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  1. Go to a city if you want to lose a secret, not to a God-forsaken moor like this around us, where every labourer's thatch hums with rumour.

  2. Vasishtha said, 'Let him who has stolen thy stalks neglect his Vedic studies, leash hounds, and having, taken himself to the mendicant order live in a city or town!

  3. He had his capital in the city of Mahishmati.

  4. Cries of 'Oh' and 'Alas' arose from every part of the city which was plunged in grief at that extraordinary sight.

  5. A man, by bathing in the city of Agni, acquires such merit as entitles him to live during his next birth in the city of Agni's daughter.

  6. And saluted his grandsire with reverence and then set out, with all his relatives and followers, for the city called after the elephant.

  7. Thus accompanied, the king set out from his city like a second chief of the deities.

  8. It was with that weapon that the illustrious Mahadeva had in days of yore, burnt and consumed in a moment the triple city of the Asuras.

  9. Such a Brahmana is sure to maintain by his puissance and good wishes, the sons and grandsons and animals and relatives and ministers and other officers and the city and the provinces of the king.

  10. Coming to the city of Champa, he gave the flowers to his preceptor.

  11. Those territories, O best of kings, stretched northwards from the banks of Ganga to the southern banks of Gomati, and resembled a second Amravati (the city of Indra).

  12. Jaigishavya said, 'O Yudhishthira, formerly in the city of Varanasi, the puissant Mahadeva searching me out, conferred upon me the eight attributes of sovereignty.

  13. The accomplisher of his preceptor's behest, having obtained them, he felt great delight and set out speedily for the city of Champa adorned with festoons of Champaka flowers.

  14. Accompanied by a number of priests he then set out of the city named after the elephant, having seen that the sun ceasing to go southwards had begun to proceed in his northward course.

  15. And those special buttons are so important in his life that he has written to the head of the firm--whom he'd met at the Atlantic City convention--and he expects the head of the firm to tell him what he wants to know.

  16. From this resolution, not even the authority of the Queen herself, pronounced with dignity and severity by Sieur de Cicoigne, the royal Governor of the city of Dieppe, could move these servants of Calvin.

  17. It enters the Penobscot near the present city of Bangor, on which site Biard and Massé had intended to establish their mission.

  18. Many people of that city wished him well in his voyage and prayed God for its success.

  19. It is possible that the Biscayans originally named what is still known as Placentia Bay, Newfoundland, after the city of that name in Spain.

  20. But my nature is rational and social; and my city and country, so far as I am Antoninus, is Rome, but so far as I am a man, it is the world.

  21. The poet says, Dear city of Cecrops; and wilt not thou say, Dear city of Zeus?

  22. But my nature is rational and social; and my city and country, so far as I am Antoninus, is Rome; but so far as I am a man, it is the world.

  23. For thou wilt find just what Plato says, Dwelling within the walls of a city as in a shepherd's fold on a mountain.

  24. A stormy sunset smeared crimson streaks across the skyline, where a great range of clouds, like the oily smoke of a city burning, was banked, mountain topping mountain, and lighted from below by this angry red.

  25. At length, becoming more enterprising, it would leave its master in the lurch, and fly in advance the whole of the way, and announce his approach at the house in the city where he put up.

  26. We shall have done the child no good office in bringing her here, if the rest of her life is to be a dream of this "city of the soul," and an unsatisfied yearning to come back to it.

  27. I think it will never be so disagreeable to me hereafter, now that I find this turbidness to be its native color, and not (like that of the Thames) accruing from city sewers or any impurities of the lowlands.

  28. The city did not impress me with much expectation of size or splendor.

  29. I suppose that, like Narni and Otricoli, it was a city of the Umbrians.

  30. By this time I knew not whither I was going, and turned aside from a broad, paved road (it was the Appian Way) into the Via Latina, which I supposed would lead to one of the city gates.

  31. I never knew what a palace was till I had a glimpse of the Louvre and the Tuileries; never had my idea of a city been gratified till I trod these stately streets.

  32. At six o'clock this morning, we packed ourselves into our vettura, my wife and I occupying the coupe, and drove out of the city gate of Terni.

  33. One visit that we made, and I think it was before entering the city gates, I forgot to mention.

  34. Here and there a solitary shepherd might be descried driving his flock down the declivities, to be folded for the night; or a muleteer and his lagging animals, threading some mountain path to arrive at the city gates before nightfall.

  35. Yon line of walls and towers gleaming in the morning sun, is the city of Santa Fe, built by the Catholic sovereigns during the siege of Granada, after a conflagration had destroyed their camp.

  36. In the meantime the story took wind, and became the talk not merely of the fortress, but of the whole city of Granada.

  37. Crossing a gentle river we approached the city between hedges and gardens, in which nightingales were pouring forth their evening song.

  38. Señor, it was nothing like the city he had left a few hours before!

  39. The report of her wonderful powers spread from city to city.

  40. While the city below pants with the noontide heat, and the parched Vega trembles to the eye, the delicate airs from the Sierra Nevada play through these lofty halls, bringing with them the sweetness of the surrounding gardens.

  41. At length he arrived at the great object of his musical vagabondising, the far-famed city of Granada, and hailed with wonder and delight its Moorish towers, its lovely vega, and its snowy mountains glistening through a summer atmosphere.

  42. At length they came in sight of a strong city with walls and towers built on a rocky promontory, round the foot of which the Tagus circled with brawling violence.

  43. At length one morning at daybreak they reached the city of Seville, where the owl, who hated the glare and bustle of crowded streets, halted without the gate, and took up his quarters in a hollow tree.

  44. The stately palace of the captain-general stood in the Plaza Nueva, immediately at the foot of the hill of the Alhambra; and here was always a bustle and parade of guards, and domestics, and city functionaries.

  45. Meanwhile the thieves who had stolen the king's treasure, having been kept from leaving the city by fear of detection and pursuit, had received accurate information of every measure taken to discover them.

  46. Ahmed returned to his house well pleased; for he resolved to take advantage of the time allowed him to fly from a city where his fame was likely to be his ruin.

  47. Neither Sheddad nor any of those who were with him arrived at the city, or came in sight of it, and God obliterated the traces of the road that led to it, but the city remaineth as it was in its place until the hour of the judgment!

  48. And the construction of the city was of alternate bricks of gold and silver; so I said within myself, No doubt this is the paradise promised in the world to come.

  49. On the sixth day they saw in the distance the city of Mazenderan, near which the Deev-e-Seffeed resided.

  50. An inhabitant of that city was once compelled to travel alone at night through this dreadful valley.

  51. I then looked down from the summits of the lofty chambers and pavilions, and saw rivers running beneath them; and in the great thoroughfare-streets of the city were fruit-bearing trees and tall palm-trees.

  52. The forest made its appeal to him, and the city made another and different but quite as strong appeal.

  53. Forces passing between the city and the Beauport camp crossed the St. Charles on a bridge of boats, and each entrance of the bridge was guarded by earthworks.

  54. The town, about the size of New York, looked like a great city to Robert.

  55. And surrendered it was a few days later, but the victors soon found that the city they had won with so much daring would have to be defended with the utmost courage and pertinacity.

  56. With its mighty river and mighty cliffs it seemed that a capable general and a capable army could hold the city forever.

  57. In the city they closed and fortified every gate, except the Palace Gate, through which they passed to the bridge or from it.

  58. Most of the country around the city is held by the English, or at least they overrun it from time to time," said Willet, "and we ought to get past the French villages in a single night.

  59. Came the day when the harbor lights of the port of Boston showed through a haze and Robert, standing on the deck of the Hawk, watched the city rise out of the sea.

  60. But you have to come to Philadelphia to see a great city and get a taste of metropolitan life," said Colden.

  61. They were confident that Montcalm, the fortifications and the natural strength of the city would hold off the invader until winter, soon to come, should drive him away forever.

  62. Cannon on the frigates in the river also fired upon the devoted city and from the great rock cannon replied.

  63. Would that I had your youth and your unwounded leg and I'd be with you under the walls of Quebec, whether we take the city or not.

  64. It was the same busy little city with its thrifty Dutch burghers.

  65. Yet, the short Quebec summer draws to a close, and if we take the city we must take it soon.

  66. We would fain return to it again and again, as indeed we would fain return to all else we have seen in the fascinating city of Nancy.

  67. Go into the tiniest suburban street, enter the poorest little general shop, and you are reminded of the art that made the city famous hundreds of years ago, an art introduced by a Duke of Mantua, relation of Catherine de Medicis.

  68. One was a middle-class civilian from an industrial city of the north, the other a homely peasant, son of the soil.

  69. A much respected pastor of Mulhouse, long resident in that city and ardently French, told me some years ago that he expected to be the last of his countrymen permitted to officiate.

  70. La Charité, with most mediaeval towns, was fortified, one old city gate still remaining.

  71. One thought was uppermost in my mind when, a few years ago, I visited that city, the only French city that welcomed the Inquisition.

  72. The girdle of walls is broken and dilapidated, whilst firm as when erected in the fourteenth century still stand the city gates.

  73. Then, of a verity, the city would have presented as noble a view as those of La Charité and Nevers from the Loire.

  74. Just eight miles from the city he visited in August, 1789, an estate was offered for sale by its possessor, the Marquis de Goutte.

  75. Standing under the shadow of that vast minster the sound seemed to come from east and west, from above and below, dwarfing the hum of the city to nothingness, as if echoing from the remotest corners of France.

  76. And almost in the shadow of the City Hall nestled Bath-House John's groggery.

  77. Life was made up of minute details, too trivial for the notice of the hurrying city crowds.

  78. Who'd have thought a city could be so beautiful!

  79. Dawes, who owned the waterworks before the city bought it.

  80. In years after she always tried to get away from the city at Christmas time.

  81. I know them, these small-town society women, with their imitation city ways.

  82. At the noon intermission she did not go home to the tempting dinner smells, but wandered off through the little city park and down to the river, where she sat on the bank and felt very virtuous, and spiritual, and hollow.

  83. Past the belching chimneys of Gary, through South Chicago, the back yard of a metropolis, past Jackson Park that breathed coolly upon them, and so to the city again.

  84. This vast blue glory bore no relation to the sullen, gray, turbid thing that the city calls the lake.

  85. Summer had not yet turned the city into a cauldron of stone and steel.

  86. But in a city that circulates a coin valued at a twentieth of a cent, an American dollar looms up big.

  87. I suppose a new city means nothing to him but another platform, another audience, another piano, all intended as a background for his violin.

  88. Messengers were despatched to Albany with the tidings of the death of Brock and Macdonell, and the city gave itself up to rejoicings.

  89. They set out to the accompaniment of the booming of the guns from the Hunter and the Queen Charlotte, which were in the river just above what is now the city of Windsor.

  90. Brock was sent to Montreal in command of the troops there and quartered in the old Chateau de Ramesay at Montreal, then a rich centre and the only city of pleasure and gaiety in Canada.

  91. After a short stay at Quebec, Brock and his men began their journey to York, the small but important town that was later to become the great city of Toronto.

  92. Montreal, the greatest city then as now, had little to repel attack.

  93. They were the crack volunteer regiment of the Grey City beyond the hills, and their standard of efficiency was something tremendous.

  94. She had no printed authorities which went the length of telling her what provision for the way, what bribes and presents Saint Catherine carried forth to appease withal the enemies of her city and country.

  95. They are civilised, or semi-civilised, else how could they have built so fine a city as that appears.

  96. The fantastic towers and trees of the distant city by the lake shone in his mellow lustre; the solitary island swam in a flood of gold, and the quaint edifice which crowned it blazed with insufferable splendour.

  97. At ninety miles an hour, and with a visual impression of moving slowly along city streets, that would be a sure form of suicide.

  98. But there was nothing more nor less than what there had been--the policeman driving through quiet city streets, and the dogs barking.

  99. We were once more driving slowly through city streets instead of speeding along a highway.

  100. But as we look across the city to the Mount of Olives, we know that these lines which run in graceful curves along the horizon are the same that He looked upon as he turned his eyes sadly over Jerusalem.

  101. It is the Oriental story of the petrified city made real to our eyes.

  102. But what a wonder it is, this snatch at the central life of a mighty city as it rushed by in all its multitudinous complexity of movement!

  103. As Longfellow says, "They rise like towers in the city of God.

  104. The days of Elmer's childhood and early youth--were passed at Troy and in the city of New York, in pursuits various, but energetic and laborious.

  105. You will have seen a city grow up about you, perhaps; your whole world will have been changed half a dozen times over.

  106. His pictures sold like wildfire in every city of the land.

  107. The city of Atchison was before the dose of 1857 to be made the capital of a Southern republic.

  108. The next evening David brought the dismaying word that the president of the Paper Company had gone to Atlantic City for several weeks.

  109. The city hall clock was striking the hour.

  110. Past the city milepost, not far distant from the Home, a little brook purled along, overswept by willows.

  111. The internationalized city of Tangier was turned over to the new country that same year.

  112. One day a man from the city came to the ranch.

  113. Therefore does the peasant ridicule the city man who deceives himself to the extent of becoming enthusiastic over the beauties of a region which leaves the other quite cool.

  114. He who from liberal political principles denies the distinction between city and country should also, after the English model, seek to do away with the distinction between the field and the forest.

  115. In a picture by a Low-German artist which depicts the legend of the Eleven Thousand Virgins, the city of Cologne is to be seen in the background surrounded by jagged clusters of rocks.

  116. But, as I said, if an army were marching on Dublin, the Protestants would be thinking more of taking to their ships than fighting, and all the Catholics in the city would then join the movement.

  117. He was, too, influenced by the fear that the peace party might prevail, and that Clifford's act of treachery might be repeated, and the enemy be admitted into the city without any terms being arranged.

  118. These jumped over the parapet into the river, and strove to reach the city wall by swimming.

  119. The Thomond Bridge was defended by a strong fort and some field works on the Clare side, and on the city side by a drawbridge, flanked by towers and the city walls.

  120. Marlborough constructed his batteries at a monastery called the Red Abbey, on the south point of the river, where he was separated from the city only by the stream and narrow strip of marshy ground.

  121. These were occupied by the Irish infantry, who, lining every hedge, kept up a galling fire, falling back gradually as heavy bodies of troops were brought up against them, until they reached the cover of the guns of the city and fort.

  122. When you march in, it will be to a city of dead people.

  123. The city was to be preserved from any injury, and the citizens and their property were to be respected.

  124. John Whitefoot became, in time, one of the leading merchants of the city of London, and spent the greater of the fortune he gained in trade in works of charity and kindness.

  125. Methinks, then, that they will not even attempt to take the city by storm.

  126. Limerick was, at that time, the second city in Ireland.

  127. At last they arrived in a large city and went to the royal palace.

  128. They could not, however, reach the city of Bremen in one day, and in the evening they came to a forest where they meant to pass the night.

  129. He saw a city with smoke ascending from the roofs, but neither ploughs going, nor oxen yoked, nor any sign of agricultural works.

  130. This history tells of the wanderings of Ulysses and his followers in their return from Troy, after the destruction of that famous city of Asia by the Grecians.

  131. Landing his forces, he laid siege to their chief city Ismarus, which he took, and with it much spoil, and slew many people.

  132. The first place which the prince directed his course to was Tharsus, and hearing that the city of Tharsus was at that time suffering under a severe famine, he took with him store of provisions for its relief.

  133. Ephesus; but at the very time he was in danger of losing his life through the careful search he was making after his youngest son, that son and his eldest son also were both in the city of Ephesus.

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