  40. After a most lengthy disputation, each party presented its formula for the convocation of the bishop to the diets and sittings.

  41. The formula of exorcism was received with derision.

  42. And the terrible and tragic formula of the inner, spiritual life is either to obtain the most happiness with the least love, or the most love with the least happiness.

  43. No such formula of cursing seems to have been found in Semitic sources.

  44. There lies the root error of the customary modern formula for explaining the origin of the Pauline theology.

  45. Euclid stated a formula which gives all the even perfect numbers, but no one has ever succeeded in proving either the existence or the non-existence of an odd perfect number.

  46. Cementite is a definite compound of iron and carbon represented by the formula Fe<3 subscript>C.

  47. The amiable practise of mutual back-patting has always existed; the honest zealots of literature have always tried to define a formula for exclusive literary salvation; and those who stood outside the ring have always fumed and protested.

  48. IV On the eve of the 1918 election the prime minister expressed his political ideal in the formula that England had to be made a home fit for heroes.

  49. In a thousand hours of meditation or wrangling the boys of that generation hammered out each his own formula of political change.

  50. When a question threatened to become involved he proposed a formula which met the case and always secured consent.

  51. But as this formula is universal in its operation, affecting candidates who are to receive it and lodges which are to enforce it in all places, it must have been derived from some universal authority.

  52. He has to submit to a prescribed formula of application and entrance, long before he becomes a member of the Order.

  53. Such is the formula prescribed by the Constitutions of England as well as all the Monitors in this country.

  54. The formula sahobhau karatam dharmam is uttered in the fourth or Prâgâpatya form of marriage.

  55. All were learners; all were men of peace; all had a firm hold on the plain, old, simple virtues which can not be waived when you make up your formula for a man.

  56. We treat the formula "Every thing is incomprehensible" in 200 the same way.

  57. The formula "Not more this than this" expresses our own condition of mind, and signifies that 190 because of the equality of the things that are opposed to each other we finally attain to a state of equilibrium of soul.

  58. The Formula "To place an equal Statement in opposition to every Statement.

  59. This must be understood, however, that we use the formula "Nothing more" without affirming in regard to it that it is wholly sure and true, but we present it as it appears to us.

  60. The goddess Carmenta, who was supposed to watch over childbirth, derived her name from carmen, the magic formula which was used to aid the delivery.

  61. The Atarva-Veda retains the old formula of imprecation against disease, and the Zendavesta divides physicians into three classes, those which cure with the knife, with herbs, and with magic formulas.

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