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  1. From Norman times the yearly profit of the royal boroughs was as a rule included in the general "farm" rendered for the county by the sheriff; sometimes it was rendered by a royal farmer apart from the county-farm.

  2. The taxation of the boroughs in the reign of Henry II.

  3. In some cases the charters used words which appeared to point to an opportunity for popular elections in boroughs where a usage of election by the town council had been established.

  4. In permitting the boroughs to answer through their own officers for his dues, the king handed over to the boroughs the farming of his rents and a large number of rights which would eventually prove to be sources of great profit.

  5. In many cases boroughs of this "seignorial" type were created upon the royal estates.

  6. Besides the great co-operative strongholds in which many lords had burgesses, there were small boroughs held by a single lord.

  7. The great boroughs were honeycombed with sokes, or areas of seignorial jurisdiction, within which the royal reeve's authority was greatly restricted while that of the lord's reeve took precedence.

  8. The reform of the boroughs was treated as part of the question of parliamentary reform.

  9. The elections in which the commons of the boroughs first took interest were those of the borough magistrates.

  10. The later Stuarts abandoned this method, and the few new boroughs made by the Georges were not made for political reasons.

  11. Quite different from these were the new close boroughs which during the plantation of Ulster James I.

  12. Boroughs of this type with a uniform tenure were created not only on the king's estates but also on those of his tenants-in-chief, and in 1086 they were probably already numerous.

  13. The growth of corruption in the boroughs continued unchecked until the era of the Reform Bill.

  14. But as the boroughs increased, the towns multiplied, and commerce extended, an antagonistic principle or element to the powers and privileges of the feudal nobility grew up.

  15. Copies of the case, and these resolutions, were sent by the lord-keeper to all the sheriffs of England, to be circulated through all the boroughs of their respective counties.

  16. By the report of the secret committee, it appeared that the then minster had commenced prosecutions against the mayors of boroughs who opposed his influence in the election of members of parliament.

  17. Yards for increasing the freight facilities in the Boroughs of Brooklyn and Queens.

  18. Apparently, the only remedy for these conditions is the movement of business and the people transacting it up-town or to the Boroughs of Brooklyn and Queens, which are now readily accessible by tunnels and subways.

  19. But magistrates in small boroughs are often influenced by some very extra-judicial considerations.

  20. The licensing authority was to be vested in the municipal authorities for boroughs and the County Council for counties.

  21. Up to 1865 it seems as if only twenty-five boroughs had cared to provide bathing accommodation for their inhabitants.

  22. The boroughs of Bedford, Dunstable and Luton have separate commissions of the peace, and Bedford has a separate court of quarter-sessions.

  23. Representation was almost nominal; close pocket-boroughs predominated, and seats were bought and sold in the open market.

  24. So came about the establishment of an effective household suffrage in the cities and boroughs of England.

  25. The net liberal loss in the English boroughs was 32.

  26. Justices for boroughs having municipal corporations and separate commissions of the peace are appointed by the crown, the lord chancellor either adopting the recommendation of the town council or acting independently.

  27. Several boroughs in that county are struck out of the representation by the bill, and there are, besides, a vast number of considerable towns left unrepresented, but the voters of these places are to come into the county constituency.

  28. It appears that four boroughs revived their charters, which they had formerly neglected.

  29. Sir William Drury, Sir Thomas Baskerville, and Sir John Boroughs acquired reputation this campaign, and revived in France the ancient fame of English valor.

  30. It is well known, that, in ancient times, a seat in the house being considered as a burden, attended neither with honor nor profit, it was requisite for the counties and boroughs to pay fees to their representatives.

  31. Forty new boroughs were formed, many of them consisting merely of a few scattered houses; some of them were not incorporated until after the writs were issued.

  32. The close boroughs were bought and sold openly and shamelessly, and many members who were returned for counties were not proof against place or bribes.

  33. Eremites that inhabiten By the highways, And in boroughs among brewers.

  34. The hours for opening and closing within the metropolitan boroughs are 5 A.

  35. We find constant allusions in the Tudor period to the principal men of the boroughs in this manner concluding a bargain.

  36. That in cases of decisions affecting the renewal of licences in boroughs having separate quarter sessions, the appeal shall be to the Recorder, where there is one, and not to the county justices.

  37. The Unionists gained substantially in Lancashire, Devonshire, and Cornwall, but lost ground in London and in several boroughs throughout the country.

  38. The administrative counties do not include the seventy-four county boroughs which are located geographically within them, but they do include all non-county boroughs and urban districts, so that they are by no means altogether rural.

  39. Still another aspect of the ancient participation by the king in the legislative function was the influencing of the composition of the House of Commons through the right to confer upon boroughs the privilege of electing members.

  40. Hopkins, Boroughs of the Metropolis (London, 1900); and J.

  41. In boroughs of lesser size re-elections are not uncommon.

  42. The electoral systems prevailing in the boroughs exhibited at all times the widest variation, and never prior to 1832 was there serious attempt to establish uniformity of practice.

  43. In the counties the election must take place within nine days, in the boroughs within four days, after receipt of the writ, but within these limits the date is fixed in each constituency by the returning officer.

  44. The difference between county and municipal boroughs is thus one of degree of local autonomy, not one of forms or agencies of government.

  45. Here the city of London is named; but it appeareth by that which hath been said out of Fleta, that this act extends to such cities and boroughs privileged, that is, such as have such privilege to hold plea as London hath.

  46. He proposed to disfranchise a few rotten boroughs; but to soften this measure he afterwards suggested that a million should be set aside to buy such boroughs as should voluntarily apply for disfranchisement.

  47. Great nobles, neighbouring landowners, the Crown itself, seized on the boroughs as their prey, and dictated the choice of their representatives.

  48. It was with this restriction that the long process of degradation began which ended in reducing the representation of our boroughs to a mere mockery.

  49. That all such unimproved lots of ground within the city and boroughs aforesaid, shall be rated and assessed according to their situation and value for, and towards raising the money hereby granted.

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