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Example sentences for "dictated"

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dictam; dictaphone; dictarum; dictas; dictate; dictates; dictating; dictation; dictations; dictator
  1. Summoning him to Passeriano, he explained to him the hard necessity which now dictated the transfer of Venice to Austria.

  2. Such, then, was the motive which doubtless prompted Bonaparte's proposal concerning Valetta; such also were the reasons which certainly dictated its rejection by Great Britain.

  3. At Prague she might have dictated terms to Europe.

  4. The decision was dictated by a true sense of imperial strategy.

  5. This scheme has been criticised as if it were based solely on military considerations; but it was rather dictated by schemes of political aggrandizement.

  6. In the Notes dictated at St. Helena, Napoleon submitted Leclerc's memory to some strictures for his indiscretion in regard to the proposed restoration of slavery.

  7. He wrote or dictated rapidly, and was fond of writing, was well read in military history, spoke French and Italian with fluency, was warm and steady in his friendships, and popular both with the inhabitants of the isle and the troops.

  8. It cannot be doubted that the feeling which dictated those words marks a distinct advance.

  9. It was not nice to begin married life in furnished lodgings, especially if prudence dictated the living in a single room, as such numbers of her acquaintances did.

  10. Convenience dictated this speed--in other words, Paula resolved to commence the season as Mrs. Dalmaine and in a house of her own.

  11. Then Mr. Dalmaine dictated a letter or two that he wished to have off his mind, and after that bade Tasker good-day.

  12. Mary Anne has just confessed the whole to me in strict secrecy, frankly owning that she herself was the great culprit on the occasion, and that the terms of the reply were actually dictated by her.

  13. I will not repeat all her arguments, some good and some bad, but every one of them dictated by that kind and affectionate spirit which, however her judgment incline, never deserts her.

  14. Jacob dictated a few letters, studied his stockbroker's list for half an hour, and drove to Kensington Gardens.

  15. Jacob accordingly dictated a few lines to Dauncey, which his anxious secretary took down with great care.

  16. My mother dictated the letter and I wrote it.

  17. Metz that he could wound us cruelly through his ally, and to prove at Venice that the good-will of Humbert I was subject to his control, dictated in his own good time, and sanctioned at his pleasure.

  18. Hardly were the Germans in France, than all the orders dictated by Bismarck were translated into French by Louis Bamberger.

  19. It was plain that Mehrab Khan was in no mood to submit to the terms dictated to him.

  20. It would have been strange if the chiefs had not then risen in their demands—if they had not dictated to our unhappy people new terms more grievous than those which had already been accepted.

  21. But the terms still dictated by the enemy were such as Macnaghten could not honourably accept.

  22. Another powerful gild was that of the merchant adventurers, incorporated in 1559, which is said to have dictated laws to which the mayor and bailiffs submitted.

  23. He charged the accountants with their fixed debts, and dictated the contents of the great roll of accounts (or pipe roll) which embodied the decisions of the court as to the indebtedness of the sheriffs and other accountants.

  24. After some defeats, Venice was victorious and dictated peace; Carrara had to pay a huge indemnity and ask the republic's pardon (1373).

  25. Maret, de Champagny, and Savary evinced a ready obedience to Bonaparte's wishes, which often proved very unfortunate, though doubtless dictated by the best intentions on their part.

  26. I had dictated to Baudin, "Louis Napoléon Bonaparte is a traitor.

  27. In these terms the journal of the Elysée described the proclamation which I had dictated to Baudin, and which may be read in page 103 of this History.

  28. Besides, it was you who dictated the appeal to arms, and that is known.

  29. Baudin had with him a copy of the Proclamation which I had dictated to him on the previous day.

  30. Sometimes active and alert, at others for days together he would become absent, dreamy, absorbed, half oblivious of the outer world, his movements and actions dictated by subconscious instinct rather than regulated by volition.

  31. The absence of these last features is thought to have been dictated by English pipemakers catering for the American Indian market and initially copying aboriginal forms.

  32. The lady respected both wishes, the latter dictated by the composer's pride, but she burned the letter with a heavy heart.

  33. How is it that the voice who dictated the following sentence was not silenced and choked by the abominable lie it contains?

  34. The carefully drafted document, issued from Vienna, was evidently dictated from Berlin.

  35. It has been said by one who has presided over the destinies of the American Republic, as the chief of State, that peace must be dictated from Berlin.

  36. On February 22nd he dictated a letter to the Schotts asking that the Quartet in C-sharp minor be dedicated to "my friend Johann Nepomuk Wolfmayer.

  37. On the same day he wrote to Schott and Sons enclosing the metronome marks for the Ninth Symphony which the Conversation Book shows had been dictated to Karl before the departure from Vienna.

  38. But, as she dictated the letter and was unable to read it, we may ask whether the clerks who held the pen did not add to it.

  39. It is hard to tell whether it proceeded from Jeanne's own inspiration or was dictated to her by the council of ecclesiastics.

  40. In the month of March, Jeanne had dictated to one of the doctors at Poitiers a brief manifesto intended for the English.

  41. Afterwards the Maid did not remember having dictated "body for body," which is quite unimportant.

  42. There is no doubt that the Maid herself dictated this letter.

  43. To the burgesses and inhabitants of the town of Troyes Jeanne dictated a letter.

  44. On the morrow she dictated from Gien a letter to the inhabitants of Tournai, telling them how the English had been driven from all their strongholds on the Loire and discomfited in battle.

  45. Men have an idea that fashions are haphazard, and are dictated and guided by no fixed principles of action, and represent no great currents in politics or movements of the human mind.

  46. On my answering in the affirmative, he dictated letters to Dr.

  47. Just before his death he dictated his "Sickroom Thoughts" to his wife, uttering the last broken paragraph only a few hours before he died.

  48. It is all the more impossible to predict measures that will be dictated by circumstances unknown to us at present.

  49. The establishment of the cemetery without the walls of the city was a sanitary measure, dictated by obvious necessity, but there the march of improvement stopped.

  50. A few of the letters are recorded to have been dictated by her, when in a state of trance or extasy; but there is nothing in either their matter or manner to distinguish them from the rest.

  51. In the following sonnet, which is one of several dictated by the same mood of feeling, the more subjective tone of her thought affords us an autobiographical glimpse of her state of mind on religious subjects.

  52. It is recorded also that she occasionally dictated as many as three letters to three secretaries at the same time.

  53. The removal of the Jewish disabilities is most imperatively dictated to us also by our dignity as a body politic.

  54. It is evident, therefore, that the present treatment of the Jews is really not dictated by the native Russian population, and that the democratic argument is but a false pretext.

  55. Only lately those lips dictated to me as imperatively and as suddenly very different demands," said Stepan Trofimovitch slowly and with sorrowful distinctness.

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