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Example sentences for "formulate"

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formula; formulae; formularies; formulary; formulas; formulated; formulates; formulating; formulation; formulations
  1. The credit of having been the first to formulate the doctrine of internal secretion is generally given to Claude Bernard.

  2. By his studies of parasitic castration Geoffrey Smith was led to formulate a theory for the explanation of somatic sex-characters different from that of hormones.

  3. He should aim to discover and formulate the laws of social forces, not to propose ideals of social reform.

  4. It undertakes to analyze the general characteristics of social phenomena and to formulate the laws of social organization and evolution.

  5. He was trying to formulate a plan for the Illinois Central railroad; and my interests in Chicago drew me to that plan.

  6. I tried to formulate some of these nebulous ideas to Reverdy, but found myself running into denials, facts of contradiction in Douglas' attitude and thinking.

  7. They elected a President, but were afraid to formulate a platform.

  8. In other words, the manufacturers and the savants ought to have been called upon to formulate a political system corresponding to the new social conditions.

  9. But Marx himself shall formulate his own conception of history.

  10. He aided these men to formulate the laws that raised our great armies and carried us through the war.

  11. The legislator must formulate in his statistics not only the national will but also those great laws of social life revealed by statistics.

  12. Is it not possible to formulate some new plan to mark the age of Victoria?

  13. If the traders require a dry-nurse system, let them formulate one in place of the one sketched above.

  14. For the girl was beginning to dare formulate the deepest of any thoughts that ever had stirred her virgin mind and body.

  15. Wier gazed miserably at her, unable to formulate a convincing lie.

  16. In the Ether Day Address the phylogenetic key supplied by Darwin was utilized to formulate the principle that the organism reacts as a unit to the stimuli of physical injury, of emotion, of infection, etc.

  17. In this paper I formulate a theory which I hope will harmonize a large number of clinical and experimental data, supply an interpretation of certain diseases, and show by what means many diverse causes produce the same end effects.

  18. He who believes and knows must formulate a dogma.

  19. According to this view the question to be answered is--has one quite correctly understood, can one verbally formulate certain almost scholastic distinctions in the doctrine of justification?

  20. There is nothing for you to do but to formulate the new moral code and put it in operation.

  21. The teacher can formulate his function to himself therefore in terms of 'association' as well as in terms of 'native and acquired reaction.

  22. Can we now formulate any general principle by which the later and more artificial interests connect themselves with these early ones that the child brings with him to the school?

  23. Plato was the first to formulate this dogma, and he endeavoured to prove it as an objective truth.

  24. And we must formulate the gnosis of the Empire of the soul, which rests on seven postulates.

  25. They had a majority in Parliament, and it was for them, therefore, to formulate the principles on which the future institutions of the country were to be built.

  26. In the Army Council indeed Cromwell was still predominant, and on October 6 it agreed to meet on the 14th, to formulate terms which the King might be able to accept.

  27. Now here a new kind of difficulty has to be added to those which we have already found in attempting to formulate Common Sense.

  28. For we conceive it as the aim of a philosopher, as such, to do somewhat more than define and formulate the common moral opinions of mankind.

  29. But he has gone on mostly by himself, aided by his acute sensibility, which has not, as yet, allowed him to adopt any one system to the exclusion of all others, or to formulate a system for his personal use.

  30. He paused to formulate a sufficiently impressive "offer" as the lawyers say, and in the silence that followed Elkan shuffled to his feet.

  31. Miss Holzmeyer made a dash for the stairway, and before Elkan had time to formulate even a tentative plan of escape she had returned with her quarry.

  32. The unprepared or lazy teacher is also in danger of relying on the textbook for his questions even when he does not formulate them in the language of the printed page.

  33. We all formulate more carefully what we write than what we speak.

  34. This is much easier than to know the subject and the textbook both well enough to formulate original, appropriate questions.

  35. It was hard for him to formulate an intelligent consecutive-idea'd letter to Angela.

  36. She had no time to sit down and formulate her thoughts; she did not want to write--but she worked out through her emotions and through her singing the beautiful and pathetic things she felt.

  37. To be able definitely to formulate your thoughts and reach positive and satisfying conclusions was a great and beautiful thing.

  38. A physician can bring out facts, relating to the personal and family history, and habits, of the prospective mother, which will enable him to formulate advice which will prove of the highest value from the very beginning of pregnancy.

  39. It is a waste of time to formulate rules only to disobey them.

  40. It is not possible to formulate an absolute table of what or what not to eat, as the same foods do not agree equally well with all patients.

  41. It should be his duty, born of a sincere affection and love, to formulate the programme of events which has for its main object the wife's entire mental environment.

  42. To formulate this conclusion was to give himself a thrilling shock.

  43. So far he had been unable to formulate any hypothesis.

  44. In some mysterious way Sophia felt that she did know, although she could not in any way formulate her confused feeling of kinship with this young girl, so far removed from her in outward experience.

  45. He looked hard at the paper, as if needing a few moments to formulate further translation.

  46. When the keen air upon his bare head had driven him indoors, he sat down again to formulate his good resolutions, he found that his candles of expediency and morality had gone out.

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