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Example sentences for "grudge"

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  1. I felt that I owed the young men a grudge for the Boy's defection; and as there had been no note or message from him, I was not in a forgiving mood.

  2. A change of mind bestows on one for the time being a new Ego; therefore I did not grudge myself my delight in the once despised Rhone Valley.

  3. This was, perhaps, poetical justice, but I did not grudge it, since it was evident that Molly no longer cherished the intention of dangling her friend the heiress before me like a brilliant fly over the nose of an impecunious trout.

  4. Now you see I have as much right to a grudge against women, as your sister the Princess has against men.

  5. The answer, though not proper to record in this place, was worthy of Perkins's opponent, who had a standing grudge against the entire race of expressmen and carters who brought him boxes and barrels to handle.

  6. He's a generous boy, and he won't grudge a few dollars lost to a good cause.

  7. How could I grudge you anything when you give us so much,--so much more than we ought to accept, so much more than we can ever thank you for?

  8. You don't grudge me bed and board, I suppose?

  9. Surely you needn't grudge the tears of pity a woman wastes over a man she has had to disappoint?

  10. But I hope you are all too large-minded to grudge a poor artist the biggest find that has ever come his way.

  11. He had no particular grudge against Rufus, but he had a lively desire to see him squirm.

  12. Not that I ever grudge anything; only that there was not half enough for myself under the trying circumstances, and the man should have shown better manners than ever to cast even half an eye on it.

  13. Now I come to larger actions, and the rise of great events, and the movements of mankind, enough to make their mother earth tremble, and take them for suicides, and even grudge her bosom for their naked burial.

  14. You will not grudge her my care or my love, for she may not long be with me to claim them.

  15. It cost him forty dollars for a new spout, but he says he doesn't grudge the money now that he has stopped that fiendish noise.

  16. Helpless and in a perpetual rage against some invisible foe who seemed to have a grudge against him, he felt paralysed.

  17. There awoke in her a personal grudge against her husband which degenerated into hatred.

  18. They were also united in a common grudge against Fate, which had so deceived them in their tenderest emotions.

  19. Yours is the cruel part--to survive; you must try and not grudge to him his better fortune, to go first.

  20. Nor you, O Penny Whistler, grudge That I your instrument debase: By worse performers still we judge, And give that fife a second place!

  21. The village do have a grudge against Mr. Pratt on that score; the folk don't like 'em.

  22. I promised faithfully to bring them back to tea; you got some meringues and things, of course--and I have a distinct grudge against fate for making me out to be not a man of my word.

  23. I pray, remember, I have done you worthy service, told you no lies, made no mistakes, served you without grudge or grumbling.

  24. He could not believe that she who had received a crown from him could seek to cut off his train, and grudge him the respect due to his old age.

  25. Grudge not another what you canna get yoursel'.

  26. If I can catch him once upon the hip, / I will feed fat the ancient grudge I bear him.

  27. Serve the great; stick at no humiliation; grudge no office thou canst render; be the limb of their body, the breath of their mouth; compromise thy egotism.

  28. Potter is jealous of potter, and craftsman of craftsman; and poor man has a grudge against poor man, and poet against poet.

  29. Ne'er grudge and carp, / Though fortune use you hard and sharp.

  30. Good women grudge each other nothing, save only clothes, husbands, and flax.

  31. Do not grudge /= 10 =To pick out treasures from an earthen pot.

  32. I feel no grudge against him for the third volume of his reminiscences.

  33. She bore no grudge against him for the old desertion; for she was happy with her husband.

  34. I did not, however, grudge the poor fellow what he got from me, as I considered myself to be somewhat in his debt for the information he had afforded me.

  35. Well, the Radical got the appointment, and the writer certainly did not grudge it him.

  36. There is hardly any weeping or any look on their faces of grudge against this unkind turn of fate.

  37. We don't want to grudge Germany her colonial development," a member of the Cabinet said to me.

  38. To be short, it was not long yer this grudge grew so far, that ciuill war was verie likelie to haue followed thervpon.

  39. Sidenote: The lords grudge at the king for receiuing the cardinall without their knowledge.

  40. The fact was that the feud was purely a personal one between the two kings, while their subjects, having no grudge against each other, desired peace.

  41. After the brief campaign against the Slittungs, he began again his machinations, aided as usual by the archbishop and the clergy, who seemed yet to cherish their ancient grudge against Sverre's house.

  42. I should not grudge any expense for purchase or carriage; and should be glad even of a couple such for my cloister here.

  43. Of course I don't grudge it, but five thousand dollars is a good deal of money, and I'd rather have subscribed it to the Organized Charities than feel I was spending it to give those two something they didn't want!

  44. He did not wish to grudge his wife what slight homage he could pay her, but he felt that he had perhaps gone far enough.

  45. What particular grudge had he against Tommy?

  46. But little as it is, don't grudge it to me, for though it may not have done you much good, it's been the saving of me.

  47. Do ye grudge hospitality to the warriors who go forth to shed their blood in our defence?

  48. The quarrel was an old grudge revived over the bottle.

  49. Resentments that were to last her lifetime had grown of them, and in her heart a secret grudge towards that class from which they sprung.

  50. They made an attempt to kidnap this boy, who helped to save the lives of your whole party, and we have every reason to suppose that they are associated with a gang of thieves who have a grudge against him.

  51. We had reason to suspect a man who had a grudge against my brother.

  52. Stay Princes wage not warre, a priuie grudge Twixt such as you (most high in Maiestie) Afflicts both nocent and the innocent, How many swordes deere Princes see I drawne?

  53. Thinketh your grace the grudge of priuie wrongs 1080 Will not procure him chaunge his smiles to threats?

  54. II In her heart his thought she foster'd deep in its inmost core; That still they kept such distance, a secret grudge she bore.

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