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  1. Nauie royall to be deliuered, to wit, The Bonauenture wherein himselfe went as Generall; the Lion vnder the conduct of Master William Borough Controller of the Nauie; the Dread-nought vnder the command of M.

  2. Not long after my return to England, I was packed off to canvas the borough of Cricklade.

  3. Before we set forth again upon our gipsy tramp, I received a letter from Mr. Ellice bidding me hasten home to contest the Borough of Cricklade in the General Election of 1852.

  4. In 1640 Seaford was once more empowered to send representatives to Parliament, and later on amongst those who from time to time represented what had become a Treasury Borough we find William Pitt the elder and George Canning.

  5. You know all our family support Lord Dawton warmly on the present crisis, and my return for this borough was materially insisted upon.

  6. I will supply you with a revised list of them from week to week--and deal lightly with the Borough Council.

  7. What an acquisition he would be to the Borough Council!

  8. That there was a scene at the Borough Council Meeting when Councillor Hogg demanded particulars about the paving contract.

  9. A newly purchased borough of his sent up an address flaming with patriotism, and it was presented by his own hands.

  10. There was a mess of vegetable debris lying about the Cathedral pavement, the refuse from the Borough Market.

  11. Each borough now has a local oligarchy, an enlisted and governing band.

  12. In every borough or petty town the club profits by these acts to satiate its ambition its greed, and its hatred.

  13. The verdict of the English borough constituencies," cried the Times, "will be recorded more emphatically than was even the case in 1874 in favour of the conservatives.

  14. This use of the borough seemed to be realised and approved in the borough generally.

  15. In this way Beverley's privilege as a borough and my Parliamentary ambition were brought to an end at the same time.

  16. It had seemed to me that nothing could be worse, nothing more unpatriotic, nothing more absolutely opposed to the system of representative government, than the time-honoured practices of the borough of Beverley.

  17. The inquiry was made, the two gentlemen were unseated, the borough was disfranchised, Sir Henry Edwards was put on his trial for some kind of Parliamentary offence and was acquitted.

  18. There will be a commission, and the borough will be disfranchised.

  19. And then the time, the money, the mental energy, which had been expended in making the borough a secure seat for a gentleman who had realised the idea that it would become him to be a member of Parliament!

  20. Then the burgess of the borough delivered the address of welcome, and the band played.

  21. When they reached the borough line, they all descended from the wagons and formed on foot to march to the village green.

  22. Why, young Guest will put up for the borough at the next election.

  23. There never was a contested election in the borough of Great Tattleton that I remember but one, and it took place on what was termed the last appeal to the country in the matter of the Reform Bill.

  24. But the bounds of the borough were so devious, and the free burghers so thinly scattered among us, that all elections within the memory of man had been quietly managed by the mayor, the town-clerk, and the sheriff.

  25. Without the borough bounds however the system of Norman judicature prevailed; and the rural tenants who did suit and service at the Cellarer's court were subjected to the trial by battle.

  26. The landless man who dwelled in a borough had no share in its corporate life; for purposes of government or property the town consisted simply of the landed proprietors within its bounds.

  27. But strange as these aggregations might be, the constitution of the borough which resulted from them was simply that of the people at large.

  28. From every borough of Northern France the townsmen marched to his rescue, and the village priests led their flocks to battle with the Church-banners flying at their head.

  29. The burh or borough was probably a more defensible place than the common village; it may have had a ditch or mound about it instead of the quickset-hedge or "tun" from which the township took its name.

  30. The great forest around was the Earl's, and it was only out of his grace that the little borough could drive its swine into the woods or pasture its cattle in the glades.

  31. Rude as the borough was, it possessed the right of meeting in full assembly of the townsmen for government and law.

  32. Scores of householders, dotted over street and lane, were tenants of castle or abbey and paid no suit or service at the borough court.

  33. Though the monastery of St. Frideswide rose in the turmoil of the eighth century on the slope which led down to a ford across the Thames, it is long before we get a glimpse of the borough that must have grown up under its walls.

  34. No stranger might abide in any place save a borough and only there for a single night unless sureties were given for his good behaviour; and the list of such strangers was to be submitted to the itinerant justices.

  35. It is a proof of the superiority of the Hebrew dwellings to the Christian houses about them that each of the later town-halls of the borough had, before their expulsion, been houses of Jews.

  36. Venus confesses her peccadillo, and offers to descend to the Devonshire borough with her lover, and see what can have become of the ethereal shoe.

  37. Accordingly Lord John Manners presented himself, in June 1841, as one of the Conservative candidates for the borough of Newark.

  38. The name of the borough supplies the clue.

  39. The records show that he twice represented the borough of Southwark in Parliament, and another ancient document bears witness how he and his wife, Christian by name, were called upon to contribute two shillings to the subsidy of Richard II.

  40. No, General," answered George, the blood tingling to his fingers' tips.

  41. While I was hanging around the wharf looking at her, and expressing by my face the sort of an opinion I had of the way her crew went about their work, a mean-looking fellow came up to me and asked me if I didn't want to ship.

  42. However, the matter was brought to the attention of the lord chamberlain, and such edict went forth as assured the inhabitants of the borough freedom from further annoyance.

  43. The old "White Hart" in the Borough High Street, the scene of the first meeting of Mr. Pickwick and Weller, was demolished in 1889.

  44. After various expensive plans had been suggested, in the year 1879 a complete scheme for the supply of the town with water was devised by the then borough surveyor, Mr. Wm.

  45. Cambria City was a borough organized separately from Johnstown, and lying below it on the opposite side of the river.

  46. The borough authorities estimate the loss of life at 1,100.

  47. The borough was founded before 1217 by William de Vernon, earl of Devon, whose ancestor Richard de Redvers had received the manor from Henry I.

  48. The borough has a Carnegie library and the C.

  49. Partly in Homestead but chiefly in the adjoining borough of Munhall (and therefore not reported as in Homestead by the U.

  50. His descendants held the borough and the manor of Horsham, and through them they passed to the family of Mowbray, afterwards dukes of Norfolk.

  51. Every layman, noble or serf, owed military service, and when a borough was incorporated, it took its place in the feudal hierarchy, like any other vassal.

  52. In 1592 Borough sailed in command of a squadron fitted out by the two latter, with some contribution from the queen and the city of London.

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