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Example sentences for "fabric"

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  1. The Rock, on which our Lord builds the real fabric of the Universe!

  2. The raggedness, and tawdriness have now become spiritual, a universal presence entering into the fabric of nearly all our mental processes.

  3. The blow had been strong enough to hurt through the heavy fabric and air pressure, but his hand wasn't strong enough to compress the suit.

  4. It was stuck fast, probably caught in the fabric by his knee landing.

  5. The heavy fabric of the suit was stiff, and the air pressure gave further resistance that had to be overcome.

  6. In this machine the needle passes completely through the fabric as in ordinary hand sewing, but it does not have to be turned around for the return stitch because it is pointed at each end and has the eye in the middle.

  7. For instance, cotton thread may be embroidered on a groundwork of wool, or silk thread is used on a fabric of cotton.

  8. When the frame swings toward the cloth the needles are pushed through the fabric and their points are caught by spring clips in a frame on the opposite side.

  9. The fabric of stuffs brings a vast trade to this populous town.

  10. Here I saw the new fabric of French tapestry, for design, tenderness of work, and incomparable imitation of the best paintings, beyond anything I had ever beheld.

  11. God for the fabric of our bodies and the dignity of our nature.

  12. For the first time in his life Talbot fully realises what a built-up fabric it is.

  13. Rather does the whole fabric of experience lean on them, just as the whole fabric of the solar system, including many relative positions, leans, for its absolute position in space, on any one of its constituent stars.

  14. The whole fabric of the a priori sciences can thus be treated as a man-made product.

  15. The tide of racial hatred which may yet be stemmed would rise and perhaps not only undermine the present fabric of our Empire, but strew East and West with the wreckage of disappointed hopes and embittered animosities.

  16. Be sure and make the seam light-tight and have enough layers of ruby fabric so no white light can get in.

  17. The fabric when "salted," as this operation is termed, will keep indefinitely.

  18. Ten yards of black cambric or other black cloth and a little ruby fabric will be required.

  19. Those hats that are made of fur or wool have all been felted, and felt strictly speaking is a fabric manufactured by matting the fibres together, without the preliminary operation of either spinning or of weaving.

  20. At the time Buddha was born, and in his own country, we find already subsisting the great politico-religious fabric of Hinduism.

  21. The spiritual and the material fabric are placed side by side, and the several offices and ceremonies of the Church as they are specially connected with the different parts of the building are briefly noticed.

  22. But Mr. Strike tells you, too, he will not give a penny for keeping up the fabric of the Church, because he is a Dissenter.

  23. They are simply taught to believe that all outward form and ceremony in the Services, and all outward meaning and beauty in the fabric of the church, are idolatrous and superstitious, and they care to inquire no further than that.

  24. The fabric of common order in America is sound and strong at the centre.

  25. The art of literature which weaves these living threads into its fabric lies closer to the common life and rises higher into the ideal life than any other art.

  26. Egypt and Enkomi, stuck into the fabric above the right breast.

  27. The result of the greasing was to render the thin cotton fabric quite translucent, and indeed, almost transparent.

  28. The supernumerary had struggled out of his huge head-gear by this time, and laid the fabric of papier-mache and tinsel carefully aside upon a shelf.

  29. But as the fabric of her happiness dwindled away, the fatal spell exercised over the girl's weak nature by Olivia's violent words evoked a hundred doubts.

  30. In fine, the whole fabric of the State was fast falling into ruin and decay, through the greed and sloth of rulers who taxed the people to the uttermost in order to supply their wasteful luxury (x.

  31. Through the sloth and riot of these foolish rulers, the whole fabric of the State was fast fading into decay--the roof rotting and the rain leaking in.

  32. The slothful prodigal rulers, under whose mal-administration the whole fabric of the State was fast falling into decay, extorted the means for their profligate revelry from their toil-worn and oppressed subjects.

  33. The reason why the social fabric would be dissolved is because there would doubtless be a minority which would not accept these principles, and would seize upon the things which the world agrees to consider desirable.

  34. It has been often said that if the world were to accept the teaching of the Sermon on the Mount literally, the social fabric of the world would be dissolved in a month.

  35. Differing on many points of detail, these parties aimed at strengthening the fabric of the central power, and it was with their aid in the Reichstag that the new institutions of Germany were planted and took root.

  36. Just as an architect safeguards his creation by providing a lightning-conductor, so the builder of the German Empire sought to divert from that fabric the revengeful storms that might be expected from the south-west.

  37. He certainly hoped to strengthen the fabric of his Empire by extending the customs system and making its revenue depend more largely on that source and less on the contributions of the federated States.

  38. To retaliate upon subordinate officers and men for the crimes of their political chiefs seemed cowardly, and worse—it struck a blow at the whole fabric of naval discipline not only in the German but in every other Service, including our own.

  39. Catch boys young, inure them to Naval discipline, and teach them the value of it, and to them it will become part of the essential fabric of their lives.

  40. Cain and Abel, the story of family jealousies which, like a sombre thread in the fabric of history, runs through all its epochs and can be traced in all its events.

  41. To accept willingly the rupture of one after another strand of the moral fabric that guides and disciplines individual life in any social system, is a self-defeating approach to reality.

  42. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "fabric" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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