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Example sentences for "crescent"

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  1. The sand banks stretch like a crescent along the shore, the concave side turned to the lake, along which it leaves a pebbly beach.

  2. Beyond, a grand crescent of rock terrace and crag, akin to that on which they lay.

  3. These had now reined up, and were facing him, in a crescent formation.

  4. I looked at the crescent and then at the man.

  5. Take it"--he gave me a cigarette with a gold crescent on it--the kind they served at the Palace.

  6. One other thing she remembered in that initial chapter of her life,--the kindly glances that Graydon Muir bent on the pale crescent of a girl who sat opposite to him.

  7. But," she added, gayly, "I shall never see a diamond crescent after this without asking the owner to allow me to examine it.

  8. Mrs. Bently, of the Chicago and Boston crescent swindle, was no other than Mrs. Montague in a most ingenious disguise.

  9. The Ertak lay lightly upon the earth, her polished sides gleaming in the light of the crescent moon.

  10. His back was to the Plutonian, his face to the crescent of chiefs.

  11. At last, only a crescent of pale fire, lit the, now dim, Sea of Sleep.

  12. All this time, the great crescent was increasing in brightness, and began, now, to shine with a perceptible shade of green.

  13. Through the greyness of the swift evening, I saw the silver crescent of the moon, falling out of the Southern sky, toward the West.

  14. Once, I glanced behind, and saw the earth, a small crescent of blue light, receding away to my left.

  15. Overhead were the old constellations, and there was a crescent moon.

  16. On each side of the said street is a crescent of detached houses, with a common before them.

  17. And here I cannot but remark upon the childish conduct of the parties concerned in the ridiculous "Crescent City and Cuba question," although, having taken the view they did, the Spaniards were of course perfectly right in maintaining it.

  18. I feel sure you regret it; but then why call forth the observations, by supporting the childish obstinacy in the "Crescent City" affair.

  19. In the concave centre of the crescent is an orifice for a helve.

  20. Singularity, extremities of the crescent from larger fort.

  21. I came to the base of the tower, To the south, the country rose up to the highest point in the crescent of hills, and peeping above the trees at no great distance away, I detected the red brick chimneys of some old house in the woods.

  22. As the flags embrace, another boom, and answering guns reply from ship and fort and battery around the crescent of New Orleans.

  23. The crescent moon shone brightly on crag and stream and floating forest, the air was mild and moist, the boat glided as in a dream, and the mocking bird enchanted the listening silence.

  24. Such was the origin of the crescent which figures on old Byzantine coins, and when the Osmanlis captured Constantinople they adopted it as their national device.

  25. Beacon House stood, as has been said, at the end of a long crescent of continuous houses.

  26. It was a long ride to my mother, for she too was in terror of the ice, but at last the Minnesota bank was reached, La Crescent was passed, and our guide entering a narrow valley began to climb the snowy hills.

  27. For the Thetians, chasing the flying Turks through a difficult country, were suddenly met by an unexpected rally, and stretching on both sides of them like a gigantic crescent was a great army of reinforcements.

  28. I wandered in a rosy dream, Where Danube's waters pour; And there I saw the Crescent gleam Upon the farther shore.

  29. Ill, Ambition they incline; That Crescent bright its horns will fill, Whilst I shall draw in mine!

  30. What if the old fastidious sculptor, Time, This crescent marvel of his hands Carveth all too painfully, And I who prophesy shall never see?

  31. At Grosvenor Crescent I often had the opportunity of seeing people of more or less interest, for my Aunt Kitty was a capital talker, as well as a very wise and clever thinker.

  32. Herr Loewenthal, on quitting the Crescent City, returned to Cincinnati, where he was induced to settle.

  33. On the 4th of last February, the New Orleans Chess Club challenged Mr. Staunton to visit the Crescent City, "to meet Mr. Paul Morphy in a chess match.

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