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Example sentences for "animosity"

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animistic; animo; animorum; animos; animosities; animum; animus; anion; anions; anis
  1. The animosity which existed between the lion and unicorn is referred to by Spenser, and is allegorical of the animosity which once existed between England and Scotland: "Like as a lyon whose imperiall powre A proud rebellious unicorne defyes.

  2. He felt for our holy and sublime religion that violent animosity which could not contain itself, which chafed at anything reminding him of Christianity, and which had even grown more rancorous since his brother M.

  3. The jealousy of Samaria, which had taken the lead in Palestine so long as Jerusalem was in evidence, envenomed this animosity still more.

  4. We may suspect a spirit of Jewish animosity in the ugly phrase "the filthiness of the heathen.

  5. They had hauled away hundreds to the gallows, and the animosity that prevailed between the two parties was so intense that neither thought of sparing the other if they fell into their hands.

  6. That painstaking monarch read them and was much struck by them, both in their warning of military danger from the French and in their zealous animosity against heretics.

  7. The spirit of animosity between France and England on the one hand, and Spain and England on the other, gave birth to two schemes to attack Charleston in the year 1706.

  8. Even the austere and censorious Rojas, the Royal Treasurer, who had been the bitter critic and opponent of Quinones, forgot his animosity and hastened to offer his services in any capacity in which they might be utilized.

  9. This is the only instance I ever knew of coachmen driving opposition coaches entertaining a personal animosity for one another.

  10. But during the two hundred years of commercial intercourse between China and your country, there has not been the least animosity nor the slightest insult.

  11. It was no more their captain's affair of love and chivalry that influenced them, but desperate animosity against their besiegers; and every one called aloud for succours.

  12. It was evident that the demon of animosity and revenge was now conjured up, which to lay was not in the power of man.

  13. For instance, in his animosity to Richard Pepper Arden (Lord Alvanley), he often forgot his duty as a judge and his manners as a gentleman.

  14. Amongst the good stories told of Radcliffe, the Tory physician, is the tradition of his boast, that he kept Lady Holt alive out of pure political animosity to the Whig Chief Justice.

  15. But no such uprising ever occurred and the fear of such seems to have been due to the current animosity towards the activities of the abolitionists, which was prevalent throughout the State.

  16. This movement was one of the results growing out of the animosity created by another legal case which occurred in 1838--that of the Rev.

  17. The animosity of the gentlemen at the Prescott Arms--an animosity which the interview in my office had doubtless intensified--quickened my satisfaction in thus being within the walls that guarded the lady of their adoration.

  18. As I recall the Sunday-school of my youth, Hezekiah was a monarch of great authority, whose animosity toward Sennacherib was justified in the fullest degree.

  19. The time had now come to put an end to the hopes of Calhoun for the attainment of either of those high stations, by making public the animosity of Jackson; but this could not be done without a struggle.

  20. The embers of former animosity were indeed uncovered, but in the Eastern States, where the friends of Mr. Adams were most numerous, no disposition was evinced to favor the elevation of General Jackson to the Presidency.

  21. Why, had she not known all along of the deadly animosity that Purdie, for some reason or another, bore towards young Ross and all his family?

  22. His animosity however, now aroused against England, was not easy to remove: and it was an additional source of grief to Mary and a great vexation to the Cardinal that Paul deprived him of his Legatine authority.

  23. Church, without arousing the animosity of the classes which were untouched; while neither the nobility nor the clergy were strong enough for active resentment.

  24. The hostility to any such tribute was no less active than it had been twenty-five years ago: and the Pope's attitude served only to intensify the feeling, and to stir up general animosity towards the Papacy.

  25. The traditional animosity to France was strong, and had been intensified by the Paris massacre.

  26. Elizabeth had expected and desired that Mary should jeopardise her position precisely in this manner, counting on the animosity to the marriage not only of Knox's party but of all the adherents of the rival house of Hamilton.

  27. I am determined to tell you that you owe me nothing, but also that I harbour no unjust animosity against you.

  28. Believe me that we have nothing against you, no animosity whatever, neither one nor the other.

  29. The efforts of the English their courage and feats of arms, were soon to eclipse to some extent the obstinate animosity of the Spanish.

  30. In the ceaseless activity of his thoughts he reasonably enough looked on England as the implacable and invincible enemy who directed and excited against him the animosity of Europe.

  31. Many provinces were entirely deserted by the Creoles and Metises, in consequence of the furious animosity of the coloured race.

  32. For to say nothing of the traditional enmity and dislike existing between these two, the similarity of their respective powers was sufficient to breed distrust, jealousy, and, in fact, the bitterest animosity between them.

  33. The national prestige is still a live asset in the mind of these peoples; and the limit of tolerance in respect of this patriotic animosity appears to be drawn appreciably closer than the formula cited above would necessarily presume.

  34. Among other things, their preconception of national animosity is not secure, in the absence of provocation.

  35. Patriotism is evidently a spirit of particularism, of aliency and animosity between contrasted groups of persons; it lives on invidious comparison, and works out in mutual hindrance and jealousy between nations.

  36. Little strain was put upon their sense of national solidarity or national prowess; so little, indeed, that there was some danger of their patriotic animosity falling into decay by disuse; and then they were also busy with other things.

  37. Feuds of the most bitter and hostile character, we are told, were an everyday occurrence, and were carried on with the most ferocious animosity on both sides.

  38. Sometimes, when the hen remained too long on the nest, it would lose its temper and, driving her off, pursue her with the greatest animosity about the grounds, administering correction with its sharp beak.

  39. This wildness of disposition is, without doubt, due to the active animosity of the pampas-tribes, who have all the ancient wide-spread superstitions regarding the Owl.

  40. I got mixed up in that crowd seething with an animosity as senseless as things of the street always are, and it was while I was laboriously making my way out of it that the pressman of whom I spoke was jostled against me.

  41. Several slighting references by name to de Barral revived her animosity against the man, suddenly, as by the effect of unforeseen moral support.

  42. But I eyed him with hidden animosity for he had got me to run after him under somewhat false pretences.

  43. It was thus that the French-German animosity was kept alive and nurtured.

  44. Labor disturbances have sometimes assumed serious proportions and so have demonstrations against other nations who had aroused the animosity of the Japanese people by some acts.

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