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formulae; formularies; formulary; formulas; formulate; formulates; formulating; formulation; formulations; formule
  1. It is of no use answering to this that the question is wrongly formulated (Plate, "Selektionsprinzip u.

  2. Even the philosophy of the eighteenth century, materialistic as were for the most part the tendencies of its leaders, seemed to revere man as a being apart, concerning whom laws might be formulated a priori.

  3. The conditions of life in organisms are so various and complex that laws, such as are formulated in physics and chemistry, can hardly be conceived.

  4. I propose, therefore, to begin this essay by a sketch of the principles of stability as they are now formulated by physicists.

  5. The general principles of this school were formulated (1880) in a fuller form in H.

  6. Lamarck, as is well known, formulated a definite theory of evolution at the beginning of the nineteenth century, exactly fifty years before the Darwin-Wallace principle of selection was given to the world.

  7. Various hypotheses have been formulated on these lines, with special reference to the evolution of man.

  8. I have the idea already pretty well formulated in my mind.

  9. Step by step, every event since Waterloo follows with logical consistency from the teachings of Napoleon, formulated for the first time, some twenty years afterwards, by this remarkable thinker.

  10. In criticism it was evident that if he had not revealed positively novel aspects of truth, he had formulated and put on record aspects which were presenting themselves to many, nay, most, of the best critical minds of his day.

  11. Mr Arnold's own contemporaries formulated with less magnificence and more popularity, but still with music and truth in Strangers Yet--here receives almost its final poetical expression.

  12. The Bureau has formulated a very definite construction policy.

  13. The figure of the Scotchman =Clement= comes out yet more distinctly in the charge formulated against him.

  14. The military rules and regulations of every country are practically the same as those formulated in the Russian military code.

  15. The misapprehension consists in overlooking the fact that the doctrine of Christ, and the doctrine formulated by a lower life-conception, guide men in very different ways.

  16. If this important condition, which destroys the significance of the commandment, ever entered into the thought of Christ, it would have been formulated somewhere.

  17. Christian scholars began the investigations, formulated the principles, collected the materials and reared the already splendid fabric of the science of Comparative Religion, because the spirit of Christ which was in them did signify this.

  18. The theory of Divine Right was formulated in the reign of Charles II.

  19. Jesus Christ formulated our sublime device: the tree of the people was the tree of the Cross.

  20. Under the plan adopted present public opinion as formulated in the results of the last election was not recognized as entitled to control the state senate.

  21. All these measures which were formulated by Hamilton and carried through largely by his influence were intended to lay a solid basis for the development of national as opposed to state authority.

  22. The master had taken seriously her banal words of courtesy to him and the regrets which, in a moment of anger, she had formulated concerning Gerald.

  23. That institution, which was first definitely formulated in the early eleventh century in Roussillon and was soon confirmed by the Pope in agreement with nobles and barons, was extended to the whole of Christendom before the end of the century.

  24. Definitely formulated statistical data of these results are scarcely yet available.

  25. The whole point of evolution, as formulated by Lyell and Darwin, is to explain phenomena by known causes.

  26. Tetzel, who had been forced to abandon his work of preaching, defended publicly at Frankfurt on the Maine a number of counter theses formulated by Conrad Wimpina.

  27. The world had changed considerably since the constitutions of these bodies had been formulated by their holy founders.

  28. It was during this controversy that the Branch Theory, namely, that Catholicism, Lutheranism, and Calvinism formed three divisions of the one true Church, was formulated clearly for the first time.

  29. But, at last, mindful of the advantages that would accrue to him from being recognised as supreme head of the Church in his own dominions, he gave a reluctant consent to the plans formulated by Luther.

  30. Calvin formulated a very severe code of rules for the guidance of the people not merely in their duties as citizens and as members of his religious organisation, but also in their social intercourse with one another.

  31. When a new edition was required in 1699, Noailles requested the judgment of Bossuet, who formulated certain changes that in his opinion should be made.

  32. Taking the plan of agreement that had been formulated by him as a basis for discussion the conference drew up the /Book of Torgau/, copies of which were despatched to the Lutheran princes and theologians for an expression of their opinion.

  33. In the practical solution of doubtful obligations Probabilism had been applied for centuries, but it was only towards the end of the sixteenth century that the principle was formulated definitely by the Dominican, De Medina.

  34. The exorbitant demands formulated by Philip the Fair during his quarrel with Boniface VIII.

  35. The stricter marriage law is formulated in Lev.

  36. Jackson and Lee bivouaced that night near where the Old Plank Road and the Furnace Road intersect, and here formulated their plans for the morrow.

  37. But when it is distinctly formulated in the abstract terms in which I have just stated it, the theory is very far from obvious.

  38. This theory is a purely intellectual rendering of experience which has had the luck to get itself formulated at the dawn of scientific thought.

  39. This question can be formulated thus, Can alternative temporal series be found in nature?

  40. Thus the molecules and electrons of scientific theory are, so far as science has correctly formulated its laws, each of them factors to be found in nature.

  41. The further characteristics of the continuity of nature--so far as durations are concerned--which has not yet been formulated arises in connexion with a family of durations.

  42. So according to our new views the law is in this respect not formulated so as to have any exact meaning.

  43. The earth patterns were extensively studied with the result that definite conclusions were formulated pertaining to the best patterns to be used.

  44. Possibly the progress toward formulated knowledge will be less rapid by induction, but it will be real progress with no backward steps.

  45. These truths should be well formulated in clear and expressive language and mastered in this form.

  46. He therefore cast aside his half-formulated scheme of seeking escape from the supposed detective through the street.

  47. Then obviously with the view of avoiding misunderstandings as to dates he formulated the query: "Was this recent?

  48. In India they seem indigenous to the soil and not imported by the Aryan invaders, for they are not clearly enunciated in the Rig Veda, nor formulated before the time of the Upanishads[37].

  49. When examined at leisure by a student of to-day, the dogmas seem formulated with imperfect logic and the results trite and obvious.

  50. In the early days of the Buddha's mission he asked for a brief summary of the new teaching and in reply the essential points were formulated in the well-known verses which declare that all things have a cause and an end[456].

  51. His teaching is formulated in severe and technical phraseology, yet the substance of it is so simple that many have criticized it as too obvious and jejune to be the basis of a religion.

  52. A common answer to this antinomy is that the mind is attempting to deal with a subject with which it is incompetent to deal, that the question is wrongly formulated and that every answer to it thus formulated must be wrong.

  53. Can it be that the teacher knew of things transcendental not to be formulated in words?

  54. His nature cannot be formulated in the same terms as the nature of an ordinary man.

  55. The list of reforms coincided to a certain extent with the demands formulated by the Zemstvos, but the document as a whole produced profound disappointment, because it contained no mention of a National Assembly.

  56. Quick as a shot Kate's answer was formulated and fired at him.

  57. Then the injured woman's lips opened, and, as they formulated her halting words, his smile gave place to something like panic.

  58. Their claim to large privileges and a considerable share in the government of the county were formulated in a document drawn up at Nijmwegen in April 1436.

  59. The Constitution of the United States has formulated the political principles most conformable to the Canons of the Council of Trent.

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