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Example sentences for "animosities"

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  1. The Troublesome Raigne of King John was composed for the Queen's company at, or near to, the date of the Spanish Armada, and at a period when religious animosities were acute.

  2. And, indeed, he seems to have suffered exquisitely during this period, from the animosities with which he was assailed at home by the Tories.

  3. Worse, even, because more widely felt than the passions of democracy, the animosities of RACE burst forth with fearful violence in eastern Europe.

  4. Bitter animosities existed between the adherents of the papal church and the reformers, which found expression in bloodshed, rapine, and destruction of property.

  5. Besides numerous stabs administered to old enemies, Pope opened some fresh animosities by passages in these poems.

  6. How right I was in my guess that small animosities were amongst your failings!

  7. The animosities felt and expressed are not towards the Indians as Indians, but arise out of the sense of injuries suffered, and the apprehension of further suffering.

  8. It is true, the advocates for this scheme promise a new world, after this blessed work shall be completed: that all animosities and faction must immediately drop; that the only distinction in this kingdom will then be of Papist and Protestant.

  9. Secondly, I will lay open the sad effects and consequences, which our animosities and mutual hatred have produced.

  10. I will therefore now, in the second place, lay open some of the sad effects and consequences which our animosities and mutual hatred have produced.

  11. Ten years of peace, at home and abroad, have assuaged the animosities of political contention and blended into harmony the most discordant elements of public opinion.

  12. The animosities of elections should have no place in our Government, for government must concern itself alone with the common weal.

  13. Were all these fanatic tribes of one accord, they could not fail to endanger the safety of Christian Abyssinia; but they are fortunately divided throughout by the same feuds and private animosities which sever the southern Pagans.

  14. But this observance was dropped in 1796, on account of the animosities excited by the Jay Treaty.

  15. It is well known that there is nothing in a college so well adapted to the breaking up of animosities and of undesirable alliances and dangerous particular friendships which lead to no good, as baseball.

  16. Now all bickerings and animosities seemed to be forgotten, and they actually were for a time.

  17. He did not believe in having animosities in business matters, as it marred one's judgment.

  18. As people grow older they outgrow their animosities and wish to make friends.

  19. Thus under the stress of the growing passion for political emancipation, trading interests constantly seem to merge altogether into the ambitions and animosities of parties wholly occupied in a conflict about civic rights.

  20. We find animosities and complaints of the same kind directed against the struggling suburban manufacturers, who competed with the townsfolk by dint of braving every hardship, and accustoming their hands to every form of labour.

  21. Now, whoever hates and despises his brother, hates and despises God also, who has forbidden all such animosities in the severest terms.

  22. And yet this is the ordinary consequence, as often as charity is repulsed, and unnatural animosities are admitted into the heart.

  23. The Spanish government was deluded by the belief that in the event of war our country would not be able to present a united front, and that sectional animosities would weaken our strength.

  24. Boone Wellver, facing the animosities of enemies who fought with ancient guile, had sought to meet that condition.

  25. The reiteration of Cassandra's prediction had failed to discount the staggering reality, and for a brief moment animosities were silenced.

  26. He had fought feudal animosities and gone upward by a rugged ascent.

  27. But with Boone's announcement as candidate for circuit clerk, old animosities that had lain long dormant stirred into restive mutterings.

  28. Their fierce religious and racial animosities sometimes inspire them, and even carry away the reader, whatever his own views may be.

  29. Personal ambitions and animosities masqueraded in the garb of religious differences.

  30. The three centuries which have passed over the world since the Reformation have soothed the theological animosities which they have failed wholly to obliterate.

  31. I shall, therefore, in the first place, endeavor to encourage a free and full deliberation, without animosities and heats.

  32. Every effort has been made to revive the animosities of the House and inflame the passions of the nation.

  33. It is much to Robert Nelson's honour that in an age of strong party animosities he never suffered his political predilections to stand in the way of union for any benevolent purpose.

  34. All former animosities seemed to be extinct; and Luff quickly wormed out of him the secrets of his heart.

  35. Severe and deadly were the continual actions between the preventive-service men and the smugglers; lives were continually lost on both sides; and dreadful animosities sprang up between the parties upon the sea-shore.

  36. God grant that both parties may forget their mutual animosities in their anxiety for the common welfare!

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