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Example sentences for "animus"

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  1. I have no animus against any man, nor do I presume to censure my fellow creatures.

  2. I have been accused of having an animus against Moses, and David, and all the rest.

  3. In the first, the crime of robbery was committed, but in such a manner as to completely evade an inference of the animus furandi, although it was in fact present and obtained.

  4. In the second, there was no robbery, the animus furandi being entirely absent, although it apparently existed in a conspicuous degree.

  5. My dear sir," put in the District Attorney, "the vital element of robbery is not the force and terror but is what is called in the books the animus furandi, meaning the intention to steal.

  6. We quoted British remarks about us, Gladstone, for example, as evidence of unfriendly and insincere animus on the part of those at the head of the British Government.

  7. In 1868, Lord Westbury, Lord High Chancellor, declared in the House of Lords that "the animus with which the neutral powers acted was the only true criterion.

  8. These associations gave me rare facilities for studying the aims and animus of the leading Revolutionists.

  9. Martin disclosed personal animus in every line and was written with a vehemence which was more likely to discomfit a grammarian than its designed victims; but it was withal a highly ingenious plea.

  10. But the charges framed against Chase revealed only imperfectly the animus which was now coming more and more to control the impeachers.

  11. If the animus can be proved, it will assume a serious complexion.

  12. It may be charged as done piratically, involving animus furandi.

  13. The animus furandi must, in this case, depend on something else than presumption.

  14. The animus furandi, so often mentioned in this case, means nothing but the intent to steal.

  15. Mr. Ryerson points out the political animus of the movement, and proceeds:-- You see that the Missionaries are making great efforts to have Kingston and York made exceptions to the general arrangements.

  16. It was very keen while it lasted, but there was no bitter animus in the recital--though the old war horse pricked up his ears and seemed to "hear the sound of battle from afar.

  17. We decapitated, emasculated, malnourished, and poisoned rodents against whom we had no personal animus for no other reason than to keep an elaborate apparatus in use.

  18. Even in the text-books for children, you can detect the same animus working.

  19. Nothing transpired which would inculpate Choiseul the French minister, but as he was still in office, and as his animus was well-known, he was thought to have been concerned in this plot likewise.

  20. The animus of opposition was exhibited in an unequivocal manner on the reassembling of parliament.

  21. In this extract is at once seen the animus by which Pitt was actuated in this contest; and the light in which the house and the public were disposed to look upon the object of his unseeming vindictiveness.

  22. In his much read Table-Talk the chapter on the Mass is full of misrepresentations such as can be explained only by the animus of the speaker.

  23. Luther’s animus against the Lawyers due to their attachment to the matrimonial legislation as then established.

  24. Then Valentine said, calmly: "Have you an animus against the thing you don't yet know?

  25. Whatever may have been his animus against Sir Thomas Lucy it undoubtedly pertained to conditions existent in the year 1598.

  26. When we discount the caricature and spiteful animus of this description it closely matches the presentments of Shakespeare given by the most authoritative portraits which have come down to us.

  27. In June 1593 George Peele shows animus against Shakespeare by echoing Greene's phrases in the introduction to The Honour of the Garter.

  28. Whatever the enigmatic animus responsible for this outrage, it seemed most undeniable that none but men of the most desperate calibre would have undertaken it--men in whose sight no crime would be abominable, however hideous.

  29. For a thought longer Whitaker's gaze bored into his eyes in vain effort to fathom what was going on behind them, the animus undiscovered by his words; then, remembering, he looked down at the cable message in his hand.

  30. Mr. Dibble shows his animus when he charges that Cook did not give the natives the real value of their hogs and fruit, and also that he had no right to stop pilferers in canoes by declaring and enforcing a blockade.

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