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Example sentences for "bypass"

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  1. Some bypass conventional treatment and deal with whole raw wastes.

  2. And the presence of the capital has set up other special currents of influence and sympathy that bypass normal political channels.

  3. And you feel so firmly convinced of this that you had the temerity to bypass my office?

  4. Furthermore, both equipments were automatic, on the trips, set up to bypass the one-man crew of the Station by transmitting the information on the regular Channels.

  5. Since it was known that the Japanese were strongly entrenched on Catmon Hill, General Bradley had decided to bypass the hill temporarily.

  6. It was sometimes advantageous to bypass isolated enemy strong points, leaving them to be mopped up by the follow-up units.

  7. The way was now open for the division to launch an attack against Tabontabon, bypass the positions of the 9th Infantry Regiment on Catmon Hill, and secure the remainder of its beachhead area.

  8. Since it was not possible to bypass these positions, the regiment had to clear each one before the advance could continue.

  9. Since attempts to bypass the swamp were fruitless, the men were forced to go through it.

  10. But ordinary users started using them to bypass copyright monitors, and eventually a judge ruled that this had become their principal use in actual practice.

  11. It was also possible to bypass the copyright monitors by installing a modified system kernel.

  12. Advancements in propulsion systems were making it possible for some of the newer ships to bypass Yellow City on their way to Jupiter and beyond, but Ceres was still a major stopping point.

  13. Okay, that should bypass the door circuit and tell the master computer that the door is still closed.

  14. About ten miles out was the circular bypass highway that surrounded Mars City, and Dark proposed to turn right on that, for his destination was Hesperidum.

  15. Dark slowed and entered the cloverleaf that took him onto the bypass expressway.

  16. Every time he thought of going straight into Vientiane she expostulated that it would be better to bypass the city as much as possible so that they might spend more time in the Plain of Jars.

  17. The movement of the air through these bypasses is under control of the thermostat, which causes the motor N to open or close the bypass to suit the temperature of the room.

  18. When the bypass is opened the steam is shut off from the heater coils.

  19. Under the first heater coil is also a bypass which may be opened by the motor N to admit cold air that is drawn directly into the fan.

  20. If the bypass is pulled wide open, the motors beyond do not turn; for the oil fails to reach them.

  21. No need, therefore, to have a dozen men holding the machine down, for the propellers are motionless, the bypass being full open.

  22. Even though these pools and the region's small castle hold historical and architectural significance, they have no bearing on our story-so for now, we'll bypass them.

  23. I couldn't tolerate that sort of contempt, because such insolence involved behavior that I wanted to bypass and avoid completely.

  24. Pulmonary volvuloplasty under direct vision using the mechanical heart for a complete bypass of the right heart in a patient with congenital pulmonary stenosis.

  25. Pulmonary Volvuloplasty under Direct Vision using the Mechanical Heart for a Complete Bypass of the Right Heart in a Patient with Congenital Pulmonary Stenosis," pp.

  26. Miss Bypass was companion to Mrs. Boom Bagshaw, the mother of Mr. Boom Bagshaw.

  27. Miss Bypass gave the impression of bracing herself, as though against suspected attack.

  28. Like that Bypass person up at old Boom Bagshaw's, only much nicer and younger and friendlier than she is.

  29. Mabel hated Miss Bypass because Miss Bypass was, she said, the rudest creature she ever met.

  30. As he and Mabel were taking their leave, he had Miss Bypass in momentary conversation, Mabel standing by.

  31. Despite MacArthur's opposition, the American Joint Chiefs of Staff decided to bypass the stronghold, a strategy confirmed by the Anglo-American Combined Chiefs of Staff during the Quadrant Conference at Quebec in August 1943.

  32. The decision to bypass Rabaul eliminated the landings there, but the Marines would nevertheless seize the Cape Gloucester airfields, which seemed essential for neutralizing the base.

  33. Buckley, commander of the Weapons Company, 7th Marines, set up a task force to bypass Hill 660 and block the coastal trail beyond that objective.

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