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Example sentences for "grown"

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growlery; growling; growlings; growls; growly; grownd; growne; grownup; grownups; grows
  1. Aline looked at her in alarm, for she seemed all at once to have grown very old.

  2. She had grown older in the past few weeks, but her glance was still piercing, and she woke at intervals with a start, and let it rest sharply upon her little circle, as if forbidding them to be aware of Juno nodding.

  3. The scaffold stood like an island in a sea grown suddenly wild with tempest, and even as he looked, the human waves of it broke in a fierce swirl which welled up and overflowed it on every side.

  4. Aline was hurrying homewards, her ears strained for the step she had grown to expect, when all in a minute he was there by her side.

  5. If she had been less taken up with her own thoughts, she would have noticed that whereas the room appeared to have grown curiously quiet, there was a strange sound of trampling, and a confused buzz of speech outside.

  6. She had seen an ugly side of ancestral pride in these two days, and suddenly she glimpsed a vision of herself grown old and grey, looking back along the interminable years to the time when she had sacrificed youth and love.

  7. Only half-conscious that she had grown to depend on him for companionship and safety, she was alarmed at discovering that his talk of her being alone, and friendless, could bring a lump into her throat, and set her heart beating.

  8. But pray bear in mind the important fact that the Chinese here are almost entirely grown men; they have no families here, and but a small number of women, almost all of whom are, moreover, prostitutes.

  9. The average quantity of wool annually grown on this rancho is sixty thousand pounds; beef cattle, two hundred and fifty head; value of produce received as rent from tenants, twelve thousand dollars per year.

  10. There were also on the boat a number of half-grown and full-grown white boys, some of whom had been fishing, and carried their long rods with them.

  11. The bird is small, about the size of a half-grown duck, but its egg is as large as a goose egg.

  12. He said that tobacco had long been grown in California even before the Americans came.

  13. He used home-grown seed for nine years; he could not say that there was a serious deterioration or change in the quality of the tobacco, but a singular change in the form of the leaf took place.

  14. That from home-grown seed gets longer, and the veins or ribs, which in Havana tobacco stand out at right angles from the leaf stalk, take an acute angle, and thus become longer and make up a greater part of the leaf.

  15. But the muscles of our legs appeared to have grown stronger; and undoubtedly our intellects had grown quicker and more alert.

  16. His corpse-like pallor, his hair grown suddenly white, showed him to us terribly old, old with the age suddenly acquired in the depths of the tomb.

  17. The sight of Wanda Leland, grown into the sweet, pure beauty of early womanhood, had stirred him to the depths.

  18. Always a man of impulse, a man who through years of habit had grown to act swiftly in little things and big things alike, Wayne Shandon flung into impassioned words the emotions which swept through his soul and brain.

  19. He had always liked Conway, at least, without thinking a great deal about it he supposed he had, for the very simple reason that they were cousins and had, in a way, grown up together.

  20. I was so glad to see you, I might have forgotten I had grown up.

  21. He had long been absolute, unquestioned dictator of the destiny of the Bar L-M, and he had grown naturally into the way of regarding it half with the eye of its permanent master.

  22. We're grown up now, you know, and Wayne is much more dignified and .

  23. Toward Wayne especially it has grown strong and bitter.

  24. So the relationship of mother and daughter which had grown into that of a warm, intimate friendship now developed into closer, more intimate companionship.

  25. He is wild because his nature is inherited from his father; it's in his blood, he's young and he has grown up with the far out places.

  26. He had in the end taken the step; being done it had since then been dismissed to a shadowy corner of his mind by his own strength of character; when he had thought of it had only grown stronger in his belief that he had done rightly.

  27. Shandon's voice had grown husky as he strove with the anger within him.

  28. The voice was lowered a little but had grown more insistent.

  29. Mrs. Leland rose to her feet, her face grown suddenly pinched and white.

  30. I thought this was unethical, because it implied that other chickens were grown with hormones.

  31. Progressive farmers like the Perdues were soon breeding their chickens for larger size, faster growth, and better conversion of feed to meat$something no one had thought about when chickens were grown only for egg production.

  32. I remember when I lived on the West Coast, there was a small company that advertised that its chickens were grown without hormones.

  33. Aunt Polly had drooped into a settled melancholy, and her gray hair had grown almost white.

  34. If there had been no one to keep her in check, Lettice would have grown more and more self-willed, and I don't know what would have become of us.

  35. For Nina's face had grown very red, and she fumbled about with her parasol in an uneasy manner.

  36. Even as he had eaten his truffles and drunk the fine wines grown on the de Vannes' estates in Gironde, he had been more troubled by an impersonal anxiety than he had ever allowed himself to be in the whole course of his existence.

  37. She was conscious at once of a certain relief in the definite exile of her late companion, yet of a certain magnanimity, inasmuch as she would enable other women to presume that he had grown tired of his allegiance.

  38. It has grown cold,' she said, and tinkled a hand-bell which was on the tray to summon Mahmoud.

  39. She seems to have grown years in a month or two.

  40. In a year's time she will not care in the least about Othmar himself, but she will have grown to like the world and the life that she leads in it.

  41. A tract of low or level land producing grass which is mown for hay; any field on which grass is grown for hay.

  42. Spain had no other wars save those which were grown into an ordinary.

  43. The male of bovine quadrupeds, especially the domestic animal when castrated and grown to its full size, or nearly so.

  44. But here Apollo's jealousie is seene, The god of Physicks troubled with the spleene; Like timerous Kings he puts a period To high grown parts lest he should be no God.

  45. What most men are thinking of now, if they think at all, is of our earth, a small grass-grown planet hung in space.

  46. When I see grown people getting well as soon as they can minutely narrate to you all their ailments, my heart goes out to babies.

  47. They say his speech was so full of dignity and unnecessary rage that some one declared he was simply trying to recover his self-esteem for Marguerite's having called him trivial and not yet altogether grown up.

  48. Ambrose had grown used to pulling his cart: he had expected to pull it for the rest of his days; and now the cart had suddenly broken down behind him and he was left standing in the middle of the long life-road.

  49. The other sisters were long since gone, scattered north and south with half-grown families; and the big house was almost empty save when they came in troops to visit it.

  50. Anything that she might do could not escape those watchful eyes long since grown impatient.

  51. This had been the first of a long series of antagonism and recoils, and as the child had matured, the purity and loftiness of her nature had by this very contact grown chilled toward austerity.

  52. All this enabled him to see how changed she was; and without looking older, how strangely oldened and grown how quiet of spirit.

  53. By this time her mother had grown alarmed and she brought Harriet out prematurely, that she might be wedded before, so to speak, she was discovered.

  54. His experience in his suit for Miss Anna's hand already seemed a trifle to Ambrose, who had grown used to bearing worse things from womankind.

  55. The necklace was an heirloom; it had started to grow in England of old; it had grown through the generations of the family in the New World.

  56. This linen was spun and woven from flax grown on your great-great-grandfather's land.

  57. It is native of South America, but is now grown in southern Europe.

  58. The spiritful and orderly life of our own grown men.

  59. Persons grown fat and wealthy by long impostures.

  60. The female lays her eggs in the flowers of wheat, and the larv\'91 suck the juice of the young kernels and when full grown change to pup\'91 in the earth.

  61. They who were not yet grown to the hardiness of avowing the contempt of the king.

  62. Is not your father grown incapable of reasonable affairs?

  63. Spain had no other wars save those which were grown into an ordinary.

  64. The decrease in the cultivation of coffee and the present status thereof in the Philippines show conclusively that Arabian coffee cannot be profitably grown here below an altitude of 800 meters.

  65. Flowers were collected in May, partly grown fruits were also obtained, and ripe fruits have been collected in June, and from November to February, showing that the plant is more or less everbearing.

  66. Partly grown fruit was then seen on the tree and since mature fruit has been examined by the writer from December to late in February the alemow is evidently nearly if not quite everbearing.

  67. It is frequently grown and fruited in small pots, and is probably the smallest species in the genus.

  68. The fruit is eaten with fish by the Filipinos, but is really so little grown that it has no economic importance.

  69. The flowers appear late in April and during the early part of May, with the fruit ripening in January and February; a few fruits nearly full grown were collected in May.

  70. Arabian coffee cannot be successfully grown in the Philippines below an altitude of 800 meters, and even at this elevation, due to its susceptibility to the coffee blight, extensive planting of Arabian coffee cannot be recommended.

  71. To the rear was a shed, in which were standing at least a hundred half-grown male goats.

  72. In these the rice is sown, and when the stalks have grown to about a foot high most of them are transplanted.

  73. The lotus will grow in dirty pools, but the open flower will be as pure as if grown in a clear mountain stream.

  74. Indian cotton is not so good as that grown in the United States, and for this reason hundreds of thousands of bales are imported from America each year to mix with the native product.

  75. Tea also is grown in the southern part of the province, and Indians are used in that industry, receiving from $3 to $5 a month and board.

  76. The weather had grown stormy, the sea rough, and the Bertha Clay was rolling badly.

  77. Most of the passengers came from Manila, and were returning to the States to regain their health and seek employment in a country where people can drink water and eat raw fruit or vegetables, whether grown in the ground or on trees.

  78. Naturally we have both grown older, and though I love you still I am glad you did not recognize me.

  79. Age has calmed my passions by rendering them powerless, but my heart has not grown old and my memory has kept all the freshness of youth.

  80. Prince Charles of Courland assured me that he had cost his nose in Siberia, and that it had grown again the next summer.

  81. At nine o'clock I paid my call, and found he had grown a beard two inches long.

  82. I thought she had grown prettier than ever, and no doubt my looks told her as much.

  83. I was curious to see the ravages which time had worked on her, but I had reason to repent of my visit, for she had grown terribly ugly.

  84. Malipiero in the evening the reason for which I could not go to his house, for I did not feel any inclination to show myself anywhere until my hair had grown again.

  85. She called me thou, talked of love and not of gratitude, and, grown more familiar with her new estate, laughed at her troubles.

  86. He told me that on the secretary's reminding him that I looked upon it as a favour to be left alone, he answered that I had grown wiser in the four months of my imprisonment.

  87. On examining my desires I found that they had grown too strong to be overcome, but I did not wish to overcome them.

  88. I found her grown and improved; she looked lovely.

  89. Yes, I think myself it will be an honor both ways," said Mr. Ellsworth, who had grown very fond of Garry.

  90. It's what's left of a hook; the tree has grown out all around it, don't you see?

  91. And speaking of boats, how about it, Jeff, do you think you could walk as far as Catskill Landing--seven full grown miles?

  92. That tree has grown about an inch and a half thicker all the way around since the hook was fastened to it," said Doc.

  93. The road has all grown up to grass, and we are riding on the sidewalk.

  94. That of a full grown man is reckoned at three feet.

  95. The donkeys look very small to bear so heavy a load as a full grown person; but they are very strong, and they carry their burden quite easily, especially as the distance is not very great.

  96. The trellises were covered with grapevines, on which many clusters of grapes were seen, that had already grown quite large.

  97. It was coming Lent again, and the girl had only grown thinner and more serious with the diversions that did not divert her from the baleful works of beneficence on which Mrs. Horn felt that she was throwing her youth away.

  98. He had not been unconscious that the part he had played toward this girl was ignoble, and that it had grown meaner as the fancy which her beauty had at first kindled in him had grown cooler.

  99. He said that where his advantage was not concerned, there was ever so much good in Dryfoos, and that if in some things he had grown inflexible, he had expanded in others to the full measure of the vast scale on which he did business.

  100. Who were they, and in what different places, with what cares or ills, had their joyous voices grown old, or fallen silent for evermore?

  101. Beaton laughed, now, when he thought of that, and he said to himself that the girl had grown immensely since she had come to New York; nothing seemed to have been lost upon her; she must have kept her eyes uncommonly wide open.

  102. The crowd had now grown denser till the tables were set together in such labyrinths that any one who left the central aisle was lost in them.

  103. He had got up and was looking out of the window at the landscape, which had not grown less amiable in growing rather more slovenly since they had crossed the Saxon bolder into Bohemia.

  104. March could not find that Miss Triscoe looked unhappy, as his wife had said; he thought simply that she had grown plainer; but when he reported this, she lost her patience with him.

  105. They had grown practically tolerant of each other's disagreeable traits; and the danger that really threatened them was that they should grow too well satisfied with themselves, if not with each other.

  106. Taking this line I came to that rocky cleft where I had killed the goat, and clambering up the bush-grown cliff found it to be honey-combed with caves large and small and with abundant evidences of the animals I sought.

  107. And now I saw her frown was vanished quite, her eyes grown wondrous gentle and her lips curving to a smile; and so she reached out her hand to me.

  108. Full of these disquieting thoughts I reached the cove and began to descend the steep side, following goat-tracks long grown familiar.

  109. Why, this love of mine reacheth back through the years to Sir Martin, my little knight-errant, and hath grown with the years till now it filleth me and the universe about me.

  110. All askew it hung and grown over with a riot of weed and vines; and behind the weatherworn timber I saw the gloom of a cavern.

  111. I am grown craven these days, mayhap--" "Yet you sought death.

  112. You are grown so much gentler since your sickness, so much more my dear friend and companion.

  113. Seymour, purged of the evil influences that corrupted it, has grown into a thriving and beautiful little city, and is to-day one of the model towns of Indiana.

  114. The last known of him, grown an old man, he was living quietly on a farm in Texas.

  115. They worked in silence, piling the rough stones gently one upon another, until the cairn had grown to twice its former size.

  116. But Miss Leslie continued to watch the movements of the snorting hippos, amused by the ponderous antics of the grown ones in the surf, and the comic appearance of the barrel-like infants as they mounted the backs of their obese mothers.

  117. When he came to the fire, a glance showed him that he had killed a full-grown spotted hyena.

  118. Why couldn't the blamed old tree have grown on the other side?

  119. It had grown late; and, with my head full of working niggers and white slave-women, I went to my apartment.

  120. The curé explained that the grapes had been grown on this arbour, and that he had them to eat and to give away, all winter.

  121. But this was not until nearly two o'clock, when Mary had grown so hungry that she could no longer concentrate her thoughts upon the game.

  122. Eve flung herself upon him again and caught his hands, which had been hot as they clasped hers but had suddenly grown cold, as a stone is chilled when the sun leaves it in shadow.

  123. But nothing happened, and when she had grown very tired of standing, she reluctantly went back to the car.

  124. She did not really wish to play, though she liked gambling, for she had been unlucky in the small game she had attempted, and had grown cautious, anxious to keep what she had.

  125. She looked grown up, and was dressed like other young women of her day, but any kitten with its eyes open was better equipped for business than she, for kittens have claws and Galatea hadn't.

  126. Then they had grown desperate, at their wits' end, and they had killed a woman who trusted and thought of them as her friends.

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