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constitute; constituted; constitutes; constituting; constitutio; constitutional; constitutionalism; constitutionality; constitutionally; constitutions
  1. Sad, sad work; I am under the most melancholy apprehension, for what constitution can hold out under these continued and wasting attacks.

  2. The Constitution and Structure of Society should be of such a nature, therefore, for the purposes of human growth and happiness, as to allow the needs and wants of every one of its members to be adequately supplied.

  3. Now the negro is a human being, as well as an apprentice or a redemptioner, though the Constitution does not consider him as the equal of either.

  4. Constitution of the United States had the legal power to do so.

  5. It might well be questioned whether this provision of the Constitution renders a Senate indispensable to the Government.

  6. And as the inherent rank of an individual is, as a general rule, recognized and accorded, no matter what may be the social constitution of the land in which he lives, so it is with classes.

  7. This gives unusual solemnity and authority to the Constitution of 1787, and invests it with additional claims to our admiration and respect.

  8. While the form of the Constitution is still observed to the letter, the spirit is, in a great measure, abrogated.

  9. The Constitution of Society must be moulded with reference to the character of the individuals in it.

  10. The authority which formed the Constitution admitted, we come next to the examination of its acts.

  11. Such was also the political constitution of Barcelona from the middle of the thirteenth to the commencement of the present century.

  12. No one, especially in Spain, is ignorant of the project of the religious constitution with which Llorente attempted to disturb consciences, and introduce schism and heresy into our country.

  13. Your king would always be an enemy to the constitution, for he would find this constitution always attacking, embarrassing, restricting, and humiliating him.

  14. There had been abundant warrant then in the very constitution of things for my psychic shivers at the first broaching of that canoe- trip.

  15. This is not the result of any evil twist put into my constitution by original sin.

  16. An excessive severity on the part of masters is also checked by a constitution of the same prince.

  17. There is one broad striking fact in the constitution of the human species which ought to set the question at rest for ever.

  18. Its supporters assert that the constitution of woman is too delicate, too finely wrought to compete with man in his chosen fields.

  19. Mr. Crittenden's proposal of Amendments to the Constitution did not and could not command the two-thirds majority in Congress necessary to their submission to the several states for ratification.

  20. When the great convention that framed the Constitution was in session, it was at first proposed to put an end to the slave trade from Africa in the year 1800.

  21. To these Mr. Lincoln replied that while they were free to advocate any policy they pleased, he at least, was bound by his official oath to support and maintain the Constitution of the United States.

  22. The Constitution of the United States, in Section 3 of Article IV, distinctly imposed upon the states and upon the people thereof the duty of returning to their masters all fugitive slaves who might escape from one state to another.

  23. Each held the Union in contempt--the one because the Constitution protected slavery, the other because it did not adequately protect that institution.

  24. He clearly understood that the dealings of the Constitution with this question of slavery constituted a compromise to which the moral sentiments and the material interests of both sides were parties.

  25. The third of Clay's compromise bills provided for the admission of California to the Union as a state under the Constitution which it had adopted, which made no provision for the existence of slavery within its borders.

  26. Their very debates, preparatory to the passage of the compromise bills, had stirred the country to a discussion of the question, angrier than any other that had been known since the Constitution was framed.

  27. His conduct, too, was merely the common licentiousness of his country, taking a larger shape from his larger constitution and stronger passions.

  28. Petition for constitution for Cape of Good Hope, 704.

  29. The Constitution for the Bukowina has also been published.

  30. The lameness was long gone--her naturally good constitution had shaken off the effects of that fearful struggle; her dress was of somewhat better materials and a neater cut.

  31. Overthrow of the Constitution and of liberty of the press in Tuscany, 129.

  32. He proposes to hasten to Baden, to defend the constitution framed by the Frankfort parliament.

  33. The exact method of applying the cold element must depend on the constitution of the patient.

  34. The long expected Constitution for Galicia has at length appeared.

  35. The Representative Constitution and the Liberty of the Press have been destroyed in Tuscany.

  36. Constitution or no constitution, government or no government, the black rule can't and don't go in the Delta!

  37. Call not this piece-work Constitution of ours, amended and subject to amendment, an approach to divine charity or wisdom.

  38. In reading the pages of the great and beloved Constitution of America there have been those who have juggled the import of the word 'success' with the meaning of the chance to succeed.

  39. Under the Constitution we couldn't elect a white man down there in a hundred years--not if we followed the Constitution.

  40. Mollie, I see you're strong for the Constitution of the United States.

  41. Laelia, but fuller, fresher, and brighter in color; constitution hardy; growth vigorous.

  42. Its foliage is distinct, its bloom often as profuse and brilliant as that of the China, and its constitution as hardy, or nearly so, as that of the French Rose.

  43. Referring to the presidential duties, it was not always possible to spell out from the words of the Constitution what those duties imposed upon the occupant of the office.

  44. But that is the last resort, because this is intended as a constitution of peace, not as a League of War.

  45. There was nothing in the Constitution that either permitted or conflicted with his taking the position he had in his communications to the Governor of California.

  46. It is indeed a wise provision of our Constitution which prohibits American officials from accepting "any present, emolument, office or title of any kind whatever" without the consent of Congress.

  47. And sometimes Tim Campbell made requests that Cleveland had to deny as unconstitutional; then Tim would come back with "Oh, I wouldn't let the Constitution stand between friends!

  48. He extolled the Constitution and in a veiled way indicated a deviation from it on the part of Roosevelt.

  49. A friend of mine, who was there at the time, informs me that Sir Harry's constitution had become debilitated, and he had rendered himself liable to the attack by exposure and over-fatigue.

  50. The oath sworn by the king on accepting the crown and constitution of Corsica was to the following effect:— “Io sotto scritto Cavaliere Baronetto, &c.

  51. Not one man in five of the whole number possesses the first qualification for making the laws of a State, and half of them never read the constitution of the country.

  52. All the natural peculiarities of our constitution which wound our pride may be happily got along with by ignoring them.

  53. Both are mean, both are unmanly, and both are deficient in the self-respect necessary to the constitution of a gentleman.

  54. I think I am almost more interested in Constitution Island than in any other part of the place.

  55. Committees were chosen to draft a constitution for a national Anti- Slavery Society, nominate a list of officers, and prepare a declaration of principles to be signed by the members.

  56. In attacking the system of slavery, they have never recommended any measure or measures conflicting with the Constitution of the United States.

  57. Because the Constitution permitted, in that single crime, the violation of all the commandments of God, was that violation less terrible to earth or offensive to heaven?

  58. We acknowledge that you have a power derived from the United States Constitution to hold this "property," but we deny that you have any moral right to take advantage of that power.

  59. Under her careful nursing the Ensign soon got upon his feet; but his wife, whose constitution was weaker, sunk under the fever.

  60. Nominally the advocate of universal suffrage, it has wrested from the colored citizens of Pennsylvania that right of citizenship which they had enjoyed under a Constitution framed by Franklin and Rush.

  61. The true life of a nation is in its personal morality, and no excellence of constitution and laws can avail much if the people lack purity and integrity.

  62. The committee on the constitution made their report, which after discussion was adopted.

  63. But the constitution of his mind fitted him rather for the commendation of the good than the denunciation of the bad.

  64. In 1801 General Vincent, a proprietor of estates in the island, was sent by Toussaint to Paris for the purpose of laying before the Directory the new Constitution which had been adopted at St. Domingo.

  65. The single object which its constitution prescribes, and to which all its efforts are necessarily directed, is African colonization from America.

  66. The debates on the Constitution interested nobody, and on the 10th of December all the inhabitants of Chavignolles voted for Bonaparte.

  67. Protestantism, the final effort of feudalism; and '89 is a return to the constitution of our ancestors.

  68. By these means the constitution will be preserved and restored from all those chronic and acute afflictions, which are the consequences of acrimonious humours and foulness of blood.

  69. The Use of foreign Teas has entirely changed the Constitution of the Europeans, within the last Century.

  70. To this may be attributed the constitution being either preserved from that innumerable train of afflictions, which arise from too great a relaxation of the nervous system by acute distempers, misfortunes, &c.

  71. Foreign tea, as before observed, being taken as two principal meals of our daily aliment, is undoubtedly one great reason of the constitution of the people having suffered an entire change in its system.

  72. To what danger must, therefore, the constitution of those who are in the constant habit of drinking such an empoisoned drug be exposed, may easily be imagined.

  73. Even those who, at first, might find it beneficial in their respective complaints, have too frequently found the constant use of it afterwards hurtful to the constitution it had before relieved.

  74. The body being thus relieved from obstructions, its circulations restored, the digestive faculties invigorated, and the spirits re-animated, the debilitated constitution is reinstated in all its enjoyments of health and hilarity.

  75. Predispositions are defined as that constitution or condition of the body which disposes it to the action of disease under the application of an exciting cause.

  76. The result is, that women can often trace the beginning of a long series of complaints and a shattered constitution to a so-called miscarriage.

  77. Some persons have a peculiarity in their constitution that the poison of an insect gives rise to exceedingly alarming symptoms, such as palpitation, nausea, dizziness, dimness of sight and an indescribable sense of suffocation.

  78. Persons who possess a thoroughly healthy constitution may be exposed to exciting causes without the slightest danger of contracting diseases, to which others who are predisposed fall victims.

  79. But it was desirable, nay, necessary, to consider rather the spirit of the constitution than its exact letter, and he thought that if the House would refer the matter to a Select Committee, they might attain their object.

  80. It is said that the agitation for the constitution of a Greek empire is the politic work of Russia.

  81. Whatsoever I can do with them in accordance with the constitution of them and nature must be His will, whatever else is not.

  82. An Act to enforce the provisions of the Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States, and for other purposes.

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