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Example sentences for "entailed"

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  1. I believe that with capital and perseverance, the value of these entailed lands might be more than doubled, and Mr. Coulter, a practical man of high authority, bears me out.

  2. He has lost everything except the entailed lands of Loelyin and Lochend, and the farm of Woodsmuir, upon which my own house stands, and it, you know, is mortgaged to its full value.

  3. You have your little daughter, and all the entailed estate--at least, so I am told.

  4. If there were nothing more entailed upon us by that war, this is pretty smart-money.

  5. Certainly this village resembles nothing English, except some of the rascally rotten boroughs in Cornwall and Devonshire, on which a just Providence seems to have entailed its curse.

  6. Traitors were gained over in the town, who entailed upon a half thousand of their fellow-citizens death, and endless misery on many more.

  7. Any attempt to get a higher price entailed a penalty.

  8. I cannot disguise from myself that I am a slave, and a wretched one, and that his career has entailed this curse of servitude upon me.

  9. The practice of barraganía was not unknown, even among bishops, some of whom entailed estates to their sons.

  10. The war entailed confrontations of huge armies that practically engaged entire societies.

  11. It also entailed a language of its own, as does each mediation.

  12. Literacy was once a protective medium and entailed rules of discretion and decency.

  13. But once the structural change that entailed means of networking, task distribution, and almost instant access to any event in the world was in place, the experience of betting totally took over that of competing.

  14. But Miss Vanbrugh's conversation now awakened a new scheme, by which in time she might be able to redeem her father's memory, and to save her mother from any sacrifice entailed by this debt.

  15. But it entailed upon her the necessity of changing her whole plans for the future.

  16. Sara had been suddenly sent for by her grandfather, who lived in a distant county; and the summons entailed a parting of some weeks--perhaps longer.

  17. This entailed a general shuffle of the artillery, my own brigades coming under the 7th Division, while the guns of the 7th remained under my command.

  18. Both sides now settled down to deliberate trench warfare, a state of things which entailed constant work of a dangerous and harassing nature, but which furnished few outstanding incidents of sufficient interest to be chronicled.

  19. In 1751 the direct entail was broken by Colonel Selwyn, and the property was re-entailed on the descendants of his daughter, Mrs. Townshend, though it was left by will to George Selwyn for his life.

  20. The bridges over dangerous chasms entailed the necessity of unloading the heavier carts, and caused great delay.

  21. It was evident that no plan which entailed parting from their new acquisition would for a moment be entertained.

  22. They entailed hardship upon all who received them as dollars, since their purchasing value was below the standard of one hundred cents in gold.

  23. Here, again, we can only see a new expression of his profound alienation from works and from the sacrifice entailed by self-conquest.

  24. Abuse becomes almost inseparable from his teaching, or at least seems entailed by it.

  25. As a “libellus famosus” against a reigning Prince of the Empire it might have entailed serious consequences for its author.

  26. But in time the children would feel what the island life entailed and denied them--what their lives were missing.

  27. The sense of the mighty responsibility their love entailed was upon them.

  28. So complete was the fiasco that in his anxiety to withdraw the work Signer Puccini is said to have offered to reimburse the management of the theatre for the expenditures entailed by the production.

  29. Nor was this privilege rescinded, even though it had more than once entailed upon them the troubles of a contested succession: foreign kings often having claimed a right to the throne through marriage with an Egyptian princess.

  30. This first success entailed greater ones; and Seti, going northward, arrived at the port of Lebanon, where he obliged the people to cut down their trees and send them to Egypt for the buildings he had commenced in honour of Amen.

  31. But the property was not her husband’s, though he and she shared its use; it was entailed to her children.

  32. I think that letters ought to be the property of the recipient, but it should be an inalienable property which he should be no more able to sell than he is able to sell entailed property.

  33. For these reasons a survey of the various members of the order of primates must deal largely with the progressive elaboration of the brain and the entailed effects of this enlargement.

  34. Great and many are the blessings entailed upon covenant-keepers.

  35. The number of wounded entailed colossal transportation work.

  36. Attempts of the Germans to cross the Marne at Meaux entailed terrible losses.

  37. The growing needs entailed by her luxurious way of life only added fuel to her desires, and she finished a man up at one mouthful.

  38. This tender attitude was mental; physically she shrank from them with disgust, and it was not the least of the crosses entailed by a residence in the south that she would be obliged to endure colored servants.

  39. It seems a peculiarity of distinguished persons to possess names singularly devoid of beauty; therefore, among the burdens entailed by pride upon posterity, this is a grievous one.

  40. Perhaps, she pondered heavily, he, too, writhed beneath this avalanche of pain; perhaps remorse and the consciousness of the anguish he had entailed upon them both tore and lacerated him.

  41. It was ill doing that entailed ill fortune, not blind chance, or heathen fate.

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